March 28, 2012

All about food

I've been eating a lot lately... which is really bad considering that the countdown to my wedding is still on going.. So people, stop bringing me to eat :)

Anyway, I'm too lazy to blog individually so this post is here's what I have eaten the past week..

Roast & Toast
No. 20, Jalan SS2/72,
Petaling Jaya

Just turn in at the Red Bliss Bridal Shop, passed New Paris Restaurant, 
head all the way to the end of the road, Roast & Toast will be on your right. 

My take : Awesome Siew Yoke. We ordered the medium size Siew Yoke and it was presented to us in 3 different layers of meat. There is the fatty one, the mix fatty and lean and the lean meat. Great for people who likes variety. Rockstar & I personally like the fatty meat best *not surprisingly :)*. The hakka noodles was different yet made me crave for more. Simple food, with great taste. We went early in the morning so there were a lot of choices but I'm not sure how long before its all sold out. 

Senjyu Sushi
Bangsar Village II, 2nd floor

My take : Can't really say much since it was OK for me and I generally like anything with mushroom but Eunice said that the beef could have been better. There were generous helping of beef and mushroom and onions piled on top the rice. Pricier as compare to other Japanese restaurant. 

Southern Indian Food
- neighbour's house -

A farewell dinner as neighbour will be leaving overseas for studies. 

My take : Best Indian food I have tasted in a while. I can't remember all the names of the dishes so here's what I remembered. The rendang chicken was too spicy for me, but had huge portion. The vegetable tasted like vegetables. The dahl was kinda diluted but with huge chunk of potatoes inside. The fish meat ball was just nice. Soft, big and tasty. The best?? The fried slice potato and brinjal with onions. It was so good that I went back for 2 plate-full helpings. 

Restaurant Yin Her
A111, Jalan Welfare,
Kampung Baru, Sungai Buloh,







My take : We have been there a couple of times already and as always, the food is good. This time around, we tried some new dishes. The Pumpkin Chicken was not the best I have tasted, but was tasty enough. The best was the Fruit Sauce Homemade Taufu. I'm generally not a fan of this type of taufu but this is just too good to miss. 

Yic Daiga
Jalan BRP 6/9, Bukit Rahamn Putra,
47000 Sungai Buloh,

My take : Used to taste better last time and must cheaper too :) But with the price increase, quality seem to have decrease a little.  

My take : My first time. Cravings for more. :)

That's it. I need to stop eating so much. Pronto..


Today I felt the jitters. 
The feeling of nervousness and butterflies in my stomach. 
Oh... what a feeling...
And then when it was over. 
I breath a huge sigh of relief.. 
...and smile. 

March 25, 2012

"OMG, you look like a virgin!!!"

Yes, this was announced to about 3000 over people a couple of years back during my ex-company's annual dinner. It was held at Sunway Convention Center and they hired a transvestite to be the MC and entertainer. I was sitting at one of the forefront table and the MC was going around entertaining us. When she/he reach our table, she looked at me and exclaim, "OMG, you look like a virgin!". You cannot imagine the number of embarrassing questions  I had to go through after that. 

And I am ashamed to admit I didn't know whether to tell the truth or lie. To say 'yes' would make them think I am sure a goody-two shoes or even a young innocent kid. To say 'no' would make me slutty or easy. I could not and would not want my colleagues and co-workers to have a certain impression of me. 

Last Saturday, during PMC (Pre-marital Counselling) class, the topic was on Sex in Marriage. At the beginning of the session, the guys and girls were separated into 2 groups, after which we got back to share what we have discussed. What was interesting were the opinions between the sexes. One of the question asked was what would you say is the main difference between the way males view sex ad the way female view sex. And not surprisingly, both sides agreed that girls tend to view it more emotion, where else for guys, its more of the physical action. However, in the current generations, sex have increasingly became more loose - meaning its no longer viewed that its mostly guys who are sleeping around but lots of girls do it too. Sex have become so normal that both guys and girls just do it for the fun of it. 

Another question was would you be OK if your spouse is not a virgin. Most of the girls said that ideally they would prefer if their spouse is a virgin. However, it would depend on situation such as how long time ago did it happened or as long that he is not cheating on me now. When the question was post to the guys, half of them said that they would be OK if their spouse is not a virgin and the other half was not OK with it. So what happens when or if you find out that your spouse is no longer a virgin? 

Its interesting how people view sex this days. When I was young, I was taught that having sex is sacred and that losing ones virginity is such a taboo. But as I grew older, it became increasingly diluted. Everywhere, everyone is telling me that its OK. Its has become less wrong because everyone is doing it. And if you love the other person, that's how you show love. As I was growing up, I found out that if you are still a virgin, you are less cool because having sex its cool and if you are no longer a virgin, you are in the cool crowd. Look at the TV shows, the movies, the ads, it all tells us that having sex before and out of marriage is OK. 

Its worst when you are a Christian because you are taught since young that its wrong, yet no one is going to go upright to you and ask if you are a virgin or not. What goes behind close doors nobody will know. The temptation to sin increases. The areas between black and white are becoming so grey that we can't tell what is right and wrong or what are sins anymore. Things that we do have become less and less wrong as we grow up. The world is influencing our thinking and upbringing and so often we conveniently forget that God is watching us even behind closed doors. 

Have the world become so loose that eventually there will not be a virgin to be found anymore? Or that virginity is no longer prized?

One question that really struck me was, "When you become a parent, would you teach your child/children abstinence or prevention?". Imagine talking to your sons/ daughters in the future. Would you teach them the right thing or would you give them a condom and say,"Stay safe"? Abstinence or prevention? What type of parent would you be?

Sex before marriage is wrong. Sex should be enjoyed in the sacredness of marriage. And no matter how the world twist that or what people may say, its a sin and against most religions and moral values. 

If that remark is posted to me again... I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed to say that, " I am still a virgin and I am proud of it." I will keep the sanctity of my marriage intact.

wee little people

Yesterday's Kids@5 was awesome!! It was fun.. and tiring. The kids had a tendency to push and shove each other to sit together or right in the front row. Most of the time it causes a lot of tears and the quieter ones will be pushed behind. So I had an idea to use hula hoops to mark their spot. It worked really well. All the kids sat in the hoops and did not fight each other except maybe for the colour hoops initially. Although I wish I could say they sat quietly.. but that's not what happened. They were playing with the hoops and making a lot of noise. My initial plan was to tape the hula hoops to the ground but the Resource Room did not have masking tape. So I will have to rethink the whole thing the next time. 

*picture from Tiffany 

Anyway, I was in-charged of Gel and Glorify. We sang different songs including "Zacchaeus was a wee little man" and I improvise all the steps using the hoops. And they all had fun. They were playing and doing the actions with the hoops more then singing. :)

The topic that day was on Zacchaeus. They watch a video about the story before Michelle did a summary.


*picture from Tiffany 

Then it was on to craft.. Lydia did a maze colouring thingie with them and taught them the memory verse. 

*picture from Tiffany 

This picture below was taken last week during Kidz@5. Bunch of crazy active kids but lovable and cute at the same time. I see them growing up so fast. Penny, the tiny girl in white keeling in the front row with glasses on, was just a tiny baby couple of years ago. Joshua, the really cute boy in red at the front row, was so super shy and kept crying when he first join. Now, he walks into class like a little man and doesn't not cry one bit. Nathaniel, the taller boy in army green shirt at the back, can now walk around the class on his own. 
*picture from Tiffany 

They have not driven me up the wall yet but even if they eventually do, I guess I will still love them. Its hard not too... 

March 21, 2012

Baby Sister 15th Birthday

My baby sister who is actually no longer a baby turned 15th a couple of days ago. Oh gosh, I can't believe it. She is really growing up so fast. Yes, I admit, we still treat her like a baby but she has always been a baby to us. She is the youngest in the family. She came very unexpectedly and gave us elder sisters lots of practice in caring for babies. :) Nowadays, all of us have grown-ups with our own life to live and often times we forget that she is still not yet a grown-up. She's still a child but trying so hard to be a grown-up just to fit in the adult world. 

For her birthday, we decided to celebrate at Tappers Cafe @ Jaya 1. They have a very limited lunch set menu but all reasonably priced about RM12-15 with drinks. 

Bangers & Mash 

 Chicken Chop

 Fish & Chip

 Spaghetti Cabonara

The youngest & eldest Chew daughters.

I got her an Angry Bird cake cos it was too cute to resist. I spotted it a couple of weeks back and decided to get it for her birthday. I wanted the red but they only had the blue bird left. But it as a good choice because everybody like it and surprisingly, it tasted really good. RM35 for 0.5kg from a cake shop near Kamdar in SS2. I think its Berry's Cake Shop. 

A super cute baby sitting at the next table and me eldest sister with Angry Bird

Cute right?

Becky, I am really sorry for neglecting you and not spending much time with you. You are growing up way too fast and I before I know it, you might not want to spend time with your ole sista anymore. Please don't grow up so fast and allow your ole sista to catch up. I promise to try harder ok? 

Happy 15th Birthday! Love you lots :)

March 19, 2012

Boot Camp 2012 @ SSS

Two weekends ago, 10th KL BB had our yearly Boot Camp. Since last year was at Broga Hill, this year's camp was held in-house. Held over a 3 days 2 nights camp at weekend at school, it's main purpose its to oriented the new Recruits and a refresher for the year 1 Privates. 

We had classes to teach them about the rules of saluting and polishing 101. Of cause, not forgetting personal hygiene, tidiness, order and cleanliness. 

This is what the sergeants do to de-stress. 

Waking up with the sun for morning excercise..

Chicken Chop with mushroom gravy + fish fillets + mash potato + potato bun + coleslaw + mushroom soup dinner courtesy of our ever generous canteen lady, Aunty Molly. So not a camp food especially even more when its Boot Camp. *sigh* but she refuses to listen when we tell her we don't want so good food.. 

We had our main event which is Talent Time!! A time where the campers could show their talents. This year's campers perform beyond our expectations. We had so much creativity and some really funny stuff. It was followed by a random skit from the NCOs and then a spontaneous catwalk by the NCOs and officers. Results : Lots of ROLF!!!

On the last night, we decided to have a fire drill... and what we got was 3/4 boys campers burned to death. My gosh!!! We woke them up with a loud whistle blow and lots of shouting. But all we got was a few stranglers  who stumble to the parade ground while the rest was left either sitting zombiely on their sleeping bags or just fallen back to sleep. Oh, but the girls fared better. Only 1 was left behind. All of them made it to the parade ground safely with their boots on and safely laced up. Girls ROCKS!!! We finally got them all up the 2nd time and thankfully, not one of them was 'burned'. 

We also taught them how to do their push-ups properly and to tie their boots laces & haversack the correct way. 

Camp ended with lots of good memories and lesson learned. Its been a great camp with a bunch of potential young people. My prayer is that they will continue to grow and learn to be better brigadiers. 

Final pictures with my NCOs. :)

March 18, 2012

bellyful happiness

Its been a super long time since I wrote a happy post. But that's not because I'm not happy but the results of busy work life.. Oh well!

Anyway, here are 10 things that made me happy lately.

1. Rockstar is finally back after being away for 10 long days.
2. Goodies from Korea, courtesy of Rockstar. Chocolates, Sweets and Cookies from Paris Baguette.
3. The smell of freshly made pancakes in the morning. And having them drizzled with honey.
4. Winning RM150 during "All that glitters is not gold" at GTPJ Young Adults Service. Thank you for your blessings, Lord.
5. Having Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak @ Paramount with Rockstar.
6. Playing Draw Something with my siblings. *yeah, I'm a woman of simple pleasure*
7. Having hot chapati with dahl for dinner at MLM training. I like Indian food.
8. Finishing planned work according to schedule on Thursday.
9. Catching up with "SMARTies" over dinner. Its been almost 5 months since we last met and its good to get together again bitch about quarter life crisis :)
10. Spending my Sunday afternoon doing absolutely nothing.... really... absolutely nothing beneficial :) bliss...