September 29, 2010

no fair!!!

It's a sad flower... *flower = me la*


Because Rockstar just left for a 9-days trip to Hongkong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou.

And I'm sad not just because he is gone and I'm going to miss him..  But I WANNA GO TOOO!!!!! It's not fair...

He is keeping his resolution of 6 trips per year. So far this year, its been Taipei, Phuket, Beijing - Tianjin, Singapore, Padang, Hongkong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou and maybe even more...

For me, its only been Taipei, Phuket, Beijing - Tianjin and erm.... that's all... Half quota only..



Is Tawau considered? If yes, then its 4/6 = 2/3 of trips acheived.. ... YAY!!!

Ok, I think I'm sleep deprived. This is what you get when you wake up at 5am in the morning to send your boyfriend off to look for some HongKong girls *sad face again*

Anyone needs a dinner date, come look for me k... Since Rockstar is not around, I am now available.. *muahahaha* who ask him to go HongKong and leave me behind?

Ok, I think to bed I shall go...

September 26, 2010

Flower girl

I have a thing for flowers.

I enjoy taking pictures of them. And it's not just the pretty ones but those that look like they have a story to tell.

And since I'm too lazy tired to write a blog, I'll just post some photos of flowers I took during my last Tianjin & Beijing trip...

But a warning that I'm no professional photographer. So if you think that the angle is wrong or the lighting is bad, ermm.... give me money for photography classes can?

September 25, 2010

Game over

I deal with alot of young people...

And it always amused me whenever I see the guys trying to go after the girl they like... Just think of awkward hands, unbroken voices trying to sing, the I'm cool-look-at-me poses and hairstyles, and oh, the happy bliss moments when the girl smiles at's like the world stood still...

How I wish for those moments once again...

Why does it all change once you get into a relationship? No more tinkling funny feeling in stomach. No more thinking that the girl's smile lights up your life. No more wanting to spend more time together just doing nothing. No more doing all kinds of funny stuff just to make her happy......And it gets worst later part in relationships.

What happen to falling-in-love?

There was this young boy who came into the shop, and he was acting weird at the beginning. Going around, looking at things closely, picking them up, walk around again, then putting it back. And he was really really shy. It didn't take long for me to realise that he was buying a present for a girl. Awwww.... so sweet!

But it reminded me of a girl friend. She once told me that her boyfriend downloaded every single season of Project Runaway for one of his crushes as a birthday present. But now, when she ask him to download something for her... she's been waiting 2 years and counting... still nothing...

Oh, what about all those wife who's husband does not want to fix the leaking toilet? Or even buy her a new handphone? Or even just to spend some time with her instead of watching tv? Or getting irritated with her for no reasons?

It's it because the chase is over?

Why is it that being in a relationship makes you stop trying?

It's like saying "Yes" or "I do" means there is a big chop on our forehead that says "Game Over".

Can falling-in-love continues even after you are in love?

September 22, 2010

Caught with heels on

I woke up this morning feeling like I need to dress up a little.

Maybe it's because I didn't want to hear any more complains advice from my twin about my relationship with jeans and t-shirts or maybe it a little too much of sex-in-the-city re-runs..

Anyway, I put on my usual jeans and t-shirt *eyes roll from my twin* and slip on a pair of heels..well, it was a little more dress-up right?

Bad decision...

The new shipment from Indonesia came in today... And I was caught with my pants on *lucky me* but also with my heels on *unlucky me*

You should see me in my pretty heels going clip-clop-clip-clop pushing the tolley up and down, back and forth. It was pretty funny..

And then I had to unpack them.. With was pretty easy except for the fact that some of the boxes were almost as tall as me *pfftt*

Finally, it's all unpack.. Next step, barcoding and displaying..

Can't wait *jumps around*

September 18, 2010

I miss my shoes

One thing that I miss after leaving the corporate world is.....MY SHOES!!!!

I miss strutting down the office aisle in my sexy heels..

I miss choosing my clothes to match my shoes..

I miss sharing and showing off my collection of shoes with my colleagues..

I miss shopping and buying gorgeous shoes..

I miss painful and aching ankles.. *seriously*

And my shoes missed me too…


I have a lot of shoes. Well, not as much as Carrie Bradshaw but I wish I did *wistful* Shoes are my weakness. No, it's not an addiction... I only buy shoes that I really like.. Which is like every week month *sheepish grin*.. That was before ok. Now no point buying them. But shoes are my therapy. Whenever I am sad, or stress…shoes makes me happy. All my troubles and problems seem to vanish the minute I go shoe shopping *bliss*

It’s been almost a year since I touch them *horror*

Check out the layers of dust covering them… let’s not talk about the amount of cobwebs…

You think that’s a lot? When I left Sunway last year, I threw away many pairs which were much loved. These are the survivors..

Anyway, last weekend I took them out and did a spring cleaning. After all, a girl got to take care of her shoes..

So this is the end results. My beloved shoes…Aren’t they pretty?

Wait, that’s not all… I have another shoe cupboard for all my slippers, monobos, sandals, etc.. I call it the “Flatties” cupboard.

They are the ones that I wear nowadays. Well, I can’t possible lug around goods and boxes of stuff in my high heels right? Or wear heels standing long hours in retailing line? It’s either I’m ready for a big disaster to happen or I’m just plain crazy.

Eventhough I don't wear them anymore.. besides the occasional events like weddings.. I still like them. Sometimes when I walk thru malls, I avoid shoes shops. Why? Cos my heart aches. Seeing all the beautiful shoes and not just because I can't afford them now, I DON'T WEAR THEM. Would I be considered crazy if I just buy them for the sake of displaying them on my shelves and just admire them?

Yep, maybe a little crazy... and stupid too..

Anyway, I will dedicate this post to all my beloved shoes. You will be sorely missed :( But I promise you that you will never be forgotten. One day…

one day….



September 17, 2010

Kids love ice-creams right?

I was fetching some kids home today. On the way, I decided to treat them for some ice-cream at McDonalds. Surprisingly, they were quite reluctant. *shock* I thought all kids love ice-cream.

Anyway, I insisted; parked my car, emptied them out from my car, headed to the counter and placed my orders. As I was waiting for the ice-cream to be ready, I felt a tap on my arm. I turned around. They were fidgeting and looking at their feet. Then one of them looked up at me with big eyes and and said,

"Che che Esther, we will pay you back for the ice-cream"

I was floored.. Talk about ice-cream dilemma..

A kid offering to pay for his ice-cream?? How come my younger brother and sister never offered to pay for their own food? And I'm talking about primary school kids. One was a small tiny size 8 year old girl. One was a chubby plump with cheek you feel like pinching all the time 10 year old boy. Another was a small handsome 11 year old boy. And the eldest was a pretty 12 year old girl.

So cuteee right??

Anyway, it was only RM1 per ice cream. Of cos I paid for it. How on earth can take money from children?

But I was so stunned after that incident that I ended up without an ice-cream. I mis-calculated *sob*sob*

September 16, 2010

money matters


Girl  : Hey, have you paid your share for Jennifer's birthday presents?
Guy : Yes, remember I gave you RM50 the last time?
Girl  : Nope, I don't remember la.
Guy : Yes, I gave you RM50 the last time.
Girl  : But I don't remember receiving RM50.
Guy : Wah! Too much la you. Paid you already some more you say I didn't pay.
Girl  : *sulks*

OK. This is just based on observation and own speculation. I think that the girl might be thinking, "I really don't remember. How can he say something like that to me? As least I am honest. It's not like I want to cheat his money. But the guy, on the other hand, might be thinking.. "Why she so dishonest one? She want to cheat my money is it?"

Well, after hearing this, it caught me thinking; money have always been an issue in relationship. It doesn't matter if the guy is earning more or the girl is earning more, or even if they are both super rich or poor. Money will and have always been an issue in relationships. How do couples handle the financial part of their relationships?

It's muddling me even more now as both my elder sisters have just gotten married. And even their weddings caused problems between both families. Issues such as who pays for what and who covers the losses or gets the profits and who gives more, how much dowry to give and etc etc... Should weddings be paid by the guy or both share the cost?

That's just the wedding. What about after that? Between husbands and wives, how do the settle all their monthly expenses. Does the husband pays for everything? Or the wife chips in also? That's if she is working. What if she is an housewife? Does that mean the husband pays for everything? How much then should the husband give the wife for her own expenses? *after all, a girl still needs to new bag or new clothes or even just a manicure*

But I'm not just talking about a husband wife relationships; what about boyfriend girlfriend relationships?

A couple of years back, during a lunch session with my friends, I brought my the topic of who pays for what in a relationship. Well,one said that he and his girlfriend split 50 50 for everything. That means if they got for dinner, he pays for his own share while she pays for her share. Another friend said that its depends but mostly its about 60 40 or 70 30. When I was in college, I knew a classmate who gave his girlfriend RM300 a month *shock*. Where does he gets the money from? I meant we were still in college. I know a lot of college kids cannot even survive themselves and maintain a girlfriend, let alone gives her spending money??

*sigh* you might be fed up with all the questions and questions and more questions but I'm just very curious.

I know of a family friend who opened a bank account for his wife and every month, he will just bank in the money for her. Another friend does the opposite, he pays for everything his wife wants. But if you are a girl, you will understand what I mean when I say that a guy will never understand why we girls need just another bag or that gorgeous must-die-for shoes when we already have gazillion of them in our cupboards. I have seen a lady, someone close to me, walked away sadly from a pair of shoes; where she stood and stared at it with longing in her heart but choose to turn and walk away in her 5-year old pair of shoe knowing that her husband would not agree to it. How sad is that? And I have also seen a wife's handphone broken but her husband refuse to buy her a new one, when he himself carries a brand new blackberry.

Ok, this are some extreme examples but the bottomline is, money is and will always be an issue in relationships. Some may be brought up during shouting matches and some may just be kept down deep in the recess of the heart, never to see the light of day while suffering in silence.

Well, if you ask me, I would of cause prefer that the guy pays for everything. Afterall, he is the man. But as what one of my friend said, "It's not fair that the guy pays for everything when they both are earning the same salary. They should share it out" So what is fair and what is not?

I know. I know. I've been hearing and reading about not letting money get in between relationships, and talking is the key. But does talking really helps?

Is there any sure-proof money plan for relationships or will we continue to watch helplessly as money destroy us?

September 14, 2010

Happily ever after...

Woke up at 4am today to send my sister to the airport. She is on her way to her honeymoon!!!!

How I wish I could join them. To just sit around, basking in the sun, sea breeze blowing at your face, the sound of waves when you wake up... Sigh! Bliss....

I need a holiday...

Anyway, here's an update on the wedding.

My eldest sister wanted something simple. So BIL and her decided to just register. But alas, the mother-in-law said "No". She wanted the full wedding package. So it was back and forth for sometime before they settled on a tea ceremony and a dinner. After consulting some-feng-shui-master-monk thingie, 9.9.10 was the ideal date. And the dinner will be held at Overseas Restaurant @ Jaya 1/ Palm Square.

So hence, on Thursday, 9th September, bright and earlier in the morning, the whole process began.

Make-up & Hair stylist was here by 4.30am. Relatives and friends were at our house by 7.45am.. well, at least some were.*lets not talk about who was late*

The groom entourage arrived very early and we started panicking cos we were not ready... when questioned, the answer given was "The groom very excited"".. :) So the groom and his heng tais had to wait till we got ready...

For those who have not experience a chinese wedding before, let me try to explain some to you... well, given that I'm quite a banana myself.. I will try my very best *promise*...

..........................I started this post on Monday but couldn't finish it... life seem to be getting more and more hectic...

Anyway, let me continue.. according to chinese transdition, the groom is not allowed to alight from the car until a male from the bride side opens the car door for him.

Here is my brother bargaining for his fee...

Before the groom and his entourage could enter the house to collect the bride, there must perform some task to the satisfaction of the zhi muis (sisters or close friends of the bride). And since this is the time to be mean to them, we decided to have a little fun.. After all, life is not easy. Marriage is about the pain, sourness, bitterness and sweetness and sometimes doing things that you don't want to, right?

1st task : Drink from the potty.

Not to worry about their health, its just ginger tea..

2nd task : Waxing ... Well, they need to understand what we girls go through..

And dancing to "All the Single Ladies by Beyonce" and "Nobody nobody by the Wondergirls" in the garden... in full view of all our neighbours *evil grin*

But it was so much fun.. they were quite sporting..

3rd task : Eating baby bittergourd and sour plum

Task 1 to 3 was done by the groom heng tais (brothers or close friends) but the 4th and final task had to be done by the groom..

4th task : *1st part* The groom had to sing a love song for his bride-to-be.. He started to panic as he wasn't really a singer.. but finally settle on "I'm so lonely" song..

*2nd part* Reading and signing of the Wedding agreement. My sister had wrote a long list of things that she wanted him to do.. It started from "Thou shall have no other girls besides me" to "Thou shall do my laundry for the rest of my life" and "Thou shall give me 60% of your salary each month" and etc.. etc..

Haha... He did sign it... Now I'm wondering if he will follow it through...

Anyway, the funny part was.. My brother dressed up in 1 of my dresses and pretended to be my sister. And when the groom enter the room, my brother jumped on him and started kissing him and proclaiming his love for my BIL. Talk about a scary, hairy armpit hair bride in a bright pink dress.. Arrrgggghhhhh!!!! *shivers* Note to self, never ever let my brother wear a dress again..

No pictures was taken as the camera man was still outside the room.. It was very unexpected.. and most of them were caught by surprise.. especially the groom.. the look on his face was priceless...

Anyway, after the whole hoo-haa died down. The groom and bride met up.. and kiss and..

Live happily ever after...


Haha.. you wish.. It's not that simple... They have to go through the whole tea ceremony thingie where they have to serve tea to my parents and relatives and in return get some red packets or presents. We, the younger sisters and relatives, get red packets from them instead.. How nice to be younger.. hehe..

Finally, after all this is over, the bride and groom leaves the house for the tea ceremony session at the groom house. But before leaving, the bride have to be led out to the car by my dad, who is the bride's father *duh* with a red umbrella.. Don't ask me why because I really do not know...

Wait, I go google it..

This is what it says "Sometimes, a red umbrella is used to shield the bride as the opening of the umbrella will symbolize her bringing many descendants to the groom's family."

Oh dear, I just found out that what my family did was just a small part of the whole chinses wedding.. There is so many other customes and procedures to follow.. *sweat* Why chinese wedding so complicated one??? Note to self : NO TRADITIONAL CHINESE WEDDING..

Anyway, I won't bore you with my long-winded, random post.. *I think its the result of not blogging for so long*

After the tea ceremony, there was just the night dinner; so  I will just leave some pictures with you ok?

The happy bride & groom leaving the house..

The zhi muis; me, Grace (my second sister) and Lydia (my twin sister)

Lydia & I

Rockstar & I at the wedding dinner

My siblings and their spouses; Mun Wai & Grace (my 2nd sister), Eugene (my new BIL) & Joyce (my eldest sister), Lydia, Daniel (my brother) and me
*sorry is abit blur...blame the camera man*

Last shot taken at the carpark before leaving the restaurant..

Lydia & I

Wait, I get to say this...

...and the live happily ever after...


September 12, 2010

Weird as in funny weird

Something weird happened today. I was at the Psalms Oasis Atria outlet.

An elderly, white hair gentleman walked passed with his young grandson. As I stopped them and talk to him about a plaque which was placed leaning the wall on the floor, he suddenly looked at my feet and exclaimed in mandarin (roughly translated by me) “Your feet is very pretty”. And then he looked at me. "Very pretty feet", he concluded.

I was too stunned to say anything. So I just smile and blurted out “Thank You”.

Then he walked away. After 2 steps, he turned back, and said to me again in mandarin (again roughly translated by me), “This is the first time I’ve seen such a pretty feet. First time” ; while using his finger to show one (1) to emphasize his point.

Then he walked away.

I was so stunned that I just stared after him for a long time.

Weird huh?

Anyway if you are curious, I took a picture of my feet.

Do I have pretty feet?


Another family came into the shop. When the father saw me, he said “Eh, you are up here also?”. Knowing what he mean but just felt very naughty, I stared at him and did my best to look very confused *evil grin*. Then the wife came to his rescue. She whispered very loudly to her husband, “Eh, not the same girl la”. And then they both looked very sheepish and tried to look away. And then the kind me decided to end the game by saying, “Yes, the girl downstairs is my sister”. I could barely contain my laughter when they both gave huge relieved sighs and said “No wonder la. You both look so alike”

*grins* My twin sister, Lydia, helped me at the booth today. Psalms Oasis had a promotion booth on the ground floor, whereas, the shop was on the 2nd floor. When customer goes to the booth, she directs them to the shop on the 2nd floor. When they go up to the 2nd floor, they see the same girl again. Talk about seeing a ghost.. I wonder what thoughts were running through their head, "Wah, the girl run so fast up and down ar" or "Hmmmm, how come got 2 person with the same face. It's cheepy". or "Is this shop even real? Are we dreaming?"

Haha.. My imagination is running wild.
Anyway, thank God we did not scare any customers away.

Isn’t it fun being a twin?

September 8, 2010

Getting married...

Haha... For those who got a shock at the title and rush to read this will sorely be disappointed...:)

I'm not getting married..

My eldest sister is getting married... TOMORROW!!!!

Yes, a Thursday... it's supposedly a good date according to the chinese thingie..

So yeah...I'm very busy preparing stuff...

Will post after the wedding...

See ya!!

And happy holiday to all :)

September 5, 2010

I'm for sale..


This is STUPID!!! This is CRAZY!!! This is INSANE!! This is one of the worst act of humanity against a woman.The man should be castrated. People like this does not deserved to live. Arrgghhh!!!

Read the article below..

Must read article first..


This type of things makes me turn all feminist and angry...

How could this guy sell his wife-to-be to some random guy? I thought a wife virginity is like the pride of a man...even if she is not a virgin, isn't it like something valuable? And he goes and sell it to someone else.. It's either he is a totally stupid guy or just simply NOT A MAN... Whatever the reason, he is a total bastard!!!!
Maybe its better if we girls go and whore ourselves right? At less the money comes to us, not to some bastard who uses it to gamble.  

And he conned her into it... and he used his grandmother house... what kind of sicko is he?

And what a total breach of trust between a man and wife. I pity the girl. To trust someone who ends up screwing your life. Makes life not worth living for right? Imagine the girl, waiting to get married, waiting to give her most prize possession to this guy, and he took it... wait, he did not take it... he just sold it off... to PAY HIS GAMBLING DEBTS!!! I think you should just take a knife and stab my heart. It will be less painful, thank you very much.

And how can he "sell" someone? Even if they are married, you cannot "sell" your wife You have NO RIGHTS to do that. Everyone is an individual, not a slave to you that you can buy and sell whenever you like. Hmmm... Maybe I can sell off Rockstar to fund my shopping spree?

I guess this things are happening all over the world. What's happening to humanity? It seems that we are getting less and less human the more we discover our humanity.

September 4, 2010

I should stop smiling..

I'm so sleepy today...

Woke up at 5am just to sign some papers for some kids... *Sigh* the things I do for them..

Anyway, a bunch of them were attending the NTS (NCO training school) @ Bidor National Service campsite for 3 days and they had to gathered at YMCA by 6am. So being the kind old me, I decided to head there and send them off. Not surprisingly, when I arrived, some problems turned up. As usual, I get the "I forgot to bring this and that" and the "I'm so scared" kinda thing and the last minute approvals. I even took the time to reprimand some who forgot to bring the consent form, which is like the "most important" paper you need to attend the camp.

But I guess its a "I forgot day"..... cos I forgot to bring my cap for parade (10th KL Boys' Brigade meeting) today... 

So, I was glengary-less today... Such a bad role modal :(

Anyway, I bought a new SD card... My old one is spoilt... And All IT Hypermarket refuse to exchange or repair my SD card even though its stated there "lifetime warranty"... unless I have a receipt... which I do not have... Who keeps receipt for an SD card which you bought more then a year ago?

And since it was a little quiet in the shop today... I decided to TAKE PICTURES!!!!

This is my shop.

This is the "Wall of plaques"

This is the "Middle Aisle"

This is the "Wall of t-shirts"

This is the "Him & Her people"

And I did something which I normally don't fancy doing.. *see how bored I was*... I camwhored!!!

And here is my feet in pweety turquoise

When I was taking this picture, a security guard rap the glass door and asked what I was doing... I ignored him...

It's getting weird.. He came in earlier to asked how old am I, which I refuse to tell and gave some lame excuse by saying that girls do not reveal their age....

And yesterday, he stood outside the shop and watch me for a looonnggggg time... *creepy*

He is only 18 if you are wondering...

I think security guards have a thing for me...

When I was in Sunway, I used to smile at people *I got a great smile ok* hehe.. and I was taught to be nice to people, even cleaners and security guards.. There was this guard that always smile at me whenever I smile. I used to reach work early and spend some time in the car, all alone, reading and catching up on some sleep... But I stopped doing that after one incident... One day, I reach my workplace car park and was reading when I heard a rap on my window... It was the security guard. I smiled at him and kept on reading... but he stood there and refuse to leave till I come out and talk to him...

Arrgghhhh!!! There goes my sleep.. and peace of mind... It's quite scary.. I meant it was early in the morning, the car park is almost empty...

Maybe I should start showing my "garang" face to people... My smiles seem to be attracting the wrong attention :(

September 3, 2010

Living in denial

Have you ever encounter people who won't admit their age?

Or people who believes that they are thin when they actually fat not so slim?

Or worst are those who are supermodel skinny but keeps complaining that they are fat?

Or people who keeps buying and buying when they no they cannot afford it? Shopaholics syndrome *grins*

Just yesterday, there was this 30-ish lady who walked into the shop and after chatting with her for a while, we realize that we had some mutual friends. But I wanted to start laughing when she kept referring them as Aunty this and Uncle that when they are only in their earlier 40-ties. They are only 10 years difference in age from her. It's either she is living in denial about her age or just can't see very clearly that they are as young as her.

Though I must admit that I don't like it when kids call me aunty. I'm not in denial, ok...  I'm just not old enough to be an aunty.... really...

And there was this other customer who kept insisting that she was an S size when I know she is totally an L size person. She refuse to listen to me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying she is fat bursting her fantasy bubble. But the mean old me will definitely laugh when she comes back to change the t-shirts for a bigger size... silently la .. and fighting the urge to say "I told you so"..

Why do people live in denial? Is it because they do not know themselves and the mirror that they look into everyday are just what they see in their mind? Or that they just want to believe something better about themselves?

On a different note...

I did something really crazy on Monday.

And it finally sunk in...

Nope, I'm not going to tell you what I did. Cos if I did, you will sure say I'm crazy or stupid or was I high or what..

Anyway, I did it because I wanted to, and I think it will be good and though I hate to admit this... its because of a guy. *sigh.. the things we girls do for guys*

Anyway, if you are nice and ask me really nicely, I just might tell you..

Till then, I will keep my little secret and ponder over how stupid I was...


September 2, 2010

Woes of being a Malaysian Driver

I got a splitting headache..

Try waking up at 6am, driving 40km to Cheras, beating morning traffic and then another 40km with the usual, crazy-honking-swearing-cutting lanes morning traffic, arriving back home just in time to catch another 1 1/2 hour of sleep before heading of to work. And then driving to work, getting caught in a bad jam cos some stupid Malaysian drivers were just too busy-body-trying-to-see-if-there-were-any-bodies-lying-on-the-roadside-beside-the-wrecked-cars, and being late for work.

Just enough to feel like shit terrible today...

Since the 43rd National Day have just passed, let me talk about the what it feels like being a Malaysian. Don't get me wrong, I love being a Malaysian. And I have been to many other countries and have been in many different traffic jams. But lets just say, Malaysian drivers are a unique bunch of people. 

So here's a post dedicated to all Malaysian drivers, especially those who feel the same as I do..

Woes of being a Malaysian Driver

Woe # 1 :  "My car is not a rubbish bin"
So does that mean we can throw rubbish out the window? We just can't wait till Malaysia turns into a big, huge rubbish dump, right? Quoting someone I know who throws rubbish out his window "I don't want to dirty my car" *eyes roll* So we can dirty our country la?

Woe # 2 : Signal? What's that? Oh, that blink blink thing?
Have you ever feel like throwing something at the other car who did not signal? You waited patiently for them to pass by before turning in a junction and then mana-tau, they turn into the junction. And you waited for no reasons. Or the time when a car cut in front of you without signalling? Or when you are at a roundabout, and just as you were about to turn, the car besides you shots in front , barely missing your front bumper? Signal la.. You'll just need your fingers..

Woe # 3 : I'm a F1 driver
I know there are many who aspire to become an F1 driver. And they feel a great need to show us their driving skills by displaying them via how expertly they cut queue or lanes and how fast they can drive? Please, we are so NOT IMPRESS. Take it to the tracks please if you still have a burning desire to show off. 

Woe # 4 : This is my grandfather's road
Oh, how many of you feel that way? You take your own sweet time, cruising along the road, stopping whenever you like, slowing down just cos you feel like it; not considering others who knows that the road is not their grandfather's road. If you want to drive slow and hog the road, please go to the side or you can even consider not driving out of your own housing area.

Woe # 5 :  I am superwoman
Yes, we know for fact that woman can multi-task. And that goes for some men too. But please keep that talent of the road. I'm guilty of that too. I can eat, drink, sms, talk, write down stuff, listen to music, put make-up on, comb my hair, all at the same time. Erm... almost all la..

Woe # 6 : I am an extremely "careful" person
Scared of driving? Staying far away from other cars in case you hit them? Driving 40km/h? Especially during traffic jams, you like to keep far far away. Keeping your hands clung to the steering wheel? With seat upright and so close to the steering wheel because you want to be alert and ready. To people who are like this, only 1 word of advise for you , GET OFF THE ROAD!!!!

Woe # 7 : I'm such a "caring" person
Whenever I see people slowing down, I slow down and look. When I see got people standing by the roadside, I slow down and look. When I see got some cars by the roadside, I slow down and look. When I see got chicken by the roadside, I also slow down and look. You are not caring, you are being a busybody. Please care for other drivers by NOT slowing down to look.

So yes, we are Malaysian drivers, we have our own unique habits. But that does not mean we cannot change. Please.. change...It's for the greater good of mankind It will make Malaysia a better place to live and drive in.. and it will give me less headache..

which I am still having *sad face*