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I love travelling. I love experiencing new adventure, different cultures. I enjoy people-watching. I like looking at beautiful architecture. I like learning new things. 

This page is to record the adventures in my life as I explore the world :)

      Hong Kong/ Macau
      United States

Travel Tips
      Packing Small & Liquid stuff
      Reasons why you should travel

      Weekend Read-spirations

Manila, Phillipines
Guangzhou, China
      Capsule Hotel, Tokyo
      Itinerary : 6 days in Tokyo & much more
      Tokyo : Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku
      Tokyo : Shinjuku Crossing
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Medan, Indonesia
United States of America
Seoul & Busan, Korea
      Seoul Lantern Festival 2014
      5 places to visit with Kids

Kota Bahru, Malaysia
      24 hours
Hat Yai, Thailand
     Train ride to Hat Yai
      People I meet
      Eating & Shopping (Part 1)
      Eating & Shopping (Part 2)
Johor Bahru & Singapore
     Bargain Hunting in Singapore
      Hotel Pariss, Johor
Siam Reap, Cambodia
      Food heaven
      Angkor Wat
      Angkor Thom
      Ta Prohm
      10 things to do during the day
      Scammed on Tonle Sap Lake
Redang Island, Malaysia
      Underwater photography
Bali, Indonesia
      Colourful Bali
      Potato-ing @ Potato Head Beach Club
      Poop Coffee
      Accommodation : Ubud
      Food Adventure
Ipoh, Malaysia
      Eat, Sleep, Chill
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
      A day at the Mekong Delta River
      Crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnels
      Top 10 things to di in HCMC
Los Angelas, New York & Washington DC, Unites States of America
      Santa Monica
      New York
      Washington DC
Kyoto & Osaka, Japan
      Teramachi Street, Kyoto
      Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kyoto Omiya Palace, Kyoto Sento Palace
      Nijo Castle & Gion Street
Hatyai, Thailand
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
      A Day in Kota Kinabalu


Port Dickson, Malaysia
     New Year @ Eagle Ranch Resort
     Girls Gateaway!
Fraser's Hill, Malaysia
     Short Weekend @ Fraser's Hill
East Coast, Malaysia
     Eating in Kemaman Town
     What Kota Bahru means to me
     Duty-free Shopping in Rantau Panjang
     Cafe Maraschino @ Rantau Panjang
Seremban, Malaysia
     Eating in Seremban
Perhentian Island, Malaysia
     Diving again @ Pulau Perhentian
     A day snorkling @ Perhentian Island
     Memories on the island 
Bangkok, Thailand
     Day 1 : Weekend Gataway
     2 Days Shopping in Bangkok
     Bangkok Hotel (Part 1)
     Bangkok Hotel (Part 2)
Paris, France
     Honeymoon Itinerary
     A Day in Paris
     The Lourve
     Jardin des Tuileries
     Musee d'Orsay
     Magic of Notre Dame
     Photoshoot - Post Wedding & Honeymoon
      Eiffel Tower : Climb & Dinner
     The secrets of Opera Garnier
     Living in a tiny Parisian apartment
Tioman Island, Malaysia
     things I did
     Staying in Tioman Island 
     Photo Memories
Tokyo & Osaka, Japan
     1st post from Japan
     Spending a night in a comic book cafe 
     First Day in Osaka
     Day 3 - Universal Studio, Boat Ride & Osaka Aquarium
     Day 3 - Den-Den Town
     Walking the streets of Osaka
     Heartbeat of Tokyo
     What I did there

Melbourne, Australia
     In Melbourne
     Sunset @ St. Kilda
     Sights @ Inner Melbourne
     Mt. Dandenong (Part 1)
     Mt Dandenong (Part 2)
     A Day @ The Great Ocean Road
Sibu, Sarawak
     Old Town Charm @ Sibu
     Eating in Sibu
     Visit to Kapit Town
Kuching, Sarawak
     Staying in Cat City
     Kuching Heritage Walk
     Town of Bau
     Rafflesia @ Gunung Gading
     Visit to a Longhouse
     Visiting the Orang Utans
Bandung, Indonesia
     Food Poisoning 
Manila & Tagaytay, Philippines
     Day 0 and Day 1
     Leadership Development Course
     Eating & Sightseeing
Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia
     Diving @ Pulau Perhentian
Macau, Zhuhai, Hong Kong & Shenzhen
     Day 1 - Macau Island
     Day 2 - Macau Island : Old vs. New
     Day 2 - Macau Island : Lady of Guia, Dr. Sun & Pork Burger 
     Taipa & Cotai, Macau
      Zhuhai, China
      A day in Hong Kong
      Why Shenzhen?
      Eating in Shenzhen

Taipei, Taiwan
East Coast, Malaysia
     Trip up East Coast
Tawau, Sabah
     Day 1
     Day 2 & 3
Phuket, Thailand
     Sun, Sea, Sand @ Phuket
     Faking It
     Food Talk @ Phuket
Tianjin & Beijing, China
     What's so interesting about Tianjin?    
     Warning : Don't take local China tours


Mabul Island, Sabah
Shanghai & Hangzhou, China

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