June 28, 2013

Top Wedding Sites I like

OK. Since I've got a lot of backdated wedding posts up, spare me by allowing me to post them up ok? 

Anyway, while I was planning my wedding (and my sisters wedding), I did quite a lot of researching via online. Reason being is that its so easy to save pictures for inspiration and I could even sneak in some time during work (not so obvious as opening a wedding magazine, etc. ;p).

I have thousands of pictures which I saved under various folders. Seriously... They really did help me when I did my inspiration board, and coming up with ideas for my wedding. 

So here's my list of top wedding sites for inspiration and ideas and DIYs, hoping that this will help bride-to-bes or future bride-to-bes. :)


Of cos there are so many other wedding blogs/forums/websites/etc. So please feel free to google and search for them. The websites listed here are my just some of my favourites and I though I should share them out :)

Happy planning peeps!!!

June 25, 2013

Mother's Day @ Little Heritage House

Behind by more than a month, but better late than never right? :)

For Mother's Day dinner this year, we decided to head back to Little Heritage House.

It was super pack!!! We made reservations for 12 person and thus got the biggest (and best) table there but the entire restaurant was packed to the brim, both downstairs and upstairs. 

We ordered pretty much the same as our last trip here so I am not going to go into details and prices. 

But at the end of the night, we left quite disappointed. We paid RM50+ per person. Portion was very small that we didn't have enough for everyone. Just compare previous blog pictures with these and say you agree with me. Our rice only came half way through our meal. Service was very slow, although they were still friendly. I even had to lead a hand helping out. I think they overbooked themselves thinking they could manage the crowd but they were very short handed. 

We did stay till almost closing, waiting for the roar of conversations to soften so that we could hear ourselves, snap a few family shots and spend some time talking to Leo. 

But time spent with my humongous family is never wasted and still the best. Love you guys... 

June 24, 2013

I went surfing....


Hahaha... Although I wished I did. Kinda regret not doing it when I was in Kuta Beach, Bali. 

But I did try it out. Sorta. 

Fake but at least it is a surfboard.

Oh well, its time to plan another trip there then :)

Happy Haze Day everyone!!!! 

June 21, 2013

Food Adventure in Bali, Indonesia

Eating in Bali is kinda boring. You'll have the usual western food, lots of fried rice and their famous mee soto/ nasi bebek, etc. So bear with me as I try to recall what we ate on our trip a month ago :p

Our birthday night, after an impromptu pool side party, me twinnie and her E, Rockstar and I headed out for supper. Turning 28th is once a lifetime so we celebrating big with desserts!!! Haha.. We walk down and found ourselves outside Bunute Restaurant and Bar, drawn to it by its live performance.

Me twinnie with her Mr. Coconut - 'Bunute Dream' made from a fresh young coconut water with bacardi and coconut liqueur. RP 70.

Milkshakes - Chocolate & Strawberry. RP 20. 

Nachos. RP 37

Cream Caramel RP 17

Hot Chocolate Brownie RP 17 

Sirloin Steak. RP 80

Decent food, decent performance, great company :)

Breakkie @ Kafe Batan Waru

Wedang Jahe. RP 13. Extreme spice infusion. Brewed with ginger, nutmeg, clove and palm sugar. Not for the weak. 

Fried rice.

Eggs Benedict. RP36.

Shiitake eggs. RP 28. 

Omelette with smoked marling. RP 42.

Rucola Eggs. RP 32.

Total bill came up to RP 592 for 10 person. 

We stop by a roadside store, on the way to the rice terrace, to try their famous Nasi Bebek, or known as duck rice. Even though it cost us RP 30 each plate, which was very high priced for a road side store, the food is good. Mixture of duck in broth, fried duck, spice duck with some rojak salad thing. Delish!


Dinner at a restaurant in Tanah Lot. 

Giraffe + Big Coconut. 

Nasi Goreng Ayam.

Total bill came up to RP 581 for 12 person. 

Surati Coffee Shop was a big favourite. We ate there 6-7 times throughout the trip as the food and service was good. Just a short walk around from Tune Hotel, Legian. Didn't managed to take pictures of most food, but here's some taken at our 1st meal there. 

Highly recommended. Don't bother going to the Warung Murah, a store between Tune Hotel Legain and Surati Coffee Shop. Indeed its 'murah' but quality of food is horrible, tasteless and not worth it. Surati cost slightly higher but you'll get good quality food, free wifi, clean tables and chairs. 

They even gave us free dessert. :)

Took a breather from the hot weather along Jalan Seminyak at Buzz Cafe. Tried their mint drink which was a thirst quencher and Rice with Chicken Cashew Nut. 

Bill came to RP 147 for just 1 drink and 1 rice. High price but good service.Free wifi too. 

Warung Ijo. Small malay restaurant just on the Jalan Ubud. Cheap and good. Seems a favourite with backpackers. Cheapest birthday dinner ever in my history of birthdays ;p

Bill came up to Rp 304 for 12 person. 


Breakie @ 66 Corner along Jalan Legian. Recommended by Trip Advisor. Food is good, western style but much higher price. 

Bill came up to RP 786 for 12 person. 

Eat & Eat Food Court at Beachwalk Shopping Center, opposite Kuta Beach. A great find with lots of good local food, clean, great view and cheap price averagely between RP 20 - 30. 

Cold stone ice cream @ Flintsones, Beachwalk. Creamy, thick and delicious. RP 50. 

Churros @ Beach walk. Thumbs and fingers up :) RP 15 for 10 pieces. 

Popsicle at the corner opposite the Memorial on Jalan Kuta. I was trying to snap a picture when this guy walked passed and tried to take a lick of my popsicle. -_-


Some other food which I can't recall when and where. We had lots of rice, fried rice especially and rice with dishes. All in all, a good experience with great company. Not that expensive if you don't visit establishments targeting tourists. An average decent meal with drink may cost you between RM 15-20. 

I think I like it there.  I'll be back :)

* most photos are taken with my phone camera except maybe 6-7 which were taken with my EOS 400D. Can you identify which ones?