August 30, 2011

I miss my bed...

I'm BACK!!!! It's such a good trip... I'm still unpacking but just a quick post..

1. I left with 10kg and came back with almost 25kg.
2. I thought I gain like 3 kgs but the weighing machine just told me that I did not. YAY!!!
3. BB Philippines is just so amazing!
4. I just wish that we have that same passion and spirit here in 10th Kuala Lumpur Coy.
5.  I missed the cool weather and strong wind in Tagaytay, Manila.
6. My eye bags seem to be permanent feature on my face.
7. I stayed up the whole last night watching a free movie and 2 TV movies in Changi Airport .
8. I've only been away for 4 days but it seem so long ago..
9. I miss my bed!!!!

Will blog more after I've transferred the pictures from my camera.. :)

Just wanna say Thank You to Francis from BB Asia, for the opportunity and trip..

And of cos, a very big THANK YOU to BB Philippines for inviting me and for the wonderful hospitality :)

Oh, 1 more thing just to show that I am a proud Malaysian, and even though I almost forgot after being away the last couple of days.. and had to double confirm with the KLIA airport staff when I touchdown, I must wish all Malaysians *not just the Malays* a Selamat Hari Raya!!!.... and Happy Hari Merdeka!!!!

August 24, 2011

Hello Manila!!!

One of the worst thing about travelling is the loads of work that you got to finish before leaving for somewhere... And I really don't like that.. The stress and amount of work pile upon is almost making me not wanna go... almost... :)

Anyway, tonight, I will be catching a flight to Manila, Philippians with a stop-over at Singapore airport. Will be spending my night at the Singapore airport before catching a flight to Manila tomorrow morning.. Its a last minute thing but I was asked to conduct conduct LDC (Leadership Development Course) for a group of young people in Manila on behalf of BB Asia. Yes, its a sort-of free trip for me... but then I need to prepare for my class. Its going to be a full 1.5day course and all classes will be conducted by me except for one class. And I got a freaking 38 people in my class... PRESSURE!!!! I feel so unprepared... I meant the notes were only given to me like last Tuesday, so I only have a week and a half to go through the notes, prepare any other materials, prepare exam papers... and so much more... 

And right after I get back next Tuesday, I will have only 1 day to enjoy my Hari Raya and Merdeka Day before  BNTS (Basic NCO Training School) starts on Thursday. So now, I got to prepare for 2 training... and on top of that, I have my current work to do... No Hari Raya breaks from the company. Darn the management! :) I still haven't really look into all the materials and my bag is still not pack. I'm so tired from the lack of sleep.. *I was looking into the exam papers yesterday night when I finally decided its time to sleep after I randomly, for reasons I don't know, started delating questions... *cries*

Gosh!!! I might be taking more than I can handle... 

But I'm still so excited about Manila!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! 

i'm so running on adrenalin..... 

August 23, 2011

Ramadhan Buffet @ Fuzion, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Have you seen this poster? Its all over Sunway and media and erm... internet... and blogs... 

It's me twinnie!!!  

Now, she is known as the Mooncake Girl :)

So, in gratitude for her hard back-aching work, she was could bring her family for a free Ramadhan buffet dinner @ Fuzion, the newest restaurant in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa :)

And since its so hard to explain everything.. I'll just let the pictures do the talking..

 I think I gained a few extra kgs :( But I'm still praying that Lydia will get more modelling shoots... which will mean more free buffets for me.. Yay!! :) And another thing, go buy Shuang Wei Mooncakes k... Click pictures below for more details..

*picture from The Younger Twin Girl

Thank You, dia :)

August 22, 2011


OMG!!! This is so cool... Okie for those spoil-sport people who wants to tell me its not real, listen... I DON'T CARE!!! I just think ... I want to be there... to see all these places.. to travel the world... *wishful dreaming*

Good night peeps... Let me go dream in peace k? 

butter cookies sunday

I love free weekends.. :)

For the past 2 years, my weekends were spend in an air-conditioned room and it just feels so good to be at home, spending time with the family and having fun. So last weekend, I had cravings to bake... yeah, its weird... anyway, i took the lazy simple way out and bought pre-mix batter :) I think it was just RM6+ per box. And since my family is so big, my sisters and ! decided to make 2 boxes in a go... 

The instructions on the back of the box were very simple. Just eggs, butter and the butter cookie mix... 

Step 1. Melting the butter

Melted Butter.. Doesn't it look so sinful?

Step 2. Beating the eggs

Step 3. Add pre-mix flour

Step 4. Mix everything together

Voila! Butter cookies... 

Yeah right?!!... How I wish it was that simple.. The hardest part was the forming of the cookies itself.. My youngest sister, Becky decided to use cookie cutters to make her job easier :)

Me twinnie, Lydia decided to go the hard way and make them into lots of tiny bit-size cookies with sprinklers on top..

Which turned out to be really great cos its bite-sized... and we can just grab a few, pop it into our mouths and not feel guilty about it...

End results.. 3 almost jars of cookies... Actually, it was more like 1 almost full jar, 1 half a jar and 1 less than half a jar.. Our cookies were so 'laku' that it was we were sold eaten out before we even finish baking them.. 

It was fun even thought we had so little time. Will consider more lazy way of baking next time.. 

And about our cookies... its all gone in less than a day.. That comes from having a big family who have big stomachs... :)

 Some random shots taken the same hot bright sunny afternoon :)

August 20, 2011

Steamboat Buffet @ Gohtong Jaya

A week ago, Rockstar and I decided to be adventurous. We drove up to Gohtong Jaya for steamboat :) It was raining but the journey only took us less than 45 minutes from PJ. But the skies were clear enough to spot Genting Highlands as we travel towards it..

Arriving in Gohtong Jaya. There was only 1 restaurant offering steamboat buffet there. Gosh.. How can?  Gohtong Jaya have the perfect weather to enjoy hot steamboat..

The restaurant it called 66 Corner, located beside a Korean Restaurant. However, most of the patrons there ordered noodles (this place offers a wide selection of noodle). There was also chicken rice, siew york fan, char siew fan and chee cheong fun available. We were the only having steamboat. I think most of them were just grabbing a quick bite before going up to Genting.

Rockstar Ice Chinese Tea and my Longan + Sea Coconut Herbal Tea, which is really good but it cost me RM4 per cup and I had 2 cups -_-

There wasn't much variety of food. They had the usual meat balls, fish balls, vegetable balls, tauhu, sotong, mussels, chicken, some other seafood and meat, eggs and only yellow mee.

Maybe its the lack of oxygen at higher altitude but our soup took super long to boil.. But it finally did.. 

But nonetheless, having hot boiling steamboat + cool weather is fantastic... As it is a buffet, we had so many helpings. I think the cool weather made food more appetizing..

And since some friends commented that Rockstar's face never appeared on my blog and they don't know how he looks like, here's a picture of him...shiok face cos get to enjoy himself but tak puas hati cos the soup took so long to cook.. hehe

Total cost :

Steamboat buffet - RM21.50 per person
Snack + Drink (for journey) - RM5+
Toll - RM5 * 2 (Genting Higway) + RM1.60 * 2 (LDP)
Petrol - erm... abit la..

Anyway, thought the price is slightly higher than PJ, the weather made up for it... And though you might be thinking "drive all the way there just for steamboat is crazy".. well, what is life without some adventure and short road trips.. :) and the plus point is that we got to spend some time together on the drive there and back...

Oh,we found out halfway up that it was the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival. *eekkk* but we said a prayer and drove really carefully...

Thank God for a safe and satisfying trip...

August 19, 2011

Wedding Dinner @ Nobel House

Once we pass the age of 20s, one thing we cannot escape it wedding invitations. Almost every month, an invitation will drop in requesting our attendance on their big day. Just recently, I  attended a University classmate's wedding in Nobel House... 

We actually went to the wrong restaurant. We arrived at Nobel Banquet and as we parked our car and started walking to towards the building, we met some friends walking back who told us that we were at the wrong place. Luckily, the car park guy gave us back our RM5. Nobel House is located just further up the road and around a corner. Beats me why are there 2 restaurants with similar names located near each other.. 

My friend seem to have a flair for all things uncommon ... based on her wedding photos and this huge balloon structure and her bright blue and hot pink gown.. 

The dinner was located upstairs in one of the bigger room. Yes, we arrive late and the room was almost filled. 

As most Chinese weddings held in a Chinese restaurant, the only decorated place is the reception area and the stage. 

And as most Chinese wedding dinner, the long wait before dinner starts is inevitable. I took the opportunity to camwhore take photos and to catch up with old friends 

I like my dress. The hundreds of sequin hung in front cast shining spots *like a disco ball* everywhere.. even my face :)

When I realized that we were served shark's fin soup, I refused to touch it. It's wrong.. But my friends convinced me to take it as if I don't, it also be thrown away. So I reluctantly took it, but didn't enjoy myself 'cos every bite I took, I was thinking of all the poor sharks... To add to that, there were so many huge pieces of shark fins... I don't care how expensive it is or how it will make your wedding look, please don't serve shark fins soup anymore. Only backward people still serves shark fin... 

Four Variety Seafood Platter. Double- Broiled Superior Shark's Fin Soup with Bamboo Pith. 

Smoked Farm Chicken. Poached Live Tiger Prawns in Basket.

The chicken was slightly salty for my taste. The tiger prawns was small. *I thought tiger prawns are suppose to be big, with a name like tiger?* And it was covered with wasabi dressing... I don't like wasabi :(

There was actually a Ying Yang Star Garoupa but I was too busy eating and watching the entertainment on stage that I forgot to take a picture of it. 

Braised Lingzhi Mushroom with Beancurd Skin & Vegetables. Steamed Glutinous Rice Hong Kong Style. 

Chilled Snow Pear with Sea-Coconut. Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sesame Seed & Chinese Pancake. 

Weddings are always a good time catching up with old friends. And it was the usual, how are you?, what are you working as now? when are you getting married? stuff... I had fun eating, drinking and chatting with old friends and making new acquaintances.. 

Here's our table with the bride & groom.. 
The couple siting on the left are already engaged and will be getting married soon. As for the couple of the right, I expect to hear wedding bells soon too..Gosh! More weddings to attend... 

And here's the 3 zhi muis.. missing 2 more who couldn't make it for the wedding. We were house mates, class mates, assignment project mates, swimming mates, movie mates...and so many more. Its funny how we live and share so many things together for 3 years but after graduation, we barely have time for each other... Oh, the misery of working life... 

Clockwise : Crystal, me, Chiew Mun, Marie & Lydia

Classmates. Class of L2T7, May 2007. + 2 extra partners. 

Congratulations, Edwin & Bridget! May you live happily ever after...