December 31, 2011

Good Bye, 2011 !!

It's 2 hours till the end of 2011 and I'm sitting at home with my feet up....blogging. I guess being a year older made me appreciate the finer things in life such as a night at home, reflecting instead of getting drunk and doing stupid things in lieu of a new year :) since 2011 is ending, it's mandatory that I talk about the good stuff that happened. Truth be told, I'm not entirely happy with my 2011. There were a lot of ups and downs and I just wish some things were different. But then we only have 2011 once and what is done is over. So Esther Chew, get on with life!!! 

 Here's a summary of my year 2011.

 Lifestyle 7/10 
- got more animation-fied 
- spend more time working on friendships 
- laugh more 
- learn to take things easier instead of getting stress out all the time 
- learn to trust God more 
- ate more 
- got more undisciplined 
- cooked more 
- got apple-fied 
- shop less = spend less money
- blog more

Business 5/10 
- closed both my retail outlets 
- turn my focus on wholesales and distribution 
- build up client base 
- started my web base business 

 MAD 6/10 
- spend more time investing in others life 
- got to know my officers better 
- learn to trust myself more 
- got a hang off captainship :)

 Passion 8/10 
- finally got a DSLR 
- didn't improve in my photography skills as much as I want to 
- travelled to 7 different places, more then I ever wish for 
- got myself certified as an Open Water Diver

 Relationship 8/10 
- love more 
- understands more 
- learn to let small things go 
- spend more time with love ones 
- got engaged with an awesome guy 

 Health 5/10 
- gain weight 
- exercise less 
- indulge in ice-cream and chocolates more :)

Reading back at my 2011 blog posts, I can't help laughing at some of the things I wrote. Maybe 2011 wasn't too bad. 

So here's my wishes for 2012. 

1. Dream more and work towards my dreams.
2. Live healthily.
3  Discipline myself.
4. Have my dream wedding and honeymoon 
5. Work on being more MAD...

Welcome 2012!!! Looking forward to what you have to offer :) 

December 30, 2011

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Christmas is almost over and the new year is here. But before it ends, here are some pictures from Christmas week taken and edited with my iPad :)

Home-made macaroons. Present from Dena Cheah.
Big Christmas tree @ JW Mariott, KL
Mini macaroons from 'the Vanilla shop'. Present from Rockstar. 
Dinner with Sam & Joyce @ Nando's, MV

Chritmas Eve Supper @ The Chew's Residence
My eldest sister, Joyce posing with her birthday present. 
Miniature Bvlgari. Gift from Rockstar and me to all the ladies. 
Clay cat and fish made by my youngest sister and perfected by my second sister :)
Dad & Edwin playing with real & toy camera. 
Lydia & Edwin...acting....erm...
Edwin meditating with pillows on his head. Pillows presents from eldest sister to all of us. 
Thumbdrive . Gift from Rockstar and me to all the gentlemen.  


My Christmas presents!!!! 
Rockstar's birthday dinner @ Marche, the Curve

Family picture on Christmas Eve with all our pressies. 

*Picture taken from BIL. 

An apple 
'cause Rockstar got me an apple keyboard for Christmas *heart*

December 26, 2011

iPad song

My dad is quite a high tech person for an old older man...I meant he knows his stuff and he knows what's new the the market and all.. however, he's can be a little slower in learning them..

Just the other day, I was telling him how ipad works. 

Me : To backup my files and data, I sync my ipad to my laptop. 

Dad : What song do you sing? Rock? Classical?



my dad is a joker.. really.. 

Anyway, Christmas is over but I'm so not over the holiday mood yet. I am feeling real sluggish after all the eating. So all my photos will just have to wait :)

Driving down to PD tomorrow. Not for holiday *i wish*... I'm going for work...

see ya in a bit..

take care and don't eat so much :)

December 22, 2011

Christmas with Sunbeams Home

Its 1 day to Christmas and more and more people are trying to catch up on last minute shopping. I don't understand why do people always wait till last minute to buy presents? I've realized that the later they shop for it, the more stress out and angry they become and it defeats the purpose of giving. Christmas is all about giving. God gave us the greatest gift of all which is His one and only Son. And He did so with unconditional love. Why can't we learn to gift with the mere little that we have. I've heard people saying, "Don't give me presents" or "I hate giving presents during Christmas. Its so tedious and commercialize". But I guess they forgot that God gave His Son to us. And I believe that I am giving love when I give gifts to my loves ones. I really do enjoy giving. Its not the gift that matters. Its the effort and love put into the gifts.

Anyway, on Thursday afternoon, the 10th Kuala Lumpur BB Company Officers & NCOs decided to pay Sunbeams Home a visit. Sunbeams Home have been attached to 10th KL for the last 3 years and this year, we decided to do something special by spreading some Christmas love and spending some time with them.

We had 2 hours. Since not all of them are in the Boys' Brigade, we had some ice-breaking and got to know them. 

Some of the children. I noticed there were a lot of new boys toddler below the age of 6. 

The NCOs/ Ko-Kor, Che-Che


Goodies we brought them



Singing Christmas carols..

Lead by WO Makarios and WO Ian

The youngest member of Sunbeams Home trying to sing-a-long with us

They can't read but mumbled along anyway. I know because the small boy in red, Justin is in my Pre-Junior class :) He is 6 years old and the level of comprehension that he has is not the same as the rest of my class. 

Playing games with them

Presents time!!! 
The girls were more orderly and they worked together 'aka did not distribute the presents but left all in a big box to be taken back to share with all'. 

A very sweet girl

The boys were a different story. It was grab, grab, grab as much as you can carry.. 

Gosh, I hope they do not get sugar high... 

Food time!!
Having nasi lemak, fish ball and some cakes and jellies for dessert. 

Some of the older boys. 

He is so cute. His name is Issac. In that 2 hours we were there, he ran around, smile at me, laugh, drank milk from a milk bottle, took a nap and sat there quietly. I just wonder how he was left at the home... 

Final. A group picture.. 

All in all, we had fun... or at least I know I did. I've spend time with some of them for the last 3 years to know that all they want is attention and love. This children are not all orphans. Some are because their parents cannot afford to take care of them. Hence, Sunbeams Home. However, I do see the bond and the friendship build within them. You could clearly see the older ones taking care of the younger ones. And its so fun having such a huge family right?? You will not lack in looking for someone to play with. 

What these children need are attention and if you could spare some time - just go talk to them, play with them or anything. Show them that someone cares... 

Signing off now...

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!!! Don't forget the reason for Christmas...:)

December 21, 2011

why so difficult?

Its past midnight and I'm parked in front of my computer - staring at the screen, trying to make sense of the gibberish words in front of me. It feels like I'm back in college, trying, waiting, not knowing what to write, not knowing how to put the words right. Its been a long time since I wrote a letter, and I am not sure where to start now...

Did you know US university admission requires essays from referee? Its not like I'm the one applying for university... Gosh!!! And I have 4 letters + 2 forms to submit... Why oh why?? Oh the stress....


Its now 2.30am and I finally done!! Hurrayy!!! Time for bed.

Who knew being a referee for graduate school could be this tough?

Just me rambling again. Signing off peeps..

December 19, 2011

Presents, presents, problem

I feel so extremely stupid....

I got home awhile ago, parked my car, got out and realized I was too close to my brother's car. So i got in and wanted to drive a little to the front. Guess what!! I put it into reverse instead of drive. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!!!!

So I ended up with broken front lights on my brother's car and his bonnet just won't close... and to top that... my car door can't close. Yes, I did not close my car door and when I reversed, it went crashing into a tree and its now bended frontwards.... STOP laughing please!!! I feel so stupid and careless... my hands couldn't stop shaking for awhile. I think its my most 'major' accident ever... 

And guess what? Its not even my car. Its the spare car. So now I am really car-less...

Talk about an earlier Christmas present to myself. A very expensive Christmas presents. So do forgive me if you do not get a present from me this year ok?? 

I'm jinx.... really.... 

OK. Enough of my car woes and ranting... 

Talking about presents... 

I'm finished packing my family Christmas presents!!! Yay!!! Pats myself on the back..

Thought I must admit its not the prettiest looking present... and actually a tad bit more towards the ugly...but then, looks can be deceiving and its the thoughts that counts right? 

Here's a picture minus the gift tags... 

Decided to be a cheapskate save this year by not getting wrappers... *Save the environment. Don't use unnecessary paper*. And to make life easier for me.. I packed both the couples presents together.. meaning dad and mum, elder sister and hubby, 2nd sister and hubby, Lydia and fiance and brother and sister... 

We have a budget of RM30 per person and I actually do enjoy trying to get the best present out of the RM30. Its like looking high and low, everywhere for the right present and within the price of RM30. I think its much more fun and harder :)

Anyway, talking about hard... its so DARN HARD to get a present for Rockstar!! His birthday falls just a day before Christmas and so year ends are always a 'stress' time for me.. Its hard enough getting a gift for a guy.. its even harder getting one for Rockstar. Hear me out..

He is not normal.... as in not a normal guy..

Most normal guy don't want alot of things.. but when they want something, they just get it... Even more if they are into something, they will try to get it whenever they can/ afford too..

Quoting a blogger.. She writes it so well, so I will just use her words.. 

Like for example, almost all guys like gadgets.
But then again gadgets is a dangerous ground {as presents}. 

If he can afford it, he probably had it already; if he doesn't have it, he doesn't want it.
If he wants it and can't afford it, you probably can't either.

It's not the latest, he won't be pleased. It's not what he likes, he'll leave it to collect dust.

And please don't get him some odd sweatshirt you think it'll look nice on him. He'll probably wear it once to show you and then shove it down the deepest darkest corner of the closet till it reaches Narnia. Unless, of course, he loves you enough to endure each and every agony moment of wearing it.
Or, in rare occasion, he trust your taste and let you dress him up however you want. Like Victoria on David Beckham.

You're not Victoria, he's not Beckham. Let's move on shall we?


In our 5 years of relationship, I have gotten so many things for him.. such as clothes (I think it reached Narnia already), gadgets (Its collecting dust somewhere), romantic homemade stuff (I don't think he even remembers where it is or what I wrote),... and just about anything you can get a guy..

And whats not normal is that he is not into perfume, not into grooming stuff, not into cars, not into house whole stuff, not into cooking, not into hardware/DIY stuff,  not into alcohol, not into sports, doesn't read (at least not a book, he reads online stuff), not an outdoor person, not into just about anything under the sky..

I can't get him anymore practical stuff. He has enough clothes to fill a car. I swear, he bought more clothes and shoes then me the past 3 years. Seriously... Just ask him how many pairs of shoes he has.. He buys socks like every other week. I can't get him towels, or bed sheets or house stuff as it will most probably end up in his mum's cupboard. No toiletries, he doesn't do grooming. 

Ok, I admit, there are 3 things he is currently into. Guitars, Collectors Marvel Action Figure, Watches. Let me tell you why these 3 are not suitable gifts. Firstly, the guitars he wants are way out of my budget and he owns a music store which practically covers everything music that I can get him. Action figures? He scouts the internet for the best price and deals; he only gets the high end stuff. If ever I can find one he likes for a really good deal, he will most probably have seen it already.. and thinks its not a good deal that's why he didn't get it.. Lastly watches... Nothing to talk about.. Watches he wants are way over over over... many times over my budget. Let's just say that I can travel to my dream destination and stay for a week in a 6 star hotel with it....

So that leaves me with nothing... 

Till I read this... quoting the blogger again "Get something he wants but doesn't need. Admit it, Guys love things that are utterly pointless, useless and meaningless, but then fun and great to have." . Yay! Great idea..

So last week, I finally got him something....which he really doesn't need *according to me* but want *I hope*...

But now, I am having 2nd thoughts about it...


Any ideas anyone??

December 15, 2011

10th KL NCOs rocks!!!

10th KL NCO Retreat 2011 ended yesterday *opps, i meant Wednesday*. As usual, it was 3 days of planning, brain-storming, doing crazy stuff and of cause bonding time.. 

Here's some memories taken by Ssgt Byap ( I curi-ted his photos from FB).

First up, a photos of us all hard at work. Yes, very few NCOs. We had so little that we did not managed to meet the quorum for AGM. This happened because of some changes, lots of travel and Christmas plans of the NCOs. Note to self: Do not ever change the date once it has been confirmed. 


Not my best look but yeah... that's me in uniform.. 

10th KL Sgts..
Sgt Loh Pishon, Sgt Cheryl-lyn, Sgt David, Sgt Daniel

Crazy stuff happens Bonding Session
Well, just a note of warning: Mark can be quite scary when he comes after you!!! 

Enjoying some really old pictures on FB

Playing tetris. 
Yeap, who says work and play can't go together.. 

Hard at work again..

Not all activities were in the meeting room. We did not take any pictures outside as the camera man was busy playing too :)

And finally, the customary group picture. For memory sake, I will list down all their names. 
From left to right: Captain Esther (yeah, i know.. I'm the shortest smallest), Lieutenant Andrew, Warrant Officer Mark, Staff-Sergeant Benjamin Yap, Sergeant Loh Pishon, Sergeant David Chin, Sergeant Cheryl-lyn, Sergeant Daniel Chew, Corporal Ivan Ong , Corporal Jan Cheah, Lance-Corporal Aidan Ho, Lance-Corporal Brandon Cheah, Lance-Corporal Brian Ee, Lance-Corporal Benjamin Ying, Probate David Cheong, Probate Amos Yap. 

Just about 50% of the entire NCO Council 

Without fail... The 10th KL Pose!!! 
....and some random people behind who are noobs!!!!

And finally, another crazy shot!!

10th KL rocks!! 
10th KL NCOs rocks!!
The end of another great planning session. Exciting things to come next year :)

More pictures here..