December 23, 2015

In a Sentimental Mood

Feeling kinda contented listening to 'In a sentimental mood' by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane and holding a sleeping Hannah in my arms. She is 10 weeks old now and time is really flying by so fast. I'm torn between wishing that she will stay her small little cute self or watching her develop into this beautiful girl with unique personality. I can't believe this little girl is mine to keep. I may be bias but isn't she the cutest baby ever. 

I have not been keeping to my promise of blogging more often. Hopefully with the new year approaching, new resolutions will spurn me on *crossfingers*. On that note, 2015 is ending and I got to say that this year have been such an adventure with all the travelling, moving to US, getting pregnant, Rockstar studying and motherhood. Phew.. I feel like everything went by in a blur (note to self: that's why blogging is so important). 

Anyway, since Rockstar is turning 29 tomorrow and today is a momentous day in going to dedicate this blog post to him. I went shopping on my own and left Hannah with Rockstar for 2 hours. It's pretty long considering this is the first  time I've been apart from Hannah since January. Definitely had withdrawal symptoms and I missed her so much. But it was a good 2 hours of freedom. 

Rockstar is an amazing father. He gets better and better each day. Hannah is blessed to have a father who is involved in her life. Just a week back, she gave the biggest smile ever (she just started experimenting with her smile and facial muscles) and I'm glad that Rockstar was there with me to experience that moment. I did not managed to capture in on camera but it was indeed a moment for us. 

Here are some photos of my two loves. 

Holding her..
Playing peekabo
and hide and seek..
Comforting her..
Lazy feeding ;p
Watching cartoons
Feeding on the go
Tummy time
At the doctor..
Sleepy mornings...

Happy 29th Birthday Rockstar! Loving you non stop..