July 30, 2015

Pregnancy Cravings & Week 10

I wrote this sometime back. They are just some random thoughts. I wasn't ready to post them at that time but it's now time...


Week 10 (6th April 2015)

hello! it's been quite some time. but i'm glad i took the time to blog about my first few weeks of finding out i was pregnant. reading them back is making me all soft and teary but I'm just going to blame it on pregnancy hormones. 

so it's week 10 now and i missed blogging the pass 3 weeks. boohoo.. so just to recap and record things down. Rockstar and I meet with the doctor for our 2nd checkup in week 8. Baby is doing OK and we even get to hear the heartbeat. :) it's kinda faster than normal heartbeat. I survived 2 camps 2 weekends in a row. yay! it's quite tough when all i wanted to was lie in bed but I did it. although the 2nd camp was absolutely crappy with a combination of hot flushes, army of mosquitoes attacking that I barely slept. sorry baby! hence the lack of blog post as I needed a few days to recover. 

i've been getting used to the fatigue and understanding my body changes more. vomited for the first time this week. got my first 2 rubber pull string pants last week. thank you daddy! i actually did lose weight but most of my pants only fit at the thighs and butt part. i cannot buckle my pants. even if i can, the buckle cuts to my tummy and causes imprints and discomfort when i sit. my tummy bump is not suppose to show for another 2 more weeks so I don't know what is the extra tyre doing there :( doctor says no sit-ups or even pilates (sorry Michelle. that's why I've been avoiding classes). my cravings are all over the place. it changes so frequently that i have a hard time keeping track. like yesterday for example, i ate tuna sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner. oh... one major craving is nasi lemak. lots of them.. thankfully Rockstar is so amazing and patient in finding nasi lemak places to visit for me.. 

today is a good day. woke up early and managed to get some work done. had no cravings so I told Rockstar to choose whatever he wants. he might not get to choose in a while. he's been really supportive going out of the way to make me feel safe and taken care of. and I love him more because of it. our live is going through a roller coaster now and i know that if we make it to the end, we will become stronger together. 

July 28, 2015

Letters to My Little One (Week 5, 6 & 7)

I wrote these sometime back when I found out that I am going to be a mother, and the few weeks after that. They are just some random thoughts and short letters. I wasn't ready to post them at that time but it's now time...


Week 5 (27th February 2015)

I can't get my thoughts right. The feeling of excitement, euphoric, uncertainty and disbelieve is just in a big jumble up mess. My body feels different. I get tired more easily but besides that, I feel the same older 30 years old me. Yes, I am turning 30 this year and to make this year an even more exciting one... I am going to be a Mother!!  Omg!!

I am 5 weeks now as what the nice doctor told me this morning. And I got to take things easy for the next few weeks. It's going be tough considering I have 4 camps coming up the next month and a couple of events. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made. I am going to be a mother!!

Motherhood will sure change things. I don't know if I am going to be a good mum or even a decent one. Most of the time, I  don't feel my age. I know in some countries, girls become mothers as young as in their teens. And this is a 30 year old woman talking or writing here. Oh gosh! I don't feel 30. And I'm not sure if  I am capable of raising someone up.

Dear little spot in the womb, your father knew even before I did that you are coming. He notices things about me even before I do. Haha.. It may be the emotional roller-coaster I've been giving him lately. But we are both equally excited when we found out you are here. God has given you to us and we will try to be the best parents possible. Things are going to change for sure and I pray that you will continue to grow bigger, stronger and healthier. I promise to try to have a healthier life; and that includes eating green leaf vegetables which I absolutely hate. This is so that you will have nutrients you need to be big and strong. But please forgive me if I have the occasional snacks and junk food. Mummy is just human and even though she loves her desserts, she loves you even more. So hang in there little spot, and know that you are love very much.

First ultrasound of our little one during our first doctor's confirmation and check up


Week 6 (8th march 2015)

hello little one, you are turning mummy's life upside down. there are days, like today, when you leave me feeling so exhausted and all I can do is just lie in bed. there are also days which are a little better; like mummy just need to sit for a wee bit after running a load of laundry. good days are when mummy have the energy to get so much work done. good days are rare. but thats ok. according to the clever internet, being tired means you are doing ok and I want you to be ok.

are you ok inside there? can you please crave for other things besides bread and butter? daddy says you like bread and butter because you are just like your daddy. he likes bread and butter too. but mummy want to eat other food too. since you are new to this eating thing, here are some things you can crave for - hamburgers, steak with lots of fries, pasta with garlic, hokkien mee, nasi lemak, yee mee, even some curry will be good. mummy really loves her yee mee but now all yee mee taste bland.

your grandpas, grandmas, aunties and uncle are all very excited about you too. daddy and mummy told them about you because we know that you are going to be so special. aunty lydia say that she is going to be an awesome aunty. your grandma is so worried about you and wants mummy to stay at home for the next 9 months. but mummy knows its going to be ok. cos you are a tough little one just like your mummy.

but the hardest part for mummy is to bluff all the uncles and aunties in church and BB. whenever they ask when am i getting you, mummy have to avoid answering the question. mummy just want to wait.. and keep this little secret of you with me. just a bit longer. you are precious to me and i just want you to be ok before sharing you with the world. so can you ask all the aunties and uncles at church and BB to forgive mummy?

hang in there little one, stay strong and healthy. know that you daddy and mummy loves you.. and don't forget the hamburgers k. they taste amazing!


Week 7 (19th March 2015)

Hello Little One! It's me again. I know you have been listening to me because I've been craving for burgers. Yes, like 5 nights in a row. Good job Little One! Thank God for your amazing Daddy who goes out and buys burgers without complaining. You have an awesome daddy, you know that? He takes care of us both and he's good to us too. 

But mummy can't wait for you to come out. It's getting difficult for her here. Feeling exhausted and fatigue all the time; all hot and bother at times, and then chills at certain times. Hunger pangs hits at odd times but yet, mummy don't feel like eating. The worst is mummy feeling nausea and having an awful taste in her mouth. Basically mummy just feel like crap on most days. Mummy really wonder how those celebrities and famous people pull off pregnancy so easy. 

But you know what, stay in there Little One. It's not even 2 months. Please grow bigger and stronger k.. Let mummy (and daddy) figure out her problems on their own. We love you and can't wait to lavish you with kisses.

This is going to be a short post as mummy feels like crap and she needs the bed soon. Bye Little One!

July 24, 2015

My Fairy Tale Story..

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of a tall, dark, handsome man who will sweep me of my feet and we will live happily ever after. And as I got older, I kept my eyes wide opened for that one special man who is to be my Price Charming. I even have a list of criteria that the One should have. Truth be told, the list grew longer and longer at every failed guy that crossed my radar. I was very determined to find that one Perfect Man for me. 

Meeting Rockstar during university was like a game of strategy and wits. It wasn't a love at first sight that most girls dream off. He infuriated me, confused me, even made me doubt myself. I was the girl in the Student Council, head of my lecture class, actively involved in events and societies. He was the total opposite. He was the cool guitarist musician skipping class long-haired scruffy rocker. Watching us was like watching a pair of fighters dance around a fighting ring. But what happened was definitely a act of God. He brought us together amidst all the circumstances and differences. 

After Rockstar proposed to me, I went through a time of doubt. I kept wondering if He was the right one for me. He did not meet all the criteria on my Prince Charming list. I love him but kept wishing if only he could be a little bit more perfect. I did get over my doubt eventually but it took some time of humbling myself before God and trusting Him.

Nine years down the road, I am proud to say that choosing to be with Rockstar is one of the best decisions of my life. I did not know it at that time. If I had stayed blinded by my head-in-the-stars romantic fairy tale dream, I would have missed the chance of a happily ever after. And that is a scary thought. 

I now know that Prince Charming comes in different sizes.There is no one size fits all. If I have waited for a prefect guy, I would still be waiting now. A perfect guy does not appear like in the fairy tales. Me and my perfect guy bring the fairy tale alive together.

Rockstar completes me. Even after all this years, I am constantly reminded that I have actually found the one for me. We may not be perfect but that's the magic of it all. And yes, my Prince Charming and I will keep continue creating our own happily ever after together. 

Baby Bump photo for Week 25

July 21, 2015

Big News and God's Awesome Blessings!

So here's what happened... I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

Towards end of last year, Rockstar and I talked about heading to US to study. Call it midlife crisis or whatever. We started researching on our passion, what we wanted to study and started filling up applications. Rockstar applied for one of the top guitar building school in the US. His passion has always been in guitars, from being a guitarist to starting a music business. But sadly there was no vacancy. The next intake was in 2016. We did not give up and trusted that there will be other paths. 

Then towards end of February, God threw us an unexpected blessing. And since this is the first time I am 'officially' announcing it, here goes - We are expecting A BABY! It was definitely unplanned but nonetheless, we were excited. If that's the plan God have for us, we know that is the best timing. 

Then in March, Rockstar got an email from the guitar school saying that there was an open vacancy for this coming intake. We prayed about it, talked to our families and decided to take this opportunity. We trusted that it was God working to provide for us. Rockstar submitted his application and then we waited for the visa forms to arrived. The waiting time was the worst, not knowing if its a go or not. The forms took 2 postage and almost 1 month to arrived. When it did, we straight away applied for our US visa. 

There were many bumps along the way, from the submission to applying for the interview dates, to the actual interview where we had to retake our photos and come back and then nervously going through the interview process. But through it all, God provided and there were just so many ways where he showed us that He was there guiding, leading and opening doors. 

So on 24th of April, we got the green light. Our student visa was approved. Next was to make arrangements to settle things here and to get there. Since we were both in business and involved with so many things, it was a rush to get everything settled. There was the handing over of projects and work, packing up of stuff, flight to booked, camps and events to attend, farewell dinners, and so many other details. 

Thankfully, by the 1st of June, we managed to say our goodbyes and headed off. It's been a roller-coaster ride for the last couple of months but in everything, God was clearly there. I have never seen His hand so vividly than this throughout my life. 

Rockstar and I are now currently in US. Being here is a whole other story to tell but I'll keep it for another day. This post is just to remember how God provided before we came here and of our newest addition to the family. And in case you are wondering if its a boy or girl, I hope the picture below is clear enough. 

Till then..

July 17, 2015

life lately... in U.S.

So friends back home have been asking what have I been up to lately. And I am so super excited to share about how super boring my life is. :p Here are some picture taken recently.  

I attended the July 4th Celebration at Gaithersburg as per my previous blog post. Its exciting but kinda weird sitting there all by my self . 
I got a new phone cover for only $2 from a nearby mall.. Love it when I find pretty things this cheap. Oh, and that's french toast in a cup. 

I went to this Southern Indian buffet after church service on Sunday. The curries are amazeballs.
Myy first ever chicken pie. I started baking and cooking more to past time.

Lemon Herb Garlic Baked Fish. First trial and it turned out yums.. 
Belacan shrimp and long beans. Taste like home. 
I need more guinea pigs to try my cooking. Any volunteers? 

Been making smoothies lately...especially grape smoothie 'cos grapes are cheap here. 
Bak Kut Teh noodles! Don't look appetizing but its surprisingly good. The slow cooker made the meat so tender. 

Krispy Kreme celebrated its 78th anniversary last week and for the 2nd dozen donuts, you'll only pay 78cents. I gave in to advertising and got myself 2 dozens of the original glazed donuts. Sugar overdosed that week!

Been catching up on my reading lately. Found a quiet nook at home to cosy up with a good book, snacks and a cup of tea. 
View from my room window. On days when it it not raining, the evening sun cast a golden shine to the tree leaves. 

I baked banana cake. First trial too.. *many firsts for me*. Recipe was  easy and cake turned out good. Yay!

I tried the almond tart from the famous Stella Bakery in Rockville. Its good but not worth paying the price for it. 
Attended a baby shower last weekend. Enjoyed meeting the creative people who pulled everything together. 


Been watching my diet lately and eating way healthier, Hence the number of photos on food. Yes, I do take picture of everything I eat and record them down. I'm crazy like that. 

That's all for now. Follow me on IG for more updated news :) Till then.. 

July 10, 2015

The 4th of July Celebration @ Gaithersburg

Wow! It's been almost 7 months since I blogged. So many things have happened since then. So here's a quick update in one sentence - Rockstar got into a guitar building school so we moved to the United States of America and we will be here for a bit. So yup, that's about it.. I'll tell you more *crossed fingers* if I can find some time off from my super busy life watching reruns of Law & Order and Criminal Minds. 

Happy 4th!

Anyway, since this is my first 'in US' post, I think it's apt that I tell you about my 4th of July. Everyone wasn't available so I decided to watch the fireworks on my own. It's kinda sad but it was my first time celebrating. I wanted to do something instead of just staying at home.

Colourful wall at the entrance
He said, "Aren't you gonna take a photo of me?" So I did :)

I joined the Gaithersburg July 4th Celebration at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. It's a pretty cool place with lots of interesting buildings. 

Early crowds heading towards the grounds
Old MacDonald's Barn
Kids having fun at the rides
Fried candy store yo!
It was a fun, happy atmosphere with people hanging around, strolling, eating, playing, laughing, spending time with their love ones and waiting for the fireworks to begin. 

The setting of the sun brought out sparklers and glow sticks. It was so pretty. The night ended with fireworks where everyone oohhhs and ahhhss over the pretty lights. When it finally ended, everyone started packing up and walking back to their cars. Kids were being carried half asleep by their parents while teenagers still pranced around full for energy. As for me, I headed straight home and fell into bed. 

I'm glad I went. It would have been more fun with friends and family around but it was nonetheless interesting. Being able to experience the celebrations is better than reading or watching about it on screen. 

I'll end this post with a picture of cupcakes I baked for 4th of July. Just a simple one to passed time before I headed out for the fireworks. And yes, I've been cooking and baking quite a bit since I came here. Will need to work on my frosting soon.. 

Missing everyone back home and looking forward till we meet again :)

*All photos were taken by me solely for blogging purpose and without any ill-intentions  or malice. Please do not use or distribute them without permission.