December 27, 2016

Letters to My Little Girl (14 1/2 Months)

Dear little girl, 

Tonight, as you fall asleep in my arms, I decided to hold you just a bit longer. You have fallen asleep while suckling at my breast. As you breathing started slowing down and getting deeper, I could feel your body relaxing into mine. Your eyes fluttered and your little hands stopped exploring. I looked down at your beautiful angelic face and wondered what did I do to deserve you. 

Cut my hair off because taking care of a baby + breastfeeding + being pregnant is taking a toll on my body. 

You have brought so much joy and blessings into both your papa and I lives. You made us stronger, more resilient and more determine then we ever thought we were. You tested us beyond our limits, yet made us pushed what we thought were our boundaries. You made us laughed. You made us love. You made us better people. 

Christmas OOTD with little Ms Grumpy

2016 is drawing to an end. You will be turning 2 next year. I wondered where has time gone by. I still remember your strong active kicks in my belly. I still remember craving for McChicken burgers. I still remembered lying in bed, couldn't sleep, just thinking about how you would look like and couldn't wait to hold you in my arms. I wish time would slow down, or I could find a way to just hold on to those memories before everything becomes a blur. But another part of me cannot wait to see you grow. To be this beautiful girl you are going to be. To enjoy the world through your eyes. 

I look like a whale here but Hannah looks like a little lady. 

Tonight, as you fall asleep in my arms, I hold you a little bit tighter. As I look down at your beautiful sweet face, my heart felt full. I love you, my beautiful girl. I love you so very much. Good night. Sweet dreams. Know that you are love. 

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