the dream list

Make a list of what makes you happy and spend your life ticking things off the list.  

Visit Astana, Kazakhstan
Climb a mountain Checked. 2013
Visit a longhouse Checked. 2011
See the biggest flower in the world, Rafflesia Checked. 2011
Visit inner part of Sarawak Checked. 2011
Explore the backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat
Sip tea at a sidewalk cafe in France Checked. Sept 2012
Backpack around Europe
Ride a gondola in Venice
Climb Eiffel Tower Checked. Sept 2012
Tour the Catacombs in Paris 
See the Moulin Rouge
Take a public bath in Japan Checked April 2014
Sunbath in Bora-Bora
Star-gazing in Hawaii
Join a camel/caravan trek across a desert
Participate in a carnival/ festival
Join a safari in Africa
Learn a tribal dance
See the Alps in Switzerland
Climb an active volcano
Learn surfing Sorta :) 2013
Rock climb a cliff
Bungee Jump
White water rafting 
Go skiing 
Go caving 
Go sailing 
See the Aurora Borealis
See a glacier, go dog-sledding and sleep in an igloo or ice hotel
Ride the train across Asia
Spend a night in a very expensive hotel
Dive at the Great Barrier Reef
Go wreck-diving Checked. 2012
Watch a bull fight in Spain
Smoke a cigar in Cuba
Take a road trip down the Great Ocean Road
Visit the Antoni Gaudí's Sagrada Família iBarcelona
Take a cruise somwhere
Build a snowman
Hike through Nepal
Tour the White House
Explore the temples of Cambodia Checked.  Angkor Wat (Feb 2013)
Bask in the mist of the Niagara Falls
Stand inside the Grand Canyon
Visit the Pyramids, Egypt
Stroll around the West Lake, Hangzhou, China Checked. 2009
Climb the Great Wall of China  Checked. 15th September 2010. 
See Hong Kong skyline Checked. November 2011
Stand on top the Coliseum in Rome
Take a Turkish Bath in Istanbul
Do an Indian dance in front of Taj Mahal
Watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu
Hike through Banff, Canada
Drive to Cape Hope
Visit as many beaches/ island as I can Phuket (2009)East Coast (March 2010)Phuket (May 2010)St. Kilda, Melbourne (March 2011)Perhentian, Malaysia (Sept 2011),Port Dickson, Malaysia (Jan 2012)Perhentian, Malaysia (June 2012)Tioman, Malaysia (Oct 2012)Santa Monica, LA, California (Oct 2013)

This list is an ongoing list of things that I wanna do and will make me happy. Some are inspired by others, some were my own ideas. It have been sitting in my draft page for ages as a reminder to me to enjoy my life and I've decided to publish that so that you can start your own list too. Its a long list... but well, at least I am getting there :)

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