October 30, 2013

Best Flight Safety Video ever

Just saw this and thought I'll share with you. 

How many of you actually listen when the flight attendant do the safety briefing? 

October 27, 2013

Travel Finds for Sale

I am so totally feeling the jet lag. My eyes are half closed and I am desperate enough to drink Chinese Tea to keep myself awake. For those who don't know, caffeine causes to me do weird stuff -_-. Anyway, just a quick post while I shift through my US trip photos and post them up. It will be soon because I still have photos from my Vietnam trip and I might be leaving on another trip in 2 weeks time. :)

Me twinnie and I decided to let go of some accessories we collected throughout our travels. I love accessories. I am sure to get some whenever I travel and since I have tons of them collecting dust in my cupboard, I'm letting some of them go. I need more space in my cupboard for more stuff too :p. So if you are interested, click here to view them. 

October 22, 2013

Life in Washington DC

While New York is pretty crazy for me, Washington DC is quite the opposite. Calm, peaceful, stately and just so beautiful. I feel in love especially with Georgetown so half the pictures below are taken at Georgetown. Anyway, here's what I've been to the whole week - strolling up and down The National Mall, visiting the museums at the Smithsonian Institute, watch ducks swimming and squirrels hopping around, said 'Hi' to the president (although I highly doubt he heard me), enjoyed the sunsets, walk through the beautiful area called Georgetown, fall in love :), went on an eating and shopping spree, walked till my legs almost gave up on me, got chase by a black guy and hit on by homeless people and so much more. I absolutely love my life.. 

Is'nt falling leaves so beautiful? 

October 17, 2013

I love New York - a photo diary

New York is amazing! The lights, the colours, the people, the streets, the whole atmosphere is just bustling and humming.... constantly. New York is indeed a city that never sleeps. Even late at night, when I throw my hotel windows open, I can still see the blinking lights, the honking of cars, the laughter and chatters of people floating up from streets below, the ringing of the store door just around the corner. 

Here are some photos taken on jaunts around the island of Manhattan. 

Times Square
Manhatten Bridge
New York City cityline
New Yorkers loves their horns
Fire escape in Chinatown
One of the insurance building. View from the top of a double decker bus
Lights on Broadway. Ripley's Believe It or Not
Even their McDonalds is brighter and shinier :)
Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle interview for their upcoming show going on the the streets of New York
Another commercial shoot going on. So very exciting.. 
The Slaughtered Lamb Pub. Just cause there are skeletons hanging of their walls. 
A hot dog in hand and a cool park bench near Wall Street and 7-11 Memorial
Brooklyn Bridge
Kids on a field trip
Little Italy. Street Vendors
Colourful tables on the sidewalk at Little Italy
An interesting piece of 'art'
More street vendors.
Bubbles from a Bubble Maker seller
Artist drawing at Central Park
Hope you enjoyed it. Just some view from my camera :). I'll leave a final picture with you - New York city lights taken from my hotel room on the 8th floor. Isn't New York fascinating? 

October 11, 2013

Sun, beaches, seagulls in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Hello! Sorry for the long silence. I've been travelling and needed some time to adjust to the timing change. Anyway, I'm currently in United States, holidaying and visiting relatives. If you like a more up to date news, check out doubleescapades.blogspot.com or instragram : theestherchew. 

So here's where I was a few days ago. Rockstar made me a promise to bring me to Santa Monica about 4 years ago. And he fulfilled his promise about 2 days ago. He brought me to Santa Monica and let me say this, its an absolutely beautiful place. The beaches, the people, the vibe, the sunset.. I love it here. I took a gazillion photos and bear with me as I share them k ;p

We arrived mid afternoon and it was a hot sunny day. Thank God for the light breeze and chilly air. We walked the entire pier, stop to watch seagulls fly, people watch, snap pictures and just enjoy the whole Los Angeles feel. We then walk to Santa Monica Place for lunch and stroll along Third Street Promenade for some window shopping. 

We headed back to the pier to watch the sunset and bask in the sun rays. I've seen many sunsets in my life and everyone is different and unique in its own way. But I got to say that this sunset was one of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. As it got lower and lower, the sun rays became like a box on the horizon. A smaller and smaller bright yellow orange box before it disappeared and the sky turned grey. What a beautiful way for the sun to set. 

We caught the bus back to our hotel after the sun set, silent, memories, pictures running through our mind. What an end to a beautiful day! What made it even more special is the special someone beside me. If you are ever in Los Angeles, and have limited time, I would say, skip Hollywood and head to Santa Monica. That's where I felt California truly represents.