January 8, 2015

Beautiful Lanterns @ The Seoul Lantern Festival 2014

I was recently flying to Seoul when I read a short excerpt in the AirAsia Travel3sixty magazine on the Seoul Lantern Festival being held along the Cheonggyecheon Stream from November 7-23. The time was just right as I will be in Seoul then. I felt really excited as I always seem to miss any festival whenever I travel. Sadly, our tight travel plans just couldn't fit that in. On the last night in Seoul, Rockstar and I decided that we wanted to spend our last night capturing as much sights and sounds of Seoul city as we walked back to our hotel from Myendong. Halfway back to the hotel, we chance upon this stretch of river with lights and people. It's the Seoul Lantern Festival! I was excited. Rockstar and I spend an hour walking up and down the river, snapping picture with our phones (my DSLR battery ran out) and it was all so prettyyyyyy!! The entire display stretched on for about 6 blocks with hundreds of lanterns. They were divided into 2 themes - Theme 1 : World Heritage of Seoul and Theme 2 : Lamps by local government and guest from overseas, etc.  The lanterns were all really big, at least 12 feet tall and so much details were put into it. There are too many of them, so I have selected a few of those that I like to post up here. Enjoy!

Aren't they all so pretty? Kudos to the Koreans for putting up such displays. I really did enjoy myself and I hope you all did too, by looking at my photos :p

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*all photos taken with iPhone 5