November 16, 2015

Tummy time

Last night, she rolled over.. *fist pump*. After feeding her, I put her on her back on the bed beside me as I read a book. Next thing I knew, she has flipped over onto her tummy. And as I watch her, she turned her neck twice. It may just be a 1 time coincident but says it may take 5-6 months for a baby to flip over from back to front. But who cares, I sure am a proud mama today.. 

don't do a lot of tummy time. Or at least I try too. But with the constant feeding and sleeping, there isn't much left for playtime. I can count with 1 hand the number of times I put her on her tummy this first month. But the days gets much easier now. I believe we both have come to some sort of an understanding of each other. I am so looking forward to more tummy time and playtime wit her. 

She is getting more alert lately.. Just opening her eyes wide and staring at things. She has not yet learn to react to sounds but I'm pretty sure it will be soon. She likes looking at shadows and lights, and playing games with daddy. 

Loving every minute spend with her. (Yes, even those 3am wake up calls) 

November 15, 2015

Turning 1 month old

Oh gosh.. Time does fly. It feels like it's just yesterday when I brought home a tiny wee human being, yet at the same time, everything feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like I've aged so much and learn so much since then. 

1 week old 
As I'm typing this out, I'm holding her in my arms as she suckles at my boobs. Breastfeeding is a such an experience which I will leave for another story. I watch her grow and her tiny wiggly legs and arms have filled out. Not yet into chubby rolls but it's on it's way there. Her newborn cry have turn into a louder, more intense cry. But she mostly only cries when she is hungry and doesn't get her food fast enough. Her eating habits are not yet define, as she still feeds on instinct and demand. 

Amazing swaddle from Love to Dream 

could watch her all day. Awake, she is animated and alert, with her own tiny expressions and in awe as she discovers the world. Sleeping or half asleep, she has her own quips and mannerism. She is developing her own sound, expressions, and actions that is so her own. She's likes to be hold most of the time. She sleep best when she is in my arms.

Catching an afternoon nap when the baby sleeps
Being her mum feels like an adventure. From the feeding, to the diaper blowouts, to bathing and more. Everyday is different. But I am still learning and beginning to slightly adjust to our new normal again. 

She's almost done feeding.. I hope. Or at least done for maybe the next 20mins before she starts looking for the boobs again. 

3 weeks old...
I'll check in again whenever I can.. Hopefully soon as I would really like to record everything down to remember.

Happy 1 month old baby girl! Mummy loves you more each day. 

Till then... 

*p.s. All photos are mine and are not to be used without permission. Thanks :) 

November 11, 2015


Written on Oct 15, 2015
Beautiful sunrise fro my hospital bed
Hello little one! You are such a drama queen. Not even out yet and given your daddy and mummy so much drama. 

Last week started all good and quiet. But then the speed train ride. During checkup on Thursday, doctor said you were measuring small and advice us to go in for a sonogram. So we did. After the sonogram, doctor look at the results and gave us 3 options: to induce and delivery you that day, check in to hospital to go on drip or go home and load up on fluid. You were only 6%, a huge drop from already being small at 30% and the amniotic fluid that keeps you safe was at a low of 5.7% only. It's was pretty scary for mummy. We did not expect you for another 3 weeks and we hope our decision to wait will not bring any harm to you. Over the weekend, mummy ate and drank so much. All hoping that the nutrients will go to you. After sonogram on Monday morning, mummy did a little happy dance inside when the doctor said that the fluid level has gone up to 6%. Yay! But that afternoon, we received a call from the doctor who had concerns and advice us to prepare for your arrival that week. After another checkup on Tuesday, mummy was scheduled in to induce delivery on Wednesday. 

So here's mummy now, just a week later. Lying in a hospital bed with tubes and monitors attached to me. Last night, mummy started taking pills to prepare the passage for you. The sun is peeking over the horizon now. Mummy didn't get much sleep with all your kicking and the contractions she is having. She's been praying for you and hoping you will be healthy. Mummy is also praying that you will start kicking up a fuss and prepare to come out. Mummy don't want anymore drugs to bring you into the world. You are meant to come at God's timing and she is trusting God to take control. Mummy wanted to experience a drug free, natural labour but whatever helps in bringing you safely into the world, she will accept it. Please be safe little one. Please stay strong and healthy. 

It's a new day! Daddy and mummy eagerly waits to welcome you. 

Some pictures to remember.
Holding my orange apple smoothie on the way to the hospital

Dinner that night

I hate needles!!

External monitors on my belly to monitor baby's heartbeat

last breakkie
Facetiming with my parents before everything turned crazy