August 12, 2014

Perhentian Island - The Most Beautiful Island in Malaysia

My cellies and I headed to Perhentian Island to hang out and have fun. 3 days 2 nights of doing nothing but swim, snorkle, run around, eat, sleep, and yes, dive too. 

Perhentian Island consist of a big Island, Perhentian Besar and a small island, Perhentian Kecil. Perhentian Kecil is where more family-style resorts are located wherelse Perhentian Besar are mostly backpackers, divers and party goers. We stayed on Perhentian Besar as we opted for a cheaper option. 

Here are some of  my favourite photos taken throughtout the trip and to show you how beautiful this island is. 

Blow Wind Blow. Boat ride to the island. Pic taken by James. 
Twin girls giving me cheeky grins.
Dive, dive, dive... 
Dede, super photogenic cell member. 
Aww... touching moment between Churchill and Jimmy.
Wide shot of Coral Bay and blue skies.
Coral Bay's food and entertainement section. Good, yummy food. 
Oh, must try their mars shake, snicker shake and m&m shake.
Burgers, perfect beach snack.
Super yummy when you are hungry and hot.
Beach lounges to catch sun rays and sip on cocktails.
World Cafe. Used to have super good big breakfast set,
but the price have gone up like crazy. 
Abundance of wild flowers as we walk
through the island, from Long Beach and Coral Bay.
More flowers. Beauty among weeds. 
Managed to get this spontaneous shot of Rachel.
So much joy and happiness in 1 pic. 
Girls in a row. 
Model wannabes. 
I did some pre-wedding shots of James & Michelle on the island.
This is not one of it.. :)
Crystal clear water
The light house were we jumped off. Looks super small
but it's at least 3 stories high.
Such pretty blue view. 
My current desktop wallpaper.
Romantic Bay. 

I did enjoy myself throughout the trip. Time spend with friends are truly valuable, and what made it even better was this beautiful place. I dub Perhentian Island as my favourite island and the best island in Malaysia. Is so beautiful and serene, and still untouched. 

If you are planning on heading to Perhentian Island and need a tour guide, buzz me. I been there 5 times and would love to continue going there :)