December 26, 2013

Up the mountain, and back...

Wow! Time fly so fast and its almost the end of the year. I've been sort of neglecting this blog as I've been so busy with so many other things. So what's up with me lately:

1. I've started a new 'business' - Hadasah Hannah, which will be combining my passion of travelling, photography and accessories together :) Go check out my blog -, facebook - Hadasah Hannah or follow me on Instragram - Hadasah Hannah.

2. I've travelled every single month for the last couple of months - Vietnam in September, United States in October, Japan in November, Thailand in December. Super tiring. Can't even catch up with my travel posts. But don't fret, I've got a few blog post line up for next year :p

3. I've got a new PC. OK, not exactly a desktop but Rockstar got me the HP Slate for Christmas. I'm in awe. Super big screen, so many apps and the best part, its NOT laggy (my old laptop is 8 years old and half my time is wasted waiting for it to unhang -_- ). OK, time to switch to android mode.

4. I've got a macro lens for my DSLR. Also a gift from Rockstar for Christmas ;p Super like it. More close up pictures now. and hopefully better photos. yay!!!

5. I've gonna conquer 1 of South East Asia Highest mountain - Mount Kinabalu. I'm kinda scare cos I've not really prepared for it with the numbers of parties I've been attending recently. Oh well, no backing out now. Flight is early tomorrow morning. Wish me luck...

6. Lastly, I've decided to put this blog on hold for a bit. Wait, just for a bit..... Until the year ends. Wanna spend more time with my love ones. Don't worry, I'll be back next year. (It's just a couple of days more only)

Till then peeps... Thanks for being such faithful readers although I've not been such a good blogger.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!!!

p.s. If you still miss me, follow me in Instragram @theestherchew

December 2, 2013

My Dream, My Passion - Hadasah Hannah

So... I'm back from camp. 3 days 2 nights of young people left me exhausted and tired. But I had a good time with them. 

Anyway, I got big news!!! and no, I'm NOT pregnant -_-), here it is....

- gifts, treasures & pretty things -

I decided to combine my passion for travelling, accessories and photography together to bring to you this. Why the name 'Hadasah Hannah'? Hadasah means Esther in Hebrew. And I wanted another name to go with it and after googling and throwing around a few names with Rockstar, we decided on Hannah. Hannah means 'God's favour' and its so apt cos I'm taking a leap of faith and would need God's help and favour. Sometimes following your heart can mean taking a big risk but I've always been encouraging people to chase their dreams.. So here's me now, chasing mine. 

In case you still haven't figure it out yet, Hadasah Hannah will be selling accessories and treasures and pretty things that I find along my journeys. This items can be either brand new or pre-loved, but no matter what they may be, I'm determine to bring the best for you all. 

It's still in the early stages and I ironing things out but I have high hopes for it. So do show your support k.. :)

You can click the name below to view or go to See you on the other side... :)