September 26, 2012

Give me just a bit more time...

It's now 4.35am here in Roissy, Paris and I've been up since 2.45am. 

Can't sleep..

Which is actually a good thing as it's 10.35am in Kuala Lumpur. Jet lag would not be a problem, I hope..

Will have to be up to check out and leave for the airport in a couple of hours. The past week have been like a dream... not because its not real, but because I have pushed most of my thoughts n mind out of work and life back home..

Being away for a couple of days its not a problem but when it last more then a week or 9.5 days to be exact,  life can different. Real life back home seems to be hazy and something that happened in a distant past. 

Oh well.... but slowly, its coming back. All the work that I have shelve, all the problems and customers, all the emails yet to be replied, all the things that needed to be look into.. 

Yet, I am resisting it. Trying to hold on to the adventures that I have here, the air, the experiences, the glitz, the lights, the love; which will soon become distant memories. Everything seems so surreal. Its so peaceful. So full of life. So much joy. So little cares. Just us two... 

So much stories to tell. So much experiences to share. All that will have to wait.

Let me just crawl back into bed, huddle under the warm covers and just hold on a little longer.

September 23, 2012


Greeting from the land of erm.....croissant and Effiel tower.

It's the 5 day of my honeymoon and the hotel Internet is kinda sucky so thus I didn't get to blog I've been feeling kinda lazi-ish... Blame it on the cold weather and lots of pastries :p

Anyway, I now blogging from a tiny French apartment, with it's tiny toilet and shower, tiny vintage lif, and a n amazing view over the entire Paris. how lucky am I ?

So far it's been an amazing trip. Everything it's just like the movies. I've been to the Arc de Triomphe, which did not blow up. I've seen Mona Lisa. I've walk throught the streets of Notre Dame with the gypsies. I have dinner at the Effiel Tower. I've walk throught the foyer of the Opera House. I've sat and have breakfast ata sidewalk cafe. I've taken a Metro. and gosh... So much more... 

Anyway, we will be heading of to one of the largest flea market in France soon. 

So till then... Au revoir 

P.s. sorry no photos fornow. Is all in my phone and camera :) 

September 17, 2012

Sealed with a kiss!!!

It's been a long time since I blog. Wanted to pent some thoughts the night before the wedding and title the post as 'D-day' but guess what, internet was down... *pffttt*.Oh well, at least I get to sleep.. Anyway, just so I can remember, here's what when through my mind on Friday night..

Slightly nervous. Not so kan cheong. Tired. Excited. Busy writing thank you cards. Watch my sister stress over last minute details. Relax. Put a mask on. Clean my room. A bit more excited. Showered. Wash my hair. Pack my bag. Time to sleep. Went to bed with a smile. 

Not very eventful. I guess it still haven really sunken in yet. Nah, I won't scream and just around. I calm like that. I'm not the type to go crazy over hiccups and problems. Just told my sister, you decide la. I'm OK with anything. :p

Wedding was beautiful! Perfect in every way. I won't start mentioning all the things that I love about it, since there would be way too many. But it was huge, all our friends and love ones were there and that made all the difference. 

Of cos the wedding didn't go exactly the way I planned or wanted it to be. It was close but there were still some things that went wrong. But I still love every single minute of it, glitches and all. 

Will post up pictures and stories later... as I'm busy trying to read through 100 of emails and settle work stuff before leaving for honeymoon.. I just collected my newly renewed passport early this morning. How's that for a last minute thing...

Received an SMS from one of my girls yesterday night. She's only 14 years old and it was so nice that it made every sweat and tears and late night sleep so worth it. 

Mdm, thanks for letting me be able to flank for your wedding! It was a great honour! Personally mdm, while I was flanking and when u walked down the aisle, it made me want to be like you when I grow up. I want to have my own wedding, have my face lot up just like yours when you walked down the aisle with the man God has chosen, waiting for you in front of the aisle. Thank you so much madam! :)

Been unpacking so many wedding presents :) Thanks everyone! Will post up pictures later. 

It actually just sort of sunken in that I'm married yesterday night. I headed home to pack for honeymoon and some other stuff to carry back to my new home. And when I was leaving, my dad said, "Esther, why are you going out so late?" And then me twinnie said, "Dad, you should not ask her that. You should ask her - why are you not home yet. Its late." And then as I was walking out, it really did hit me. I leaving home. I'm leaving my parents. No longer will I be a Chew. And I felt the sadness deep down inside. 

Anyway, I heading of to my honeymoon tonight. So excited!!! Will try to blog from the City of Love ;p

And just 1 picture before I sign off..

It's done!!! Signed & Sealed with a Kiss!!!

September 10, 2012

6, no, 5 MORE DAYS!!!

Sorry for the lack of post lately. Been really busy.. 

Got a reminder from 2nd sister yesterday during my bridal shower.. 

Instrgram @theestherchew

 Actually as of today, its 5 DAYS!!!!

Received lots of pressies from my bridal shower yesterday. Will post up more pictures when I get them :) Big thanks to me twinnie & mumsie for pulling the whole thing off successfully. Much love ***

A 20 piece dinner set, A 28cm fry pan, a rice cooker, a multi-cooker, 6 pieces of towel set, a stainless steel pot, a 12 piece chinaware,  a ceremic kettle, a designer lamp, an apron, 2 placemants, 1 basket & a bath essentials set. 

I was at the Boys' Brigade parade on Saturday and some of them were asking me what am I still doing there. Even when I got home, my neighbour said it was time for me to relax and chill. But you know, I don't feel that much stress. A co-worker @ Kidz@5 said that I look very un-stress for a bride-to-be. 

I think people around me are more stress then me..;p

Am I doing something wrong? 

Instrgram @theestherchew. Hot pink shoes, gift from soon-to-be hubby.

Checklist for final month/week

Order wedding cake - checked
Final fitting for all gowns - checked
Confirm marriage licence - checked
Make sure you have all accessories - checked
Pick responsible person to handle guest book - checked and checked
Hairdo & Makeup - Checked for morning, checked for dinner
Rehearsal for all wedding participants - Friday afternoon
Dye & Highlight my hair - checked
Facial - checked

Instrgram @theestherchew. New bag for honeymoon from Charles & Keith. Gift from me twinnie

Things to do
Pack for honeymoon - 3/4 checked
Finalise plans for honeymoon
Renew passport
Contact guests who have not reverted - in progress (Malaysians are such absolutely horrible in RSVP-ing)
Final count to caterer, restaurant and hotel - in progress
Plan seating arrangements - in progress
Transportation arrangements for wedding day - in progress
Purchase gifts for attendants - in process
Fitting & collecting of wedding bands - today
Visit eyebrows expert 
Get my nails done - appointment made
Design, print and write thank you notes
Choosing of songs
Make rehearsal arrangements
Iron table clothes
Sew flower girl dress
Meet with photographer
Go through all deco to ensure nothing is missing
Make appointment with Hair Salon
Finalise arrangements with hotel
Finalise floral arrangements with florist for dinner

Gosh!! So much things... I think I need to hype up my stress antenna.. and maybe go for a massage or two ;p

On top of that, work is piling up. Its like they got wind of my upcoming marriage and are combining force to make life difficult for me.. Like dragging things and then wanting their orders the day I get back from honeymoon. Guess I will have to work through my honeymoon :( I still got a pile on my table, waiting to be cleared before I leave for honeymoon. 

Instragram @ theestherchew. Hand-in-hand, we will conquer the world. 
OK. Rushing of now... So many things, so little time!!!

God, grant me strength & peace :)

September 4, 2012

Bridal Shower No.1

Ok. I quick one. I need my beauty sleep.. Eye bags not going away. 

Last Sunday, my cellies pulled off a Bridal Shower for me *big smiles*

Actually no... I was super duper scared. Seriously. I've been to a few showers before and they can get really ...erm... scary... really... 

But I lived to tell the tale..

This is everybody... being paparazzi-like.

No brownie points for guessing who's the victim celebrity? 

Pretty fondant bride made by Aunty Esther Foo :)

What's a bridal shower without food right?

Cream puffs, chicken puffs, egg sandwiches, jelly-like cake and cupcakes. All made by Aunty Esther. Thank you, Aunty. They were delicious. 

I ate so much and then regretted it. The girls should have warned me beforehand. They made me answer some questions and once I got it wrong, I was 'punished'.. 

Well, guess I didn't get that many correct. See what I had to go through for you, Rockstar. 

Anyway, I survived that. Then it was the next part where I did lots of things which I won't mention here. Or even post up pictures. And definitely not videos. Ok, maybe just a nice one of me. Yes, texting... It was part of the dare. 

And maybe a weird one, just to make you guys happy. I'm nice like that :)

*Don't ask me anything. I can't remember. 

Thanks to all those who pulled the whole thing together... and especially to my Cell Leader, Michelle and the host, Yen. And for all the lovely pressies I received. 

It really wasn't that scary after all :)

Night peeps. 10 days to go!!! Woohoo!!

September 2, 2012


How's your weekend? Long, busy weekend for me. Spend my time finishing up my wedding deco and getting ready to move out. 

Starting with the bed. This double decker bed came to live with us during our uni days when the room was too tiny for all our clothes for both my twinnie and I to stay. And when we move back home, the bed came back with us. Beginning of this year, I starting sleeping in my younger sister's room. So it was no issue to dismantle the bed when the top bunk wasn't being used. My twinnie gets the bed that I am currently sleeping in and guess where I ended up?

On the floor. -_-. I know right. For 2 weeks. 

I've also managed to clear up lots of junks, old memories, empty my clothes cupboard and dump out lots of old clothes, bag up lots of things for charity... oh, and I started packing for honeymoon. 

 Wedding in 12 days!!!!