February 24, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding..

I remembered the time when Tim left for Melbourne to further his studies. I kept promising that I will come over to visit him. And I did mean too. But year after year, studies were in the way and then work came along. Little did I know that 7 years later, I will finally make it to Melbourne…. for his wedding…

Time really did fly. I still remember him as a tall, long hands, long legs, skinny guy, not forgetting also.. a super fussy guy who went through teens with me. Studies, crushes, camps, rebellious stage * he, not me :) .. actually no.. we were such goody people*, exams, comparing results, driving license, work, college… Maybe the fact that both our families were close brought us together. We started out as church friends, friends, family friends to being best friends. And yes, I do believe that people of the opposite sex can be best friends.

Sadly, we drifted apart during college years. Its his fault… who asked him to go so far away :) Anyway, the distance, the different lives that we lived made that change possible.

And as usual, you’ll never know what he will do next. From changing his degree, to his working life to his many different businesses… from a girl in church, to a trip up the mountain, to finally opening up his heart to care for someone else besides himself….to talking about diamond rings.. and finally..


He is getting married this Sunday to a really cool girl.. And yes, I can finally say, he has found his match… Someone who can stand up to his egoism, his sarcasm, his drive to achieve his dream… Ewnice, if he ever work too hard, give him a wack and pull him back to the real world k :p

And even thought we’ve drifted apart, I still consider him as one of my best friend… I remembered him as a boy… but he is now a man…a soon-to-be married man..

Congratulations to Tim and Ewnice… My prayers will always be with you… Tim, love her with your all… and Ewnice, behind every great man, there is an even greater woman :)

Gosh… weddings are making me so emo…

February 13, 2011

Two-Eye Monsters

I like babies and kids. Erm... except when they become total brats, that's when I feel like smacking them. But I don't blame them. I believe its mostly their parents fault.

Anyway, I have taken over the Pre-Junior section as there were no one else. And yes, even though its adding on to my current responsibilities, I do enjoy teaching. And I believe I can brainwash make a difference in their lives. I have 7 kids. 3 of them are 8 years old and 4 of them, 7 years old. They are super cute but absolutely naughty. Especially the boys.

Last week. I did some craft with them. And since it was CNY, i decided to get them to decorate their own mandarin oranges, copying the idea from my twin who did it last year. *She was given some stickers from Leo Burnett CNY greeting card. Since I didn't have stickers, i used papers and glue. It was fun for them. Not fun for me. I had to keep cutting stuff for them since they don't have scissors. Imagine getting request such as , "Mdm, I want blue eyes. Like this shape." with their hands trying to form some weird shape. Or "Mdm, I wan a nose. I want a nose. Mdm, faster, cut for me nose." or "Mdm, I want a pink colour hairband". You tell me, how to cut a hairband for an orange???

There was this naughty boy, who keep running around the class shouting, "Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor. Teacher, I got no scissor..... I think you get what I trying to say.... for the whole time. Finally, at the last few minutes, after being threatened by me. He stood and stuck on some papers and thus created a One-Eye Orange Monster.

Can you see the heart shape eyes? And the hairbands and earrings? And oh, the One-Eye Orange Monster?

Cute right?

Yesterday, we had another class. And since most of them are new, I decided to teach them the Boys' Brigade songs ; BB Vesper and Anchor Song. I search for the music and the lyrics and printed them out. Guess what happened when I enter class? NONE OF THEM COULD READ. Ok, actually 2 of them could. The rest just mumble their way through the song, while holding on to the lyrics, pretending they were in some show choir or something.

Sigh!!! What should I do with them?

At the end of class, one girl approach me shyly and said, "Mdm, I'm still keeping my orange". Awwww.... *heart melts*

February 8, 2011

No diamond ring

I so love Google's page today. The periscope view will movable features is really cool... It's like being in a submarine with your own periscope to play with. How on earth do they come up with ideas like that? Thumbs up, google team!!!

Anyway, I was reading a friend's blog and stumbled upon a post written last year about her worst ring nightmare. Well, the writer is happily married now so I can correctly assume that her boy did not get her that ring :) Which brings me to thinking, what is mine?

I don't consider myself a very fussy person. High standards maybe, and just a tad bit demanding but not fussy. :) But one thing that I absolutely do NOT want is... a diamond ring. Diamond rings are just so normal.. and me being me.. I do not like normal. And the minute someone sees a diamond ring, the first question out is, "How many carats?" or "How did he propose?" and stuff. I want questions like "OMG! Why this ______ (insert stone name here)?" or "That is so unique" ...stuff like that...

Just a couple of months back, I was talking to Tim about engagement rings and  I mention that I do not want diamonds, and would prefer some other stones and he replied, "But they have no value." Which is true? But then again, why do I need something valuable. Its not like I'm going to sell it or something *unless Rockstar does something absolutely horrible to me*. Engagement rings are promises, and promises are meant to be kept. It does not matter if its diamonds or not, I just want it to be special and it will be valuable to me.. to keep...

Give me rubies, or amethyst or pink sapphire or even black diamonds anytime...

On another note, I found out there is a type of engagement ring called "The Dearest Ring". Its an acronym of different type of stones on the ring. Pretty cool and unusual huh? But nah, too mix match of colours for my taste. Not my type.

So what types of rings do you like?

February 2, 2011

One day I will look back and laugh at the crazy stuff I did...

Oh my.. it's already the 2nd month of 2011. Time does fly does it?

It's been a busy month for me as you can see from my lack of posts.. I have just close another erm.. chapter? of my life.. things have been up and down lately.. So as I watch everyone else slowly heading back to their "kampung" (hometown), I will be busy clearing up the tons of boxes left from my recently closed chapter. And due to carelessness of me mis-placing my phone --> laptop wire cable, I'm am stuck with lots of pictures in my phone but cannot post it up :( Let me just describe it to you... The many many boxes are stack all the way across my dining hall and way high up to the ceiling. My mum have been complaining about the messy-ness of it and I can't count the number of oh-how-are-we-going-to-have-reunion-dinner-in-such-a-mess talks...

I just closed one of my business outlet. And thought it was a sudden decision, and it was a mad dash to clear all our stocks and move out, I'm so glad that we did. I realise that in business, taking risk is just part of life. You cannot not take risk. And at the end of the day, if things does not work out, it's time to pull the plug, sit back and learn from it...

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Both my left and right side neighbours have already closed business. It's so quiet and so cold *brrr*... Should I close and head home early?

Oh wait, I still have photos of my Christmas not posted up. Better get it done before Christmas comes again :) This has got to be the latest Christmas post ever...

This is me doing a Chicken Dance.

Me doing the Titanic pose.

Me slapping a guy.

Me doing a bollywood dance.

Me doing some "Storm" pose.

This was taken during our Boy's Brigade Officers & NCO Christmas Party 2011. The theme was Superheroes and Villains. I rented a costume and came as Storm from X-men. Though I must admit she is wayyy prettier and sexier then me. And I now know that white hair don't suit me... at all...

And all that stupid stunts? Well, my officers and NCO's got me a present. And they wrapped it up in many layers and each layer that I un-wrap, I need to do a task. So after all that stunts just to get back at me for 1 year of scoldings and workload, my present is revealed...


Aren't they just great? I feel so loved...

Here's a group picture...

Last row : Wolverine, Elephant Man, Some character from computer game, Lex Luthor, Super Boy
Middle Row  : Rogue, Inspector Jones (Inspector Gadgets + Indiana Jones), Constantine, Ah Beng Superman, Anakin Skywalker, 3 feet Gorilla Girl, Cat Woman
Front row : Wonder Woman, Mickey Mouse, Storm, Poison Ivy

The X-men..

It's been a great Christmas eventhough I was super busy and feel absolutely guilty for not putting effort in getting presents for my family and Rockstar *it's his fault... really... He made it so difficult for me to get presents for him and he stood me up when I've asked him out for a date and he arrived 1 hour late for his surprise Birthday Party... What else could I do? It's either I'm a lousy planner or a lousy gf.. *pfff*

So that's it for my Christmas 2010...