July 31, 2011

If you have the time to read this....

I recently watch part of this movie that brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I know its a Tamil movie but the character in it are not just Indians... it can be anyone of us... 

Take just a few minute to watch it and you're know what I mean...

It's just so real and I can even see it everyday... People all around us are asking us for help...no, begging... but we... we are just too busy to help them... 

Now ask yourself

Are you the person are so busy with your work that you will not extend your hand to someone else?
Are you the person who are gets irritated when someone ask for your help?
Are you the person who are just so busy rushing here and there everyday that you are not willing to change your planned schedule one tiny bit to help a person in need? 
Are you the person who know of someone who needed help but did not offer your own help? 
Are you the person who will just stand at the sideline,watching and waiting for someone else to help?
Are you the person who is living in your own selfish world of just you and your love ones?
Are you the person who when others begged for help, just stood and criticize?
Are you the person who are always so BUSY to help but when something happens, you're FIND the time to watch it?
Are you the person who just got no idea what is happening in the world today?

Just find time.... time to help the Sumathis... 

Yes, it might be inconvenient for you.... with your work, your family, your love ones, your activities, your friends, your happiness, your hobbies, your life..... those are good things to have.... but just make time... not take time... make time to do something today. Something that will make a difference in someone else's life...someone less fortunate then you... 

Who knows, you might need help some day? What you sow is what you reap..

And if you are the person who is looking for help, the Sumathis'... don't give up hope.There are willing people, people who will help... 

If you have the time to read this, you have the time.... time to help someone... 

More than half a year have passed by. What have you done?

July 29, 2011

feeling just a tad bit lazy...

Its Saturday morning and its pouring heavily.. What a great day to be lazy :)

My sister told me about this really cute twins singing Bruno Mars... and anything about twins its mine-kinda thing.. *duh*... They really cute...  Just watch it!!

Now I'm heading off into the cold wet morning to take a group of juniors for an outing... We're going to watch Captain America 3D in Midvalley.... God help us!

:) It's a beautiful day ain't it?


Food Foundry @ Section 17

When I was still studying in university, a friend brought me to this place which served really good food and had really comfortable place to hang out and chill. Fast forward about 7 years later, I found ourselves back at the place. It has since expanded into the shop next door and now have more seating capacity. 

Really nice wall painted by the owner
Nice counter/ bar top

Food Foundry is located in the middle of some low cost flats
Smoked Salmon in Cream Sauce , RM17
Nyonya Curry Kapitan with Steam Rice, RM14
Chicken Chop (can't remember the name or price)
Fish (can't remember the name and price)
Beef salad
Vanilla Crepe Cake
My take? Overall food quality have dropped. Portion too small and not worth the price. It just didn't taste as good as it did 7 years ago. As for the Vanilla Crepe Cake, the 1st slice that was delivered to our table was overnight. It smelled sour and the taste was bad. Upon informing the waitress, she send another slice to us. This time, the cake is really good. Fresh with the right amount of vanilla to blend in with the layers of egg crepes. Yummy!

Might go back just for the crepe cake.. Not for the food tho... 

This little girl decided to pay us a visit at our table. 
..and her elder sister decided to join in when she saw me snapping pictures of her younger sister.
*confirm future cam-whores* :)

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion, 
Jalan 17/13,
Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
(03-7955 2885)

If you are driving there, look out for the Shell Petrol Station in Section 17, its just behind it. 

July 26, 2011

Saying good-bye to Atria Shopping Centre

Those who have lived long enough would have heard of Atria Shopping Centre. It was once a thriving premier shopping centre located in in the middle of the Damansara Jaya and was visited by throngs of customers everyday from all over. As years gone by, it slowly lost its customers to the newer and more vibrant shopping centre. And thus, Atria Shopping Centre was relegated to a small, cosy neighbourhood mall. 

Even though I have not been here for long, I have heard of stories from customers about their memories in Atria, where they hang around there during their school days, or the shops they use to visit or how they use to date in this building. And it does not matter where they have gone too or how far they have moved away, they still remember 'Good Ole Atria'. 

However, in keeping up with the current demands of society, the management of Atria have decided to re-developed it. As such, we (the tenants) are requested to leave this place. Is always sad saying good-byes but it must still be done. Here are some photos in memory of Atria. 

The ever-popular KFC

Now closed. 

Esquire Kitchen (moved to the shoplots outside, I believe its just a few doors away from Maybank)

Money Changer

FJ Benjamin Boutique

Boutiques & Gift shops

JE Enterprise - The popular place for Playstation fans & The Uniform Shop (moved to the shoplots outside. same row as Public Bank)

Psalms Oasis Souvenir & Gifts

Corridor. Silence. 
Eye Candy. (moved to 10 Boulevard)

Xpress Cut (moved to the shoplots outside. same row as Dominos)

Planet 365 (moved to Kelana Mall)

In appreciation to its tenants, the management of Atria organized a Get Together Dinner before the doors of Atria finally closes.

Dinner provided by Seri Penang. Absolutely delicious lamb. 
Briefing began by an OSK staff. 

The new development for Atria is planned with office suites and 5- storey shopping mall in mind. I have taken pictures of the slides presentation. More information is shown there.

Katherine (Atria's Complex Manager), me and Billie (Atria's Admin)

If you have not said your good-byes, it's still not too late. Atria Shopping Centre will be officially close on the 1st August 2011. Farewell, Atria Shopping Centre. 

July 25, 2011

Dim Sum @ The Dim Sum Shop

For those who live in Sungai Buloh, you will know of this row of development called "TSB" that have recently sprung up in place of the former MSG (Malaysian Sheet Glass Berhad). The very first shop that open is a restaurant called "The Dim Sum Shop". About 2 weeks ago, since we all had a Saturday morning off, my family decided to check it out. 

One thing about my family is that we like dim sum. Almost every week, someone will shout out "Let's go for dim sum".  And when we eat dim sum, we order a lot... and most of the time, we end up feeling extremely full and oily :)

Our 1st order
Our total order
My dad's favourite - Brinjal 
The all-favourites - Siu Mai  & Fish Ball
Prawn & Char Siu Chee Cheong Fun
Siu Loong Pau (The skin was a bit too hard)
Fried Lobak
Loh Mai Kai (Not good - Too hard and sticky)
Freshly-fried Fried Lobak (Yummy! We ordered a few helpings of this)
As you can see, some of the food were already half eaten. My family didn't want to wait while I took pictures. :) After a while, I stop taking them as the food were fast disappearing.. 

What's the damage? Out total bill came up to RM77.20 for 6 person...actually 4 as my parents didn't eat much. Slightly more expensive then normal.. A few hits and misses with the food but overall, its an good place for dim sum with a clean environment and fast service.

A free Saturday (which only happen like less then 10 times a year), good food and great company, what more do I need?

The Dim Sum Shop
3, Jalan Nautika Au 20/A,
Pusat Komersil Sungai Buloh,
Shah Alam, Selangor
017 - 626 7026 / 017 - 377 8434

I feel like pinching the cheek of this cute boy playing with his toy plane sitting at the next table, don't you?