September 7, 2015

a big fat whale

i feel like a whale
a belly side up whale
a whale with many gills aka stretchmarks
and scaly, dry skin
i have a blowhole with lots of gases
they releases without warning
i have something in my big belly
that moves very, very often
it looks like fishes (or worms) squirming left and right
and fighting fishes throwing punches and kicks
i surface on and off
when i have the urge to release
and when i crave for some food
i try to eat healthy
i take naps very often
i count the fish moving in my belly
i read books
i clean and wash
i pray and hope
my body creaks 
my back ache 
my hips hurt
my belly pushes down
i smile
i laugh
i cuddle
i love
i am a pregnant 32 weeks lady

Baby Bump Photo for Week 31
Brown Vintage Dress : Hand-me-down from my mum
Chain Necklace : Hadasah Hannah
Leather Strapped Watch : Longines 

Baby Bump Photo for Week 32
Blue Floral Shift Dress : Liz Clairborne
Gold Long Necklace Hadasah Hannah