February 15, 2017

Baby Shower for Baby No.2

For me, the hardest part about being abroad is not having family around for support, for comradeship, for makan sessions and just having people around to share life with. And I do miss them so very much. But thankfully, there are people here who makes life so much better and sweeter. And for that, I am truly thankful to God for and am grateful to them. 

Just a few days back, they decided to organized a baby shower for Baby No.2. Yes, baby No.2 will have to be Baby No.2 for now because we have yet to choose a name. Somehow, Rockstar and I have been throwing names around for a couple of months but it's so hard to settle on the right one. Anyways, below are some pictures of the amazing night filled with such pretty decorations, yummy food, fun games, and lovely people. 

Diaper cake. Handmade. 


Fruit Baby Carriage. So much food. 

Mother to be (for the second time ;p)

Hannah trying to measure her belly as part of the game

Trust the accounting graduate to guess the closest answer.
Now I can get my sweet tooth cravings satisfied. 

Another game to create what Baby No.2 will look like.
Who do you think did the best?

Pressies. Lots of them. 

Princess Hannah pose. 

With the loves of my life. 

Big thanks, hugs and kisses to every single one of you who played a part in this. And I cannot express how thankful I am for everything. I feel loved and so very blessed. And I sure Baby No.2 feels it too. 


February 11, 2017

Hannah Walks...

Phewwww... Hannah is finally asleep. She's been cranky the last couple of nights due to teething. She has 6 teeth for the longest time ever and finally, another 2 seems to be showing signs of appearing. She is drooling and biting anything she can get her hands on. She just took a big chomp my my shoulders just now. Poor girl! Poor mama!!

Anyway, Rockstar will be back in half an hour or less so I'm just going to keep this post short and quick. I have been meaning to post this, besides all the many other things that happened, but this is a major milestone for us.

Hannah started walking!!! 

For a while, she have been doing her one-sided funny crawl and only takes a couple of steps when we prompt her to walk to us. But on the 5th day of Chinese New Year 2017, 1st February 2017, when she turned exactly 15 1/2 months, she became a toddler overnight. We were having a lou sang dinner at home with family and relatives. I guess she must have been watching the older cousins because she just started walking. ALL AROUND THE HOUSE! On her own. Stumbling, holding on the walls for support at times, falling down, picking herself up, but most importantly all by herself. *cries* My baby is growing up! She just kept walking and walking, up and down, exploring rooms, without a care about all the fuss going on and so very excited about her new found freedom. So, so proud of her. 

Ever since then, she's been following me around the house. To the laundry room, toilet, bedroom, kitchen. As I do housework or my business in the toilet. Almost everywhere. And just yesterday, I brought her outdoors. She had so much fun just walking around the front porch, pointing at planes, waving hi to dogs, picking up dead leaves and branches, and being so curious about everything. 

I just love being her mama, watching her grow and seeing the world through her eyes.