May 31, 2011

y i so clumsy?

I'm back. It was such a hot and tiring camp.. Who knew Port Dickson can be so hot.. Its so hot I *insert some lame joke which I cannot think of any now*

It feels like I've been going on so many trips and camps lately. And before I can even finish blogging about one, I have another one to blog about.. 

Anyway here is something to satisfy your cravings.. Eunice bought me macarons for my birthday. Yummy!!! There were actually 12 but some got stolen by *ehemeuniceehem* before it reached me... There were so many flavours, so don't bother asking me what they are. I just remembered I had 2 durians, 1 raspberry and something, something, something.... Something really funny happened. Eunice was reciting all the flavours to me when she said, "Pizatoes". I said "huh?". She tried saying it again, "Piscachos... piss.... pitacos....pischar....Aiyah, nevermind la. Can't pronounce it". ROFL!!!! Can you guess what was she trying to say? 

So yeah, we both ate the rest but too much sweet is not good for health and decided to keep 2 for later. Later that night, when everyone was sleeping, I had cravings for it. So I sneak out, took it to my bed and happily munch away. And no, I did not brush my teeth after that. :)

Guess what? I was waiting with my members by the roadside after camp when I turn, slipped and fell of the curb onto the tar road and stupidly twisted my ankle. I did burn my palm as the road was burning hot but the pain that stayed on was my ankle. *boohoo*. nah, at least I can still drive and walk. Just got to be more careful with what I do... Darn, I'm getting old...

Oh yeah, I got tan during camp. See, my toes are whiter...  

Till then... 

May 27, 2011

beaches, sand and young people...

This is going to be a quick and short post. I need to sleep soon.

In a couple of hours... I will be going to PD.. for those non-Malaysian. PD stands for Port Dickson. It's the nearest beach from KL City. But nope, not for a holiday... I'm going for a camp with a bunch of crazy, spoil, pamper, soft kids. Oh gosh!!! Yeah, its a love hate relationship. More love then hate.. hehe..

Anyway, I've been spending a lot of time with the pre-juniors (age 6-8) as I am now the Pre-Junior Section officers in the 10th KL Boys' Brigade. And they really drive me up the wall....

For mother's day, I decide to get them to make a gift for their mum. It was difficult bringing it up as we have orphans under us. But luckily most of them have parents except for 1 boy who did not have a mum. But he did made her a cup and even wrote "Happy Mother's Day". And he acted like it was no big deal... awwww...*wipe tears from eyes*

Anyway, here's what we did. I got them to make a flower pot cum pencil holder cum anything holder for their mum.. End result....

Sorry for the blur pictures. It's so hard to take pictures of children  as they are constantly moving.

Close up look..
And just the other week, I thought them about the "Ticket to Heaven". If you don't know the story yet, go google it...

Latest addition to my class. He and his sister join us just a few weeks back. They both gave me their English names but refuse to answer to it when i call. I can't remember Chinese names la... Yeah, i know I'm a disgrace to Chinese people..
Hard at work..

Presenting the boy who drives me not just up the wall but around the class, along the corridors and around the whole school..

Cute.. but don't let it deceive you... 

*cue song from Alvin and the Chipmunks*

Time for bed.. Nite.

May 26, 2011

Zara Warehouse Clearance @ Atria Shopping Centre

Its crazy here again @ Atria. Why? Cos Zara Warehouse Clearance is on again... As mention previously in my post last year... people starting queuing up early in the morning... But luckily the queue wasn't as long last year.. If you want to come, check details below :

Date : 26th - 29th May 2011
Time : I dunno la.. Come early and start queuing up. I think today they open slightly before 11am. 
Venue : Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya. .. same as last year..

I've not pop in for a look yet but last year one was massive. Rows and rows, racks and racks, clothes, clothes, clothes, shoes, dresses, accessories, belts... lots la... and people just go crazy.. not just girls but guys too..

If you are coming, here are some advice:

1. Wear something comfortable, it might get a little hot if the crowd is big.

2. Wear something tight so that you can slip on any clothes to try... i.e. tights or leggings..

Picture credited to with some editing by me
3. Don't la wear high heels. You think come here for fashion show? You should pray that no one sees you while you are shopping at a warehouse clearance

4. Bring a bag or basket or something to hold the items that you have selected. Cos last time I took something but didn't have enough hands to hold it, put it down for not even a second before someone else grab it. Bye bye dress :(

5. Don't park inside Atria's Carpark. Cos its expensive and its always full during sales..

6. If you still decide to park inside, just come by my shop, spend RM30 and you'll get 1 hour free parking. Applicable on weekdays only.

7. Come on the weekends. Yes, they will be more people but parking will be much easier cos you don't have to fight for parking with offices around here. And parking is free. Yay!!

8. If you decide to wear your stilettos and can't walk far, just park inside. For weekends, parking is at a flat rate of RM2. 

Picture credited to with some editing by me
9. Lastly, come drop by my shop... :)

May 24, 2011

talking to a robot

Found out about this website which is quite cool. If you always wonder what it feels like or how it is like to talk to a robot, this is how it is. Out of sheer curiosity and tiny bit of boredom, i decided to chat with it...

Me : black fonts
Cleverbot : Blue fonts

Arrgghhh! Can't believe I am apologizing to a robot.. 

Try this only if you are bored... or need someone to chat... 

OK, now I need to concentrate on my work...

May 23, 2011

I'm MAD with bags..

Eeeeeee!!!! *jumps up and down*

My new toy...

Rockstar gave it to me as a birthday present. Hopefully there will be more pictures on this blog... after i figure out all the numbers and knobs and features and lighting and aperture setting and gosh... so many more... so much to learn and test out :)

Actually I better give him the credit first.. If not, no more nice presents from him. :) We have been together for 5 years and every year, he never failed to surprise me with his creativity. Not just in choices of presents but in the way he plan his surprise and timing. I won't be sharing all the ewww-mushy-sweet stuff but just want to say that he is a great boyfriend..

But here are my other awesome presents..

My eldest sis and BIL gave me Borders voucher. Yay!!! More books. I'm a nerd bookworm if you didn't know yet..

My twin gave me a Cotton On long black cardi *me like cos it makes me look slimmer* and H&M Peeling Scrub and Body Lotion. Yummy! Its Lavender & Rosemary and it smells good...

Sorry for the sideway picture. Can't figure why I its like that. It look normal on my laptop but once I upload it, its turn sideways :(
My mum treated me to a Manicure & Pedicure. We went to this really really nice place with really good service. Read from my sister blog here cos I'm lazy like that. But I like my nails. I used the silver China Glaze polish and my nails look so futuristic. My younger sister said that all I needed was a silver suit and I'm good to go..

My 2nd sister and BIL gave me a bag. Whats cool about the bag is that its its a Tooit Tooit Bag from Cambodia.

 You're got bag karma.

Tooit-Tooit bags are happy bags. When you buy one you're giving a gift to a mother and her child: a job, and education and a future. In other words, they're bags that make a difference. How cool is that?

Tooit Tooit is a project run by the Cambodian street organization Kaliyan Mith. Tooit-Tooit supports parents of former street children to increase their income by producing unique bags & accessories from their homes. 

By participating in this project, parents can afford to send their children to school instead of having them work or beg on the streets.  

Aiyah, the rest you read la. Lazy to copy out..

If you are going to Cambodia, READ THIS first. 
Protect the children!!!

Actually I received this from my elder sister as last year's Christmas gift. However, I just realise how special it is..

If you want more info.. go to

See, I'm making a difference... with 2 bags...

May 22, 2011

just tired

oh gosh. things are getting so busy lately. and all i do is work work work, bb and work again. i know.. i know... everyone is saying the same thing. so if you are busy, stop wasting your time reading my blog. anyway, work have been crazy lately. i am closing down my retail outlet and there's is just so many things to settle and figure out. and truthfully i little scared about the future. what if things don't work out. what if i fail? my brother is starting college tomorrow. and now, i have no one helping me at the shop. why is it so hard to find good workers lately? i wish time will move faster and that i will be free from the shop. i love the shop but the hours are killing me. rockstar asked me just now when was the last time i went to church. i said i can't remember. is the shop bringing me further away from God? is it a sin for not going to church? maybe things will be better in a couple of months time. i really hope so. bb have been taking up so much of my time. is like camps, retreat, camp, meetings, and camp again. yes, i love bb. but what happens when i close the shop. i need my weekends to do business. what will happen if i leave? can i? its so tiring. customers are draining me lately. i get so irritated sometimes. every night i go home with a back ache and tired eyes. oh did i mention i left my glasses at kuching airport. so now im stuck with wearing contact lens all my waking hours till i make a new pair of glasses when i have the cash for it. i know i know. its bad for my eyes. i can't believe i'm still typing this with my contact lens on after putting them on at 8.30 am. thats like 17 hours ago. gosh... my eyes are going to drop off one day. anyway, its been an eventful week. i took lots of new pictures with my new toys. but let me try to figure out how to transfer photos first. ok. its time for bed.. g'nite blog

May 18, 2011

Oh my!! I'm 26...

*shriek*... run around the room screaming and pulling at hair *whatever that's left of it*, moaning at the huge disaster that have befallen upon me..

OK. that's not what I did. The day I turn 26 started pretty normal. I woke up early. Decided to do some work. But realized I left my papers and file at the shop. Ended up cleaning my room. Got ready to go to the shop. And work until night. Supper. Home. Sleep. End of the day I turned 26.

I realize that the older I get, the lesser birthdays meant. I mean its special and all but its not such a big deal as compared to high school or university days. There is no shriek-its-your-birthday-air-kisses-from-girl friends-who-you-don't-even-know-their-names-on-other-days-and-OMG-you're-so-sweet-gifts-from-guys-and-acting-surprise-at-surprise-party-for-you kinda thing anymore. No more receiving lots and lots of presents and flowers. Its like as I get older, friends drift away and wishes and gifts are just given through on Facebook.

When I was younger, I used to wonder why my parents have so little friends. And now as I am older, I know why. Your time is taken up by spouses and family. And it requires lots of effort to maintain a friendship. So as I get older, I am more selective of the people I spend my time with. Yes, some say I'm anti-social. Maybe I am. After being a social bee for the god knows how many years, I am more contented with spending quality time with love ones.

gosh! This is turning into an emo post. Lets go back to my birthday...

I had a dinner celebration with my family @ Decanter, Section 17, the night before my birthday. Its just my whole big family and the additional spouses and boyfriends. We were so busy eating and chatting and stuff that we forgot to take a group pictures. But here are some random shots I took.

Decanter's Place mats
Decanter's Bar
I & Rockstar's Seafood Platter. RM38.
One of their specialty. Super yummy. Banana Peach Crumble. RM7.80. 
My 2nd sister. 
This picture clearly defines her cos she is more often then not... 'blur' :p

My 2nd sister again, my dad & mummy
Birthday wishes from my youngest sister, Becky
Deep in though... Guess what they were doing? 
Captain Angel. 
Artist : Eason Tang, my BIL... Its like Captain America + Hawk Man..

And then on my birthday, I didn't plan anything as I knew I had to work. Who ask Wesak Day to fall on my birthday? *ishhh*..  While at work, Rockstar called me to see if I was free for a quick lunch. I said OK, but to have a quick one nearby just in case there is an influx of customers and I need to rush back. But his plans was hijacked by this bunch of crazy people. I followed Rockstar downstairs and as I was coming down the escalator, there, right in front of me, on a pillar, in the middle of the shopping mall was a big-manila-card-sized-poster with 2 big purple balloons bobbing merrily, written "Happy Birthday Esther!". And then this bunch of crazy people walked up from wherever corners and nooks they have hidden, with a lighted cake singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Did I mention that we are IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOPPING MALL!!!? Oh, and did I forget to tell you that they are crazy?? * super embarrassed face* If you guys are reading this, I'll forgive you. Love you guys :) except for Ka Weng, cos he didn't come..

My one and only birthday cake this year. A yummy chocolate truffle with one-macaroon-just-for-me birthday cake.. Thanks you guys :p

And that's how I turn 26.... just a simple day, simple celebration, with love ones and friends. 

I look 21 young, I feel 21 young, I am young 21:p 

May 16, 2011

poor poor doggie

I was doing my laundry this morning and this is what I saw when I open the door to my backyard...

poor dog...

Should I report for cruelty to animal?

May 14, 2011

Mission : BakKutTeh

My brother is a fan of computer games... don't ask me what game.. I just know its some military shooting-blood-gushing-mindless game... And he can play it for hours and hours... I think he is so into it that sometimes he forgets about people around him...

And to show you how much he is into the computer game soldier stuff.. 

Just a few days ago, my parents decided to go for Bak Kut Teh in Klang. My younger sister was at home so they decided to go pick her up before heading to Klang. My mum then asked my brother to SMS my sister that they will be coming home to pick her up before going for Bak Kut Teh. 

My brother using my mum’s phone sends this to my sister,

“Queen Leader reporting in. Operation excavation is a go. 
ETA at approximately 1500 hour. Maintain your position. “


My younger sister reponded, "I'm going to die!!!"

I love my family.. 

May 13, 2011

the singing bride-to-be

Oh gosh! I'm reaching the age where all the people around me are getting married and stuff.. Its fun and I'm so happy to see them being happy.. but its so heavy on the pocket... Its a Chinese thing I guess...

Anyway, just last Sunday, I attended a Bridal Shower for a good friend of mine. She's this amazing person who is so beautiful, smart, talented and ... and... erm... just amazing la.

As I was bringing her outfit of the day, I met them at Vita Spa @ Solaris Mont Kiara where they were having their massages done. Pretty place.. And the prices seems reasonable too..

Tadaa.... The Bride-to-be dressed up in her ....erm... best? She quite sporting and have a lot of expression.. kinda reminds me of someone *ehemgraceehem* I know...

Her task : Collect money by singing... around Solaris. 

It was a Sunday afternoon and there were plenty of people around just shopping or having lunch. 

She sang to a little girl a nursery rhymes.

She sang to a Old Mcdonald had a farm...

She sang to a Korean guy the song "Nobody Nobody"

She sang with a little guy. He is so cute. He asked her to sing Justin Bieber "Baby". She didn't know it so he said he will sing along with her. He ended up singing the whole song by himself. He was so into it and sang the song from the beginning to the end, including the rap part, and would have gone on and on if we did not clapped for him. That's his family enjoying the show..

She sang to this middle eastern guy who asked to record her, which might just end up on Youtube. Try searching for "crazy bride-to-be singing @ Solaris". :)

and a couple of other people...

She collected RM130..Pretty good for an hour's work.. :)

Yay!! Lunch time @ Meatworks, Solaris Mont Kiara. Bride-to-be still in her crazy outfit.. 

Pretty deco done by Michelle. 

Hand-painted shirt by my mum.

Top to bottom : Seafood pasta, my Philly-something-something-Sandwich, Texas Burger (I think..)

Bride Bingo!! She had to do whatever that was written on the post-it. And it's quite funny.

Prezzies for her... Let's just keep the presents a secret k..:) its just for her and her husband-to-be..

Sharing session.. It was a great time of sharing experiences, word of advice and just about anything.. 

I don't have a group picture as we used another camera. Will post it up later. 

We finished about 5pm. It was a really fun time for all of us... not sure about the bride-to-be tho. And all I can say is... finally, Yen.... finally.... and I am really happy for you.. 

*edited on May 16th with new photos