March 14, 2014

Living in a tiny Parisian Apartment

I may be getting my mojo back. Was just at the movies a while ago and I saw '3 days to Kill'. That movie was just ok, but the stage is beautiful. It's set in Paris and it reminded me so much about my honeymoon and the places we have been. Rockstar and I were trying to figure out the names of places all through out the movie. 

Anyway, since my mojo is back. Let's talk about Paris. Paris is such a beautiful city. We spend 8 days there for our honeymoon and 4 of those nights were in a tiny Parisian Apartment at the bottom of the Sacre Coeur steps. Doesn't it look so adorable. Very small, with a big cosy bed and a small balcony that looks out into the rooftops of Paris. Just like in the movies. 

The toilet was so small that we had to sit on the toilet bowl just to brush our teeth. And the shower is even tinier than an plane toilet. Just enough to fit in and maybe turn in a circle. I wouldn't know much about that being just 5 feet tall :) Taller people might keep bumping into the water heater just above the shower, so uniquely quirky with it's Tomato Can design. 

The kitchen was tiny too but just nice to be fully functional. There was a fridge where we kept our store bought wine, toaster to heat up frozen pizzas and stove to fry some eggs for breakfast. It was kinda nice impressing my new husband with my skills in the kitchen. Haha.. 

Tadaa.... One of our many meals in Paris. Nothing beats pizza and wine, snuggling in a big cosy bed and watching the sun set in Paris, as the lights come slowly twinkling on, while listening to the soulful cooing of a Parisian singer from the CD player.  

The owners of the apartment provided many guide books and recommendations on places to visit and eat, and various music. They even gave a basket if we wished to walk down to the morning market for some bread and fruits. 

A iron wrought gate, entrance to our apartment on the 8 floor. There are 2 gate, which means 2 security access, making it very safe. Just a short stroll away took us to the bottom of the steps to Sacre Coeur, tiny sidewalk cafes, bustling tourist shops, tiny gift shops bursting to the brim with knick knacks, bakeries, art stores, and so many more. I could spend so much time getting lost, wandering in the tiny alleys and streets of Montmartre. 

A iron cast lif, where we had to open the metal gate, step into the lif, close the gold-lined wooden panels before the lif slowly makes its way down. Very tiny, just enough to fit 2 person. Thank God for it as the apartment was on the 8th floor. But it was also kinda creepy cos every time we passed the 3rd floor, the lights on that floor are off. 

Small, narrow, weirdly angle corridors , leading to our apartment. Check out the huge gold doorknob in the center. I love everything about this apartment. The smallness, the quirkiness and the authenticity of it. Its like everything I've watch in movies. 

View from our Balcony. Isn't it beautiful? No view of Eiffel Tower as we were facing North East. I am so thankful that I got to experience living like a Parisian. It's am amazing experience. If you are going to Paris, I would recommend finding an apartment and staying there. Then you'll truly discover this beautiful city of love. 

Something that made this apartment even better, a tiny Vietnamese store just around the corner that serves amazing Pho. Gosh, I'm craving for Vietnamese now. 

So yeah, my experience living in Montmartre, the artsy fatsy creative area of Paris.