November 28, 2010

laughter, crapping and more crappings

My 2 elder sisters and BILs were in Cambodia during the recent stampede incident. And our whole family, distant relatives and even neighbours were so worried about them as we could not get thru their phone and there was no news from them... The only comfort I got was a " :) " posted on one of their Facebook wall ...*the wonders of FB*... and the news on The Star stated there was no foreigners involved..

But they arrived back safely on Thursday *Thank You God* and I blew off 2 friends birthday celebration last Friday... Sorry Mark and Michelle... to have dinner with the whole family...

Dinner with my family means 3 things... laughter, crapping and more crapping... My family is very different... We talk lots of rubbish, as the number of highly imaginative and creative people is at a ratio of 10/12... and we laugh alot... I meant really stomach crunching, tears dripping, incoherent words laughter... 

My eldest sister is known as "The Joker" in the family. She have a gift of retelling funny stories and acting them out.. and her loud addictive laughter makes everyone laugh without knowing what we are laughing about.. My second sister is know as "The Joke". Why? Because she is always being make fun off.. We are NOT mean. She is just fun to laugh at.. My younger brother and sisters have very imaginative minds. One idea can lead to another and another and when everyone chips in a thought... Its becomes mind-boggling.. My dad is a super duper lame joker. I meant really really lame. I used to squirm in embarrassment whenever my friends were around and he gets into one of his lame-nobody-can-understand jokes. Me? I'm the one who roll my eyes and give them a "you are so lame" stare..

I miss all of this now. My 2 eldest sisters have gotten married and moved out, its much harder to meet together as we are all busy with work... But whenever there its an opportunity, I'll grab the chance to have dinner together again...*not many times but I'm trying la*. Who knows? 5 years down the road, we will all be too busy with our own lives, work and family to enjoy the fun times that we had together...

I have learned to appreciated all of this.. Not many families out there enjoy the easy-going, crazy, friends way my family is.. Sometimes, after a long tired day at work, being with them is so relaxing and de-stressing...And lately, that's all I want to do *being anti-social :)*

So just a word of advice to everyone, remember to value your family... You won't regret this..

and to my sisters, if you are reading this... COME BACK FOR DINNER/s MORE OFTEN!!!!

November 24, 2010

perky breast

After yet another tiring day, I decided to take a breather tonight...  Watched some TV and flipped through my barely-opened October 2010 issue of Female magazine.

As you know, October is Breast-Cancer Awareness month and there is this article under the Beauty 101 section on "10 ways to beautiful breasts". The article asked "Are you taking good care of your breasts?" and listed 10 ways you can have beautiful breasts naturally.

And, yes... I did read through the article... not because I want or need to have beautiful breasts.. cos my breasts is already beautiful, thank you very much. but more out of curiosity (come on, don't tell me you won't be curious too?)... OK, enough of my breasts...

Something caught my eyes.. No.3 is about the "Cold Treatment". It say, quoted directly from the article, "Whenever possible, soak your breasts in a large bowl of ice water for a few minutes before going to bed. Women who have tried this swear it works to keep breasts perky and firm... "

Hmmmm..... Anyone in need of perkier breasts?

We are 10th KL....

It's almost year end... woots!!! I can hear Christmas bells ringing... Don't you just love Christmas?

Anyway, its been a week since the last BB meeting of the year and I must say that even though I enjoy the extra time that I have... I still miss the bunch of spoilt brats..

On the last week of October, we decided to take them to the Skytrek @ Bukit Cahaya *which I mention in my previous post. Skytrek is *wait, go website and check* SKYTREX Adventure provides an organized outdoor ‘eco-recreational cum educational’ activity which will take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. The first of its kind in Malaysia, SKYTREX Adventure is a place where you can enjoy jungle trekking from a height never reached before – via the canopy! Test your agility, challenge your fear, walk, crawl, glide and swing through our different challenges in the sky, in total safety while appreciating the wonders of the Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest.

Anyway, it was a total challenge for me. Why? Just imagine... I'm taking 150+ children into the jungle to do some stuff which may consists of hanging in the air up to 22 meters in the sky with only 2 ropes holding you up and maybe some Tarzan like stunts... It's enough to make any parents say "NO WAY!!!".

And the logistics was a headache. I had 150 children. 13 officers. 1 helper. 2 mothers. 1 father. 1 toddler. 4 buses which can fit 40 people people. Direction : Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. Entrance tickets of RM1 for ages 12 and below and RM3 for ages 12 and above. 5 buses from entrance of Bukit Cahaya into Skytrek which can fit 30+ person per time. 30mins intervals between buses. 3 different challenges. 5 different groups. 5 timing slots. Requirement of appearance at the challenge 30 mins before timing slots. Time for each challenges ranges from 30 mins to 2 hours and 30 mins depending on the difficulty level. Height requirements for different challenges. Waiting time of up to 2 hours to take turns for each challenges. You do the math...

Anyway, despite all the issues that arised such as mis-management by the Skytrax team which pushes us back 4 hours later, and the bus drivers who did not know that way there and made us late by almost an hour, and that it poured so heavily halfway through the challenges that we had to pull everyone in, rescue some from the treetops and hide under a shelter... WE HAD FUN!!! Well, at least they did... me? I was worrying much more :(

I'll leave the pictures to do the talking. Warning: Pictures overload.

I actually started this post last week but didn't have time to finish it. It's been really a really busy time for me. To people, Christmas = holidays season. Me? Christmas = work, stress, mental exhaustion, dark eyes bags and aching feet... I'm expecting 2 shipments in this week and another 2 next week... and Psalms Oasis will be starting its Christmas Best Buys!!! in 2 days time..

Anywhere, here are the pictures before I get distracted again..

Group No. 1
Challenge : Big Thrill

Group No. 2
Challenge : Little Adventure

Big Thrill Challenge

One of our smallest member trying to conquer the 1st obstacle in Big Thrill Challenge



Group 5 : Little Adventure

Bus to and fro Skytrek from entrance of Bukit Cahaya

Got stuck and needed to be rescued..

Yet another rescue..

I think that's enough pictures of Skytrek.. If you want more, just go to this link..

Ok, next event .... the most exciting and funnest event of the year...:D

It happened on the last BB meeting for 10th KL..

10thKL gone bonkers :)

Actually, we did not really go bonkers... It's just a game I found on this really cool website called "Bonkers". If you have a group of friends or young people and some outdoor space, it will be a great game. And as we were using Sri Sempurna's School new synthetic grass field, we switch the flour to talcum powder..

It's a game that evolves stations, lots of running, mean officers/station masters, markers pens, talcum powder/ flour, nurses, socks and bonkers...

Station No....erm... can't remember

Mean officers..

Bonkers going bonkers


Some "sabo" short for sabotage on the Birthday girl after Closing Parade..

Me and my girls... You can see me squirming as they were all wet and tried to get me wet too..

10th KL rocks!!!

We are the best smelling company in Kuala Lumpur and maybe even Malaysia.

See you guys next year :)

*oh wait, I forgot there is still the NCO retreat and Christmas Party...

Group 4 : Big Thrill

November 19, 2010

Just some flowers

Arrgggghhh! I spend the last hour keying in a stock list and the stupid system 'hanged' on me... Now I got to key in the whole list again from the beginning... Yeah, it is kinda stupid of me not to save the file first :( but before I began my list again, here's something that happened today...

A guy walked into my shop with this...

Aren't they pretty?

The lighting in this outlet is quite yellow so you cannot really see the actual colours but it's really pretty. I especially like the rose for its very deep fuschia-like pink. 

Anyway, I dropped Rockstar an SMS that says "I want to tell you thank you but I know that it's not from you.... so just want to let you know that I received some flowers today."

He replied , " Is it from xxxx?"

I said, "No".

10 mins later, my phone rang and the first words out of his mouth was, "WHO IS IT FROM?"


November 13, 2010

Cruelty to animals

I was driving was on Federal Highway today when I saw this van...

Noticed anything special?


Take a closer look...

Still nothing?


Tigger must have done something to the van owner to be condemn to such a precarious position as this..

Should I report the van owner for cruelty to animal?

November 9, 2010

No more Banana

When I was a young girl, my parents wanted to train us daughters to be independent, to be able to stand on our own feet in a world such as this. They knew that if we were not trained properly, we would be bullied and scorned by other unkind people. So they decided once and for all, we must learn... and it began with ordering our own food at the hawker centre *=_=*

"But ....Mum!! I cannot understand them. They are Chinese"

Mum then asked me, "If they are Chinese, what are you?"

"I am English", I said confidently.

Please, stop laughing. It actually wasn't me. It is 1 of my sister. *I swear*.. And it happen long time ago... I now know that I am a Chinese... and I'm proud of it... wait, I am Malaysian...yeah, and I'm proud of it too..

Anyway, I have a problem. As you can see...I'm a 'banana'. Nope, I'm not going through an identity crisis but more like a self-realisation crisis. It was never a problem when I was in Sunway. After all, in corporate, most people are expected to have at least basic knowledge of English.

*please ignore the ugly looking banana above

But now, I'm in retailing and manufacturing... and it's hard cos I meet all kinds of people.. And they speak different kind of languages particularly mandarin or Cantonese....

And I realised, I have a serious problem.. I thought of attending Mandarin classes but knew that it will be a waste of money as first-hand experience is always the best...So that's what I did... I started conversing with customers, suppliers, fellow colleagues in mix English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese.... and it was tough.. try using words like rubberized printing, cotton materials, size, shapes, colours, quantity, bags, pouches, hand phone accessories, embroidery, 1 inches, 5 inches... pheww!!! I'm learned more mandarin and Cantonese in the last couple of months as compared to my last couple of years.. but I believe my fellow colleagues kept laughing at me behind my back because she couldn't understand me at all... we need a translator once in a while *failed la me*... and I still sound like a white person...

But... I have improved...

I was at the bank... and there was this young girl at the table next to me... She was waiting for her new ATM card... After a while, I overheard their conversation... It sounded like chicken talking to a cat or is it a cat talking to an elephant... Whatever it is, it wasn't working.. The customer service executive is a Malay guy... She is a Chinese girl from China... And she could not understand or speak a word of English... My goodness!!! How can you go somewhere without understanding the language of the people there. She must be very brave... He tried explaining to her that she must change her password at the ATM machine after receiving her card and also how to log in to Maybank2u. Anyway, after awhile, the Malay guy turned to me and said, "Miss, can you help me translate?"...

Mua??? Translate? Not wanting to let my race down... I stepped into my newly appointed role...

And to cut the long story short... I DID IT!!!! Well, at least I think she did understand what I was telling her...*give myself a pat on the back*

So, I can now officially announce...  I am NOT a banana anymore!!!!

Now, can someone please tell me how to say "online banking", "ATM machine", "password", "website", "log in" in mandarin please?

No more Youtube for me

I feel stupider and more useless each day.. know why?

Nowadays people are getting more and more talented. Look at the number of A's for SPM. Last time, my 7 A's is Wow!!! but the last I heard, 18 A's is the in thing.. That's like 2.5 times my result, my effort and my brains..

It feels like the harder I try, the harder it is to succeed.. why didn't God give me more talents and make me just a tad bit smarter then all the smart people?

Ok, this is me just crapping some stuff..

But just watch this and feel useless together with me..ok?

Feel un-talented and less useless yet?


Watch this ...

I think I should just stop watching Youtube........and go to sleep..

November 8, 2010

a hero...

I'm getting attached...

Attached to a guy in blue :)

I almost cried when I watch this...

*scene from Justice League - Hereafter

Superman died *sob*sob*... Not technically as he was actually send to the future but it was so sad... They had a funeral for him and the whole word cried...


And I just found out I have Justice League fans in 10th KL too.. :)

The world seems to be getting smaller...

I was away in Peacheaven, Genting over the long weekend for a 10th KL Company officers planning meeting.. Had a great time getting to know each others, rub shoulders and emerged from it as friends :) But it's surprisely how well I thought we know each other but yet at the same time found out so many other new side to the others.. It is a weekend of knowledge gain, changed perspective and hope for the future..

A huge thank you to all who have been an encouragement or 'tried' to be an encouragement to me... It's what keeps me going week after week..
View from the bungalow on a cloudy day..

View from the bungalow on a cold day.. You can barely see outside as it was so misty... and it's the first time I bath in ice cold water in Genting.. *brrrrrr*

But I'm missing the coldness and wind... (PJ is so hot)

CHRISTMAS is coming!!! Can't wait..
* Just some random thoughts before I get back to work after being away for 3 days...

November 3, 2010

Zara Warehouse Sales @ Atria

This morning, as I arrived at my shop in Atria outlet, I was greeted by this..

And you know why? It's because of this..

*pic credited to Shopping n Sales

Zara Warehouse Clearance
Date : 4th- 7th November 2010
Venue : Atria Shopping Complex, Damansara Jaya
(2nd floor, just down the corridor from my shop)

It's crazy. People are queuing up way before it even opens. Not only that, its a WORKING DAY!!!! Don't this people have work to do? And it's not only the ladies... I see lots of men too. And I highly doubt that they are there just to carry their girlfriend or wife's bags.

And even as I am typing this, the queue is reaching my shop..

Sorry for the lousy drawing :)

Blue = Zara Sales
Red = Psalms Oasis
Yellow = Other shops

Should I pop in and have a look later? Just a quick look..


Anyway, if you are reading this, do drop by.. Not for Zara warehouse Sales but to the red shop as shown above.. Our new t-shirts have arrived and just as I was in the midst of typing this, another few boxes came. Not sure what's inside yet but drop by and find out k?

See ya..

p.s. Payless is having their Warehouse sales downstairs at the concourse area too...only till this Sunday..

November 2, 2010

When you grow up...

....., you will understand.

Heard that before? I'm sure most of you have when you were young.. from parents, annoying older siblings, some aunties.. yeah, you get what I meant..It's frustrating, right? 

But, have you heard that when you are freaking 25-years old???

Just now, as I was about to close for the night, a family walked in. Why is it that customers walk in whenever I want to close? Why can't they come in the afternoon when it's super catch-flies-quiet... It's like they 'pakat' together trying to make me go back as late as possible. It's Murphy's Law. Not wanting to be rude, I hide my frustrations.. after all, they are customers... and I actually didn't mind staying back later except that I have a hot date tonight *winks*

 *All t-shirt design posted in this blog are copyrighted. Do not copy. Please respect the artist/designers.* If you are like the t-shirt, drop me a request at

Well, the father wanted to get a t-shirt, saw one that says "In God We Trust" and when on a long explanation about something US and cashier and some stuff. I wasn't in the mood to talk. I am tired and I wanted to go for dinner, so I gave my blurest look and said, "I don't know what you meant. *which I feel so totally guilty about thinking about it now* I promise, I'm not like that. I normally enjoy talking to (most) customers... really *pinky swear*

Then, he drop the line... the line that made me stopped, stared with my mouth hanging wide open, gaping like a fish out of water...

He said, "It's OK. When you grow up, you will understand"


*pulls myself higher and gave my haughtiest look* I am already grown-up. Thank you very much.


November 1, 2010

What's it like being a Boys' Brigade officer?

....I actually wrote this last Friday but forgot to post it. So here's Friday's thoughts on a Monday. May it be an encouragement to those who burdened in silence. You are not alone...

Being a Boys' Brigade (BB) officer is no easy task. Being laden with responsibilities and commitment besides a full-time job is enough to make most people run away as far as they could. BB is not just a a once-a-week event but more like a full-time commitment. A commitment of your time, money, energy, heart and thoughts.

Thoughts running thru my head now:

1. Tomorrow's meeting is an outing to Skytrek. I have already registered 145 members (age 7 to 20) with another 16 officers, helpers and parents going. 3 different challenges, 5 time slots. Height limitation for each challenges. Insurances bought? Lunch confirmed? Water? Entrance fee of RM1 for ages 12 and below; RM3 for ages 12 and above. Skytrek bus only can fit 30 pax each time. Need more officers for the younger age groups. No signal at Skytrek, how to contact each other. Which officers heading which group? Bus leaders? Need to be at the course 1/2 hour before each time slot. Bus to Skytrek intervals is 20 mins. How to keep the other 100+ members occupied while waiting for their turn. First Aid kit? Some members meeting in school, some meeting at Bukit Cahaya. Who goes into each bus. Payment not make? Cheque prepared? Have to pay bus drivers. Collect money from members who haven pay. Update in facebook. Send email to all officer, NCOs & helpers.

2. Camping badge test and Target Badge test tomorrow morning @ 10am. Who is facilitating? All attendees informed? Test papers ready? Can finish in time before Skytrek? What attire should they come in?

3. College fellowship on Sunday. Venue? How many people? Time? What to say to them? Will all attend? If they don't, how do I connect with them? What are their commitment?

4. Next week, Officers SPW (Strategic Planning Workshop) @ Peaceheaven, Genting. Venue confirmed? Who is driving up? Have we paid? Accommodation? Who is sleeping where. Not enough toilets. Projector & Screen. Petrol, lunch, tea breaks. Key task to prepare. Email schedule to officers. Direction for next year. Changes in mission and vision. Programmes?

5. ROS submission & officers details. Admin work. Send list to BBM. Submit officers listing for ROS submission. Back-track officers list since 2001. Double-check with Mdm Mag & Mdm Angie.

6. Website & Facebook account. Brian have volunteered. Do up plan for him. What needs to be done. Photos, articles, who to write. Confirmed changes in website for Terrence. Update details in facebook.

7. BB club. SS Juniors will be converting to BB club next year. Info for BBM. Details of programmes for officers. Members informed. Commitment from school and teachers. PTA informed. Any loopholes? What is the procedures of converting. Any changes in structure. Sit with them to plan programme for next year.

8. Badgework test for whole company next Saturday. Who is in charge? Enough to watch them. Info communicated to members? Test papers prepares. Photocopy how many? How long? Attire of attendees.

9. BNTS & ANTS. Who passed? Who failed? Re-take test for those who failed. When? Where? Who? Asses those who passed. Remember to send back test to committee. 

10. NCO Outing next Saturday after test. Visit to Sunbeam homes. Cancelled. Aolani house? Transport. Food?  Who is going? Approved? Email send out?

11. Mentoring programme. Why no participation? Is it working? Survey. Planning for next year. Mentors training. Mentee learning.

12. Year end concert. Sponsorship. FGA. Chaplain. RM20K.

13. BB Month collection. Amount collected. Cards missing. Officer in charge. Bank-in monye. Next collection. Promotion. Prizes for top collectors.

14. Last meeting of the year. Programme. Briefing for next year programme. Games. Survey. Appointment. Prayer.

15. Awards Camp & Juniors camp. Payment. Participants. Transport. Requsition form. Helpers and officers attending. Enough numbers. Late registration. 

etc... etc..etc... So much jumble mumble? This is just thoughts at the moment. There are still gazillion other thoughts *bb-related* running through my mind and if I were to state them out, it will never end..

Sometimes things turn difficult, strength seems to fail, people mock us, problems keeps arising, the more effort that is put in, but no changes, our work seem to be futile, members complains, parents complains, school does not support, white hairs starts appearing, members leaving the company, spoilt demanding brats, uncommmited officers, waking up early every Saturday and you wondered "WHY on earth am I doing this?" , just remember that you are not alone.

Being a BB officer takes courage. And I just want to say kudos to all BB officers who have put in their time, money, energy and heart into this ministry. You have my respect and may you received abundant blessings, blessings beyond measures, blessings from above. What you sow, you will reap later.  

Thank you to all my officers who have worked hand-in-hand with me. Without you, I will not be able to carry this burden on my own.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to those who have something against us BB officers, 3 words for you "Just try it" and you will know how much more blessed it is to give.

Serving with a heart of love and passion..