August 30, 2010

What I did right..

Mark dropped by for a visit today. We talk for 2 hours!!!!

Mostly about Boys' Brigade, 10th Kuala Lumpur Company and people we know.

But I remembered one thing he said... besides all the many stuff we talked about...

He said, "Leaders often burnout because they do not received encouragement. I won't tell you want you did wrong. I won't tell you what you could have done better. But.... I will tell you what you did right.." *something like that la, but not in his exact word*

and he went on and told me what I did good...

After hearing something like that, it lifted me up and gave me the hope to go on...

I guess we are all like that... sometimes, or most of the time, we received complains and criticisms from all directions, some meant for good, others for harm.... and even though, yes, we do accept them and improved from them...

very often, we need encouragements as well... and these are what gives us the strength and determination to go on...

Thank you Mark... Talking to you was really good for my spirit :)

August 29, 2010

customers I met today..

This is for all those who are in sales or retail line or anything that requires face-to-face with customers, ... you'll know how it feels...

I enjoy being in retailing. I enjoy the fact that every day is different and I get to meet many different people. But occasionally, I meet customers that...hmmm... makes me wanna scream at them or just throw stuff at them...

Just now there was a customer who came in with her daughter. She was quiet at first but after walking the whole length of store, she approached me and demanded my opinion on a particular politician who is supposedly a Christian but according to her, have not been very Christian-like in his speeches and conduct. After given her my thoughts, which she argued back, I told her very nicely to go ask the politician himself. At that, she told me very righteously, " I only wanted your opinion".

There were some customers who came in and proceeded to touch every-single-piece-of-item in the shop. Well, there was this particular customer, a guy... who came scratch all my wooden plaques and frames with his fingernails.. *arrgghh* feel like smacking his fingers with a ruler *naughty naughty* . And they were some customers *mostly ladies* who came and as they walk around the shop, decided to amuse all of us with they cries of  "Wah!!! So nice" "Aiyoh, hou leng woh" " This is nice" "That is nice" to every single piece of item in the shop..and then they left without buying a single thing.. waste my time only..

Oh, there was another customer, who came in with his whole family. He is the father, mind you. He had the nerve to go behind my counter and read off the computer screen... How rude off him!!!

Another family brought in their army of screaming-running-around-hyper-active-sticky-fingers kids.. And there was a maid trying to run after the kids *I pity her* and not forgetting the mum's bellowing at the top of her voice " STOP TOUCHING, NICHOLAS!!!!" "STOP RUNNING AROUND!!!"
*sigh* the wonders of parenting..

The worst was a couple who comes in expecting, demanding, lying.. you name it... any way possible to get a cheaper bargain from me... I heard excuses from "Last time you say you give me 20% discount", " The other shop selling it for only RM170. Why you sell so expensive?", "Why no discount?" to "You don't give me discount, I walk out the shop now"... walk la, who needs you anyway


There was one customer.. oh, I just love this lady... who came in, started pointing and says " I want this, I want this, does this comes in boxes? Yes? OK, pack for me. I want this, this and this too". Isn't she the bestest?

And there was this really really super cute customer. The minute he came in, I couldn't stop smiling, and I started acting all crazy and funny again....

.............Oh, wait.. did I forget to mention that he was wearing some kind of shirt with frogs all over and he had on froggy green socks with tiny frog feet and froggy eyes attached to it... Soooo cute :p And he just kept staring at me with his big innocent eyes.. 

Don't you just love babies..

Talking about babies.. everyone say hi to baby Lucie..

She sooo cute...

Ok, back to topic...  where was I? ....
...... customers...  they are the most important aspect in a business... like them, hate them... just got to be nice to them..

After all, without them, I won't not be able to do business.. and like what the famous saying says "Customers are King.."
I just need to keep reminding myself... be nice, Esther.. be nice...

anyway, this is all in a day's work.. peace :p

p.s. if you are wondering about the lack of pictures lately, its cos my SD card got corrupted or something so I cannot take any pictures.. planning to buy a new one.. just waiting for some moolahs...

August 27, 2010

"You look so young"

I just interviewed a girl.

And she brought her mother along.

No harm of cos as she was just 16 years old. And her mother was worried that her daughter might be bullied by some mean-old employer.. hehe..

But upon meeting me, the mother said  "You look so young, are you sure you can mange to be running this shop".

This pic was taken last month in Beijing.
It's not a super nice shot as I CAN'T FIND any shots of myself alone. I am so totally not a cam-whore..

Do I really look that young?

Ever since I hit my college years, it seems that I am getting younger and younger..

Everytime when I'm at shopping centres, the credit card guys will always approach Rockstar, NOT ME. And I am the one qualified for credit cards.

Let's not talk about loans and savings and investments and stuff..  or getting into clubs..

Just downstairs at the entrance, a bank have set up a booth promoting plans and packages.. But NOT ONCE did they approach me even when I passed them so many times.. They didn't want to waste their time with a "kid".. I laugh to myself .. After all, it's their loss for losing a prime potential target like me..

Every other customer that walks in doesn't believe that I'm the "boss"..

Comments received range from " Are you sure?" "But you look so young" "Where is your father?" *roll eyes* "Have you graduated?" "Are you working part-time?"

I guess I'm stuck to looking like a school girl all my life ..*which is a good thing as I get older and older.. hehe*

Maybe I should started dressing up for work instead of the usual jeans, t-shirt and monobos.. And add on some more make-up..

My sister complains about my dressing all the time.. I think I should start listening to her lectures advise.. After all, she is the one with experience since people always say she looks like the elder twin..

Anyway, she started her own LookBook thingie..Check her out..

So to all the people out there who looks young, don't be discouraged.. We will be the ones laughing in the future... *big smile*

August 26, 2010

I'm connected and I'm sick..

Ok. I finally decided to get broadband for myself. After all, if I'm going to be sitting in my shop for 10 hours a day, it's a better solution right? I will be be more effective in my work. hehe..*it's almost 4pm and I'm still surfing internet*

Anyway, I signed up for the Digi plan cos it was the cheapest. Its only RM38 for 1 month. Cheapest I have seen. But then its only high speed from 7am-7pm. Perfect for me cos that's when I need it. No contact, no registration fee, no activation fee. Signed up on Tuesday, collected modem on Wednesday *cos they didn't have stock* and it's ready to be used.

So I'm connected and eveything is so far so good..

Except for the fact that, i'm feeling sick. It's super cold and I can't turn off the aircon *it's a centralized aircon cos its a shopping centre*. My nose is running and it's really red from blowing to much and my head feels heavy.. Oh, not forgetting that I keep on sneezing. Just now I was serving a customer and I had to run to the back to grab some tissue cos I felt a sneeze coming in. And it was so loud that I think the customer jumped out of her skin... almost la... thankfully I didn't scare her off :(

Now, after testing my new digi broadband, it's time for me to get some work done..

August 25, 2010

Awards Day is finally over... and a new haircut

Awards Day is finally over! It a huge relief for me as it was under my supervision and there were just so many things to do. I felt more pressure as this is my 1st big formal event since taking up the captainship. And not only that, this was the first time in the history of 10th KL Boys’ Brigade company that we have so many recipients of awards. And adding on, this year, 10th KL is the biggest company in Kuala Lumpur with over 440 members. It’s crazy right? Imagine 440 young minds all under my power…muahahaha!! *evil laugh*

It was partly my fault for taking things easy at the beginning. At first, it just felt like “I have done it so many times before” and “Aiyah, organize event only ma”. So everything was easy going till the week of Awards Day. Then reality sets in. Thank God I was working on my own because my boss will sure sack me :) . I had to chase everyone and to ensure that they all did their work. " Have Pastor Alan been informed? Has you confirmed the worship team? Have they practice? What songs are they going to sing? Is Dato Lew Sip Hon coming? Have you informed him that his speech is only 5 mins? Who are the Colour Guards? Where is the names list for the Guard of Honour? What? They haven't practice yet? Have the award's receipients confirmed? Awards packed and ready? Slides done? Certificate printed? Performers costumes ready? You need 10 mins? Why so long? Who to promote? Have you assess them? Have we gotten approval? Have all officers voted?  Who is getting the souvenirs? What souvenirs are we getting? Towels? But we already gave them last time? 100% attendence leh? Not confirmed yet? How to make trophys? Why trophies so expensive one? Aiyah, why all the ushers in GOH? How to usher guest? Multimedia no photos? Go get la. Do I look like a camera to you? Where are the reports on 10th KL? WHy the band report so long one? Who is bringing the laptop? Who is going to be compiling all the slides? Food leh? No need refreshment meh? OH no, Mrs Khoo, Mrs Ang and Elder Ang (they are FGA founders) is coming? Better prepare. Wait? What you meant our Guest of Honour cannot make it? Then who is giving the speech? Where are the parents going to seat?' and the list goes on and on..


Well, thank God that it was a success. Truth be said that there were definitely glitches and mistakes here and there but everything when smoothly… Of cos, I did panic a couple of times, while trying to maintain in my seat, fidgeting and fighting the urge not to run around and get things done myself. But my team of people did a great job. Without them I could have done it..

So here’s my very big THANK YOU! for all the effort, time, energy and passion for 10th KL..

When Saturday was over, it was like this huge burden lifted off me. And I realize something.. Before this, I was the one running around and getting things done. But ever since becoming the captain of 10th KL, I have other roles and responsibilities to look into. So, I need someone like me to replace the old me and to assist the new me :) hehe.. any takers?

So 10th KL 12th Awards Day 2010 is finally over… will meet again next year :p


Oh yeah, here’s a photo of me. The one with the red patch on the head.

Yep, I did cut my hair. Just a couple of days ago.

When Rockstar first saw me, he said “You look like the girl from Scooby-Doo”. And I got mad at him. How can he say I look like a geeky looking girl? Do I look like a nerd? He did not apologized *angry face* And the worst is he did not compliment me. Come on guys, even if your girlfriend look ugly as hell, you got to make her happy, even if it means lying.

Anyway, what he didn’t know was that I had that exact same thought right when I looked into the mirror after my hair cut. To top it off, I was wearing a turtleneck with my glasses on.

She looks kinda cute here..

I think I will pass for her :p

August 23, 2010

I'm hiring..

The last week or so have been really tiring.. I'm having problem with my staff so I'm stuck at the shop with no internet access, staring at the 4 walls from 10.30am till 8.30pm.. Talk about being caged up..

But at least I took the time to catch up on all the filings, inventory, computer and admin stuff that I didn't manage to find time to complete.. But now, its almost done and I need to get outdoors... Fast!!!

I'm trying to hire someone but nowadays its so difficult to get good workers.. It's either they are too old, too qualified, too under-qualified or just plain weird... I think maybe its cos I'm fussy or have high expectations... *sigh*

Anyway, if you are looking for a part-time job or you have friends who are looking for a part-time job, please contact me..

Position : Retail assistant

Location : Petaling Jaya

Hours : 10.30am - 6.30pm or 12.30pm - 8.30pm

Requirements :

- Christian (of cos la, it's a Christian souvenir shop)

- hardworking (duh!!)

- initiative, creative, responsible, committed, honest..erm.. I'm running out of adjectives..

- good looking (hehe, just kidding...)

Drop me a mail at

August 22, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

I’ve read a number of girls’ blogged about “What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half” and to me it seems a little cheesy. I meant come on la… if going the distance for my other half means cooking a meal for him or telling him I love you or surprising him with presents and stuff, or even flying to see him and all, kissing him, being with him... What happen to real sacrifices? Going the distance means so much more then the physical thing that you do or the material things that you give to your other half.

To me, going the distance means…

Saying sorry even if I am not wrong

Keeping quiet even if his driving sucks

Giving in after a fight

Accepting his bad habits

Staying in when he don’t feel like going out even if I so badly wanted to go out

Watch all his gory movies with him and squirm through it

Not complaining about “mamak” dates

Forgiving him even if he made a mistake

Or many mistakes

Keeping quiet went he is in one of his sour mood

Or when he forgets about me whenever his starts thinking about work

Or when he sorts of zonk out and doesn't listen to what I say

Not nagging him even if I cannot understand why he keeps wearing his holey socks

Or how super untidy his cupboardis.. and also his room

Giving up my dreams just so that he can go for his

Being proud of him even if he is not the champion

Being there for him whenever he needs me even if I got tons of things to do and am super duper tired

Staying up late to fit his lifestyle even if I’m a morning person

Knowing went to give in even if I don’t feel like it

Accepting that guys do have mood swings and they do get cranky sometimes..

Not expecting him to become un-cranky whenever I’m around

Hanging out with him and his friends even if I think that they talk a lot of nonsense

Accepting the fact that guys will always be guys..

And it is normal for them to check girls out

Or flirt with other girls…

As long as he remains faithful to me

Trusting him even when I don’t feel like it

Not saying anything even if it kills me

Accepting him for all his stubbornness and ego-ness..

And the list goes on and on..

Loving someone and going the distance for someone is not a bed of roses. It’s not just being happy, with pink hearts and cotton candies. Being in a relationship, you need to learn how to give and take. And to me, going the distance means that there have to be sacrifices. Lots of them.

Loving someone needs courage, willingness and sacrifices...

….and that what’s going the distance means to me..

August 19, 2010

12th Awards Day 2010

Yep, that's right. 10th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Company is celebrating their 12th Awards Day 2010 in 2 DAYS TIME!!! It's really crazy and its going to be massive.

It's amazing how far we have come. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream.

Why me???

I am not worthy..

August 17, 2010

The Ladder Theory

It’s funny how girls know whether a guy is boyfriend material or not? Or whether the guys have a chance of going a bit further? Some call it instinct, some call it past experience, and some call it a game.

I, on the other hand, call it… Intuition…

You know there is this theory call the “Ladder Theory”. You can read more about it here .

Anyway, this theory talks about how people of the opposite sex you meet has a rating. And this applies both to guys and girls. The difference about them is that guys only have 1 ladder, where else girls have 2. Before any dirty comments come out, this is a guy’s ladder.

This picture is self-explanatory. Mind you, this is an example of a typical guy. If you are not a typical guy, I got nothing to say :p

Anyway, lets more to something more interesting. The girl’s ladder.

Now you know why girls are so complicated.

We girls have a tendency to rate guys that we met and know based on 2 category “Friends” and “More then friends”. Now, for those girls who try to deny it, it’s useless. No matter how much we try to avoid this, instinctively we will. We meet guys that bring just a tiny flutter to your stomach, or the way he looks at you gives you tingle down your back. And we met guys that just, sad to say, you knowingly know will remain as friends. Nothing more then that unless God decides otherwise :p

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that on the “More then friends” ladder, there will NOT only be 1 guy. Even for those who are in a relationship, there will be other guys, those that you met before your relationship and those you meet after you are in a relationship, which will be on that ladder.

But… what’s important is that these guys does not climb too high up the “More then friends” ladder. It will be difficult. I meant, who can resists the attraction or the excitement or the thrill of someone new, someone more exciting. But the attraction, the excitement, the thrill, might just die off when someone new comes up. It’s always more exciting when things are new. However, what matters is who is the guy who comes up right at the top of the ladder even after the thrill is gone *or the one who keeps the thrill going on and on* :)

So be careful who you allow to climb up your ladder. Take the risk but not at others expense, or even your own. No use regretting. Don’t give up the best for a “maybe better” someone.

And the same goes for guys… No discriminating us girls ok? It’s harder to keep someone off 1 ladder then 2 ladders we girls have more options. So start worrying about who is climbing up your ladder. Especially if you are in a relationship... *You have been warned!!!*

August 15, 2010

Fake reunions

I dislike reunions. To me reunions are just a time for successful people to show off how much money they make or how many cars they have. Whenever there is a reunion, the 3 B’s will be there. 3 B’s = bragging + blings + bullshits.

Ok, I admit. I used to love reunions. That’s where I can show off how successful I have become or how much money I have been earning. But I realize that life is not just about that. Being successful is not just about money or status or assets. Maybe it’s because I have no money to show off matured.

I had 2 reunions recently. One was with my ex-house class mates from university and another was with my ex-colleagues.

My 1st reunion was in a very pretentious place recommended by one of my mates. When I arrived, I found out that she have ordered a bottle of wine. Wine? At a reunion? Ok, I must admit the food *which she ordered* was good. But throughout the whole reunion, I just keep to the edge of my seat. There was the usual what, where, how you are doing things but besides that, it was more one-sided of how much she earns, places she travel, her gadgets * Ipad strategically on the table* and how we lowly mortals made a mistake of not joining her. Ok, I am exaggerating a little ;) But I could not get comfortable. It surprising since I stayed with this people for 3 years in the same apartment, in the same class and in the same coursework group. It felt more like a performance where we humble beings sit and stare in awe of her and she is up there lording over us. And to me, it’s just so fake. Staying in Bangkok for RM600 per night? Getting paid USD3.5K a month just to sell a product? I kept very quiet throughout the whole dinner. Silently thinking and feeling sad for her. And they said I have changed.

I like my 2nd reunion much more. It felt more like a group of friends catching up, moaning about terrible bosses, complaining about peanuts salary, who is dating who, who is getting married and all that. It was more real, more comfortable. I don’t remembered any bragging or showing off *unless I was the one doing it* from any of us. The food was good, the atmosphere was unpretentious, and it was fun.

Have I changed?

Definitely. I believe that I have change for the better. Life is not all about the money, or the assets that we have *car is a liability*, or the places that we visit. Life is about being happy and doing the things that we love. Life is waking up every day and being excited about it. Life is being with your love ones and caring for them. Life is about making a difference in people’s life. And at the end, it’s what you are remembered for.

Some people have not understood that yet. They cannot grasp the meaning of it. And they look down on people who do.

What part can you not understand when I say that my work is a ministry?

Maybe I should swear of all fake reunions…

August 14, 2010

Life of a businesswoman

Haha.. Businesswoman??! More like "kuli"..

Phewww... It's been a really busy week.. And its times like this that makes me enjoy my life even more :p

You see, I'm not a type of person that likes to be confine to one space or to sit down in an office and face the computer everyday. I'll go crazy..

So how its in like in business?

Some days, I get up at 6am, after only 4 hours of sleep. Drive my brother to school, crawl through morning traffic jams, head home for another 2 hours of sleep, up again at 10am. Open my emails, check them, run downstairs for a quick bit, and its back to the computer again for another few hours.

Some days, I wake up at 9am, rush to see suppliers and customers from subang, all the way to KL, from central KL to north and south, and then to Cheras, back to PJ again, for a few more drops before heading to Rockstar place at 7pm.

Some days, I wake up at 8.30pm, do a few sit ups, send a few mails, drive to my shop, check on the sales people, pick my sister up from school, head back home, do some inventory management, dinner at home with my family, back to inventory again till 1am.

And there are some days that I just wake up, head down for a leisure 1-hour breakfast with my parents, climb up the stairs to my room, still in my PJs, park myself in front of the computer, surf the Internet a little, try to get some work done, head down again for another 1 hour of lunch. Back to the store for some stock management. Head to the kitchen for some tea time snacks. And then its movie time with Rockstar.

Not like it was being in corporate. I didn't like being confined to one place from 9-5pm besides. For some of my ex-colleagues, lunch break was an escape from prison. There was no allowance of creativity, flexibility and ownership.

Now, I determine my own time, when and where I want to work. I do not need to report to anyone and I plan my own schedule. I allow myself the liberty to enjoy my life. Tell me which boss would allow you to go on a 2 weeks paid holiday? Or for you to start work at 11am, stop for lunch at 12pm, start work at 2 pm till 5pm?

It does not matter if I work 20 hours a day. Or stress myself out trying to accomplish some many things with so little time. And at the end of the day, I fall into bed feeling satisfied that I have accomplished things in life. It's that feeling that keeps me going and just enjoying my life.

That's the fun part and the best part about being a business woman....*cough* kuli..

A week has gone in a blink of an eye. I still feel like I'm in a daze.. Everything around me is passing by like a train.. No time to stop and catch my breath..

Have you ever felt like that?

August 8, 2010

Car problem, handphones stolen and a dirty old man..

Wow! What a weekend.. Forgive me if I start rambling on and on.. I'm been helluva weekend..

Firstly, on Saturday, after a long day at BB and an outing to Skytrek, I was driving home with my brother.. and I realised the car sounded funny.. Ok, for those of you guys who are about to make a funny joke about girls and cars, let me tell you something k.. My dad is a DIY guy and that includes fixing cars up. And since he only have a son who came much later in his life, he trained all his girls well.. 'Well' meaning we know who to handle some gadgets, fix things around the house, and even some car maintenance.. He needs too as there are so many girls in the house and we each have a car.. We always joke that he has a full time job at the Chew's Bengkel. Our side porch have been turned into a workshop and business is blooming..

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, my car sounded funny.. * I know when an engine sounds different k*

But I decided to keep on driving because No.1, I was very tired and zombie-ish already.. Brain not functioning; No.2. I was on the main road near the Parlimen House and I did not want to stop there.. Too many fast cars.. Dangerous!So I kept on going till I exited the Sungai Buloh exit on NKVE.. The car steering wheel COULD NOT TURN!!! I had to use all my strength to turn it.. First thought was Oh OH.. flat tyre. I stopped the car by the roadside and got down to check. Nope, nothing wrong. Since I was so near home, I decided to keep on driving. About 1km later, I suddenly realised my car temperature was almost hitting the top. I started panicking.. Luckily there was a petrol station nearby. I stopped my car there, turned of the engine and hopped out of the car, screaming at my brother to get out.

Steam was pouring out from the side of the car. Thank God it did not explode or caught fire..

To cut the long story short. I called my dad to save me :) While waiting for him to come, I popped open the car bonnet and let it cool down. When he arrived, we decided to leave the car there and collect it later as there were many cars on the road at that time.

So that night, around 11pm+, my dad and I got into another car, drove to my car, tied a towing rope (a thick rope mean for towing vehicles) a towed my car home. We had to stop a few times as my car kept going over the rope. Well, try driving an auto car with only the ignition on, relying on just the hand brakes and trying desperately not to go to fast or to slow (or I will hit my dad's car in front) going up the slope, down the slope, and up again, turning right , up the slope, stopping at a junction, turning right, down a slope, stopping at a traffic light, getting pass an intersection and finally up a slope again.

Phewww... Finally made it home..

It's been a good experience. can say that I now know how to tow a car *yay*

And the problem with my car? A car has 3 belts (nope I'm not talking about seat belts). There is 3 belts for the steering wheel, alternator and fan. And one of it broke of. So went it broke off, the steering wheel could not turn properly, fan not turning, pumping not pumping water and thus my car over-heated.

Today, both my handphones got STOLEN by some stupid dirty old man wearing RayBan. Sigh!!! 2 handphones.. I think he must be grinning his way out of my shop...

My salesgirl was on leave today so I had to work. Surprisingly, there were alot of customers today . As I was serving an Indian family, I noticed a dirty old chinese man walking into the shop. After awhile, another girl customer approached me asking for the price of an item. As I was still with the other family, I told her to hold on.

After the Indian family left, I turned to serve my other customers. The dirty old chinese man was looking at the t-shirt display. The reason why I call him dirty old chinese man is because he look like a "ham sap" fellow. He was wearing sunglasses, inside a shop *who on earth wears sunglasses in doors???* and he keep looking at me in a weird way. For the reason stated above, I decided to serve the other girl customer who was fussy and kept bargaining with me. As I was with her, I realise the dirty old man left the shop and I though to myself "maybe he is angry I did not serve him" and kept hoping that he will come back. Little did I know that if he were to show his face in my shop again, he will be hurt, seriously hurt.. Anyway, after awhile the girl left claiming that it was to expensive.

About an hour later, I realised my handphone was gone. GONE!!!!!! I turned my bags upside down, ran here and there checking but *sob*sob* my handphones are gone. So I ran down, borrowed a handphone, tried to call but not surprisingly could not get through, ran to the security office, reported, ran up to check my shop again, ran back down to scan through the CCTVs recording *1st time for me. Quite cool, sitting in a security office, trying to identify the criminals* and finally managed to identify a grainy picture of the dirty old man and the girl, whom I realise might be in cohorts with the dirty old man. Why didn't she find a better looking partner??

Anyway, trying to get my replacement Sim cards and putting my life back into order. All my data, info, contact numbers are gone. Now, I need to try and see if I can survive without technology :)

Oh in case you are wondering, 1 handphone is an 2-year old Sony Ericson and the other a 2-months old Nokia *sob*sob*. Both given by my Rockstar *sob*sob*sob*sob..

Just praying for a miracle...

Best part of my week? Having ice-cream with Rockstar. I love ice-cream!

Went to get some and found out Nestle Drumstick is having a Ice-Cream SMS contest. Its super simple! Just buy any drumsticks, look for a minisleeve and if you do find one, just SMS to enter. Rockstar and I bought 1 each, found 2 minisleeve and SMS-ed to participate. *crossing our fingers and hoping that we will win*. Oh yeah, to excited forgot to mention the prize. 8D 6N to Egypt!! Woohoo!!! And 3 Ipads.. And not only that, the prizes are given out weekly. Fantastic!!!  Click this for more info..

This is not an advertisement OK. Nestle is not paying me. I just found out about the contest today and its easy. No need to fill in any slogans or write anything. OH wait.. Why am I sharing this with you? Forget about what I said, no contest, don't eat any ice-cream k.. Hehe.. Give me better chances of winning *muahahaha*

Ok, I'm tired, its been a long weekend and my brain are turning to mush..

Night people!!

p.s. will upload the photo of the dirty old chinese man once I get it

August 4, 2010

Something about presents and twins

Let me tell you something really weird..

In our family, we have a tradition or a habit that many thinks its troublesome and do not practice them. Well, we give lots of gifts. Every Christmas, every birthdays. Even my sister who is young, started giving us presents since she started primary school. Yeah, seriously.. She buys us small stuff like chocolates with her own pocket money during Christmas. So cute right? So no excuses for younger people who thinks that just because they are young, they are given leeway...

Anyway, if you think that's normal. Well, we also buy gifts whenever we travel. Not souvenir-like stuff. Its real presents. For example, when my 2nd sister went for her honeymoon, she came back with a dress, a belt and a peal bracelet for me. That's only for me. And if you don't know, I have a huge family.

Yep, you are right. We spend a lot of money giving. Which is good for me cos I like receiving presents :p and of cos I love giving people stuff. Every trip I take, I spend most of my time shopping for presents for people.

And the trip to Beijing & Tianjin was not any different..

So, one day, Rockstar & I was walking near the Drum Tower area with different intention in mind. I was of cos looking for the shopping area and he on the other hand was looking for his guitar shops. And we got lost. Sort off.. We enter this back alley that seem to stretch for miles.. And after walking a distance, we realise that we better turn back. As we were walking back, something caught my eye. Amidst the backyard, back doors, houses, there was this quaint looking green door with a bell that led to a even quainter shop.

The shop was like somebody closet. I saw a couple of wardrobes against the wall and a huge table right in the middle of the room. And the fun part was that it was filled with stuff. Clothes bursting out of the closet, falling of the table and off chairs, hanging on the window. Just everywhere. Piles and piles of knicks-knacks. It was a treasure trove. I was in 'heaven'. Sad to say, I did not spend much time there as out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Rockstar fidgeting, impatient to look for his guitar shops. So i took a quick stroll around the shop and as I was leaving I passed by the counter. Perch right at the corner of the table was a jewellery box. I took a peek and I saw something.


Its so unique and its cute. It has prayer hands on all four sides and it opens up to a tiny box. I'm sure Lydia will like it. So I paid for it and left the shop..

Here's the weird part..

Back at home, in Malaysia, as I was distributing my presents to my siblings and family, I remember this pendant that I got for Lydia. I handed it to her and said, "I saw this and I thought that it's cute and you would like it". She took it, stare at it for a while. Drop it on the floor and ran upstairs.

I wondered why..

She ran back downstairs and said, " I saw something at the bazaar 2 weeks ago and I thought its nice so I bought it" and she dropped it into my hands.

Ok, for those of you who are thinking. Awww.. so sweet she bought you a present.. You are WRONG!

She drop this into my hands.

Are you freak out yet??

IT's THE EXACT SAME PENDANT!!! Just that the one I bought is silver, hers is gold-ish bronze. And nope, I never saw it before and she did not tell me she bought it, even though she bought it 2 weeks ago.

Well, I guess it proves that twins are very much alike..

It freaked me out too!!

August 2, 2010

Warning : Don't take local China tours

Yes. This is a warning! Ignore it at your own risk..

Ok. When we were on our Beijing tour, we met this nice couple who told us that local China tours were much cheaper then the ones that we paid for back in Malaysia. And even though we had to mix with the local china people, it is quite nice and yada yada yada...

So that's what we did...

Case 1

Since we have 1 week before home sweet home, and we had already spend 1 week in Beijing, we decided to head north to a small place (actually not that small) called "Chengde". And since it was quite last minute, we though, hey lets try a local tour. So we proceeded to the the tour desk at the hotel and enquired about tours to Chengde. There were quite a number to choose from but none were provided by the hotel, hence they warned us that they would not be liable if we are not happy or satisfied. Warning sign No.1. Package was quite cheap. I think is RM180 for a 2D1N trip + accommodation + food all provided + entrance fees+ transport. Warning sign No.2. And we could take our time to decide about the tour package. We only had to confirmed the before 10pm, the night before the tour. Warning sign No.3.  

The night before the tour to Chengde, we called up the tour company to book our slot. The guy confirmed with us that he will pick us up @ 7.30am the next morning from the hotel. Great..

The next morning @ 6.50am, *Ring! Ringggg!* The phone rang and the conversation (translated from mandarin) as follows:

Tour guy : Hello, is this the 6 person going to Chengde?
Us : Yes.
Tour guy : Are you foreigners?
Us : Yes, we are Malaysian.
Tour guy : Sorry, we don't take foreigners.
Us : WHAT!!!! But we confirmed yesterday night already.
Tour guy : Yes, but we don't take foreigners.
Us : But..but...we are all packed up and waiting for you to pick us up.
Tour guy : Erm.. I'm driving now. I will call you back.
Us : OK..

7.30am... waiting

8.00am... Sigh! Let's go back to bed...

So that's what happened to our almost trip to Chengde :( Luckily we did not pay anything.

Case 2

We had alot of free time. And our pockets are running dry with all the shoppings.

"Lets take a local tour to visit the Temple of Heaven & 13 Tombs" someone said.

"Okay!!!" We all agreed. So we again headed to the tour desk and this time, it was a tour by the hotel. Yay!! A 1-day tour to a couple of places. It's not cheap. Cost about RM 220 because of the cable car ride and some other stuff which is not worth the price. And the best part (yeah right *eyes roll*), we need to be ready by 5.30am. Weeee! I eagerly look forward to waking up at an ungodly hours just to visit a temple and some tombs. *sweat*

At 4.50am *Ring! Ringggg!* the phone rang. I thought to myself  "Not again". The conversation as follows (translated from mandarin again) :

Tour guy : Hello, is this the 6 person going to the tour?
Us : Yes.
Tour guy : Can you come down at 5am?
Us : WHAT!!!! Are you crazy?
Tour guy : Well, got traffic jams and we want to avoid the traffic jams.
Us : But we confirmed yesterday that you will pick us at 5.30am.
Tour guy : Yes, but got traffic jams and we want to avoid the traffic jams.
Us : But you already told us at 5.30am. 5am to early for us. We are not ready yet.
Tour guy : Yes, but got traffic jams and we want to avoid the traffic jams.

This went on for a few minutes...
Us : 5.15am OK?
Tour guy : Ok la..

At 5.15am... *pants*gasp* phewww... we made it..

2 hours drive *snore*snore*

Eh, what happened? Why we stop for so long? ..*peek out the window** What!!??!! The driver is standing by the roadside smoking away.. Let's go down and give him a piece of my mind...

As I got down from the bus, this is what I saw..

Infront of our bus..

Behind our bus..

Beijing is crazy. Traffic jams are stand still... literally.. You'll see people standing around, cars standing around, animals standing around.. Erm, but some sleeping in the bus la..

Anyway I was bored, and since we were parked beside a farm, I decided to test my photography skills.

See the ants in the flower. It must be really sweet..

See this girl.. so cute with her tutu-like skirt and flowers in her hair..

Still waiting..

Please be prepared k.. Photos overload :) Hey, I had soooo much time to waste..

For those who don't know where their rice comes from..

I got no idea what this is. Anyone?

Purple flower..

Un-ripe tomatoes..

Red flower. Remind me so much of the fake red flowers that we put up during Christmas time..

Ripe, almost ripe, not ripe small tomatoes in a row..

Yellow flowers..

Beautiful butterfly..

Zoom in for a freaky looking white butterfly. Check out the face..

Peek-a-boo tomato..

You know who...

See the bee hovering above the flower.. I really like this picture cos bees move very fast and its difficult to catch a picture of one..

After 2 hours.. more people on the road..

:( no sun for me to shine my pretty face..

After 2 and a half hour, the vehicles started moving... Nobody knows why everything became standstill.. Nobody knows how long it will be.. They will just wait till the vehicles infront of them starts moving. And based on the attitude of the tour guide and driver, I can conclude that this is very common..


Finally, we arrived at Badaling Great Wall. This is my 2nd Great Wall. I know I abit messed up, cos I'm blogging about this before I even blog about my first week in Beijing. Well, cos local China tours suck and I'm so wanna tell you about this first. You know, went we first went to the Juyoungguan Great Wall, we had to climb up and it was tiring *not going to say more cos I will be blogging about this later*, and when we heard that there was another section where you can take a cable car up, we were like.. "Aiyah, how come we get cheated. We want take cable car also." Lazy-ass people :p

Went we reach. We had to queue up for a long time under the hot sun.

This is the cable car.


Looks more like roller-coaster right??

Nothing to see. The whole way up. Entertained myself snapping pictures of the 'cable cars'. Its quite scary. You can just fall off the side anytime. And it was creaking and groaning the whole way up.

Went we arrived at the top. We were all feeling so cranky, tired, hot, sweaty that we snap only a few pictures before heading back down. The sun was really hot. I think almost 45-48 degree celsius.

The worst part ever.

See the picture below. That was the beginning of the super long line for the cable car ride down.

You not only get to queue up with sweaty, smelly, rough, rude, impatient people, you need to be slim enough to go through the bars..

I was separated from my group :( and was stuck in front of an impatient kid who keep standing close to me that he kept touching my ass. After a few times of turning around and glaring at him, he kept his distance. I think he was angry cos I keep a distance from the guy in front of me. Eh, come on la, I need some fresh air to breath instead of the sweat and body odour. And its not like we are going anywhere.. we still need to follow
the line. But I did learned something, China people are super impatient and rude. Really extremely rude and rough people. Even the women.

That's somewhere in the middle of the line for the cable car ride.

Finally, the ride down. Weeee!!! It was fun, cooling but scary. See the guy right in front. He is the driver. See the silver stick he is holding. That is the brake. Yes, I meant it, that is the BRAKE!!!

Made it down safely.. I now know why the 1st tour company did not bring us here. It's infested with local china people. No foreigners around.

Beijing Waxworks Palace of Ming Dynasty. It's again queuing up with sweaty, rude and impatient people. But the displays were quite interesting. At least now I know a little bit more about China's history..

The 13 tombs of the Ming Dynasty. Did not snap much pictures as we were warned not to do so. I think they were afraid of that we might see other "stuff" in the pictures later.

Actually, I did not take much pictures for this tour. Why? Cos I was already worn out and exhasted early in the morning. They took us to so many factories (i.e. pearl, jade, pixiu, erm... food stuff, health.. etc...etc). I'm so sick of them. I went to all this factories last year went I was on a tour from Hangzhou to Shanghai. Went again during the tour to Beijing. And now they want to take me there again??? Once is enough, 3 times is wayyy too much.

And I realise that the tour people treats the local China people quite terribly. Comparing the tours, we were treated like VIPs but in this tour, we were lower then ... erm... dirt? They were rude to us, scolded us, the food was terrible, air-condition was not working.. and basically we were like a bunch of animals. The selling was like pasar malam style. They don't bother about you, or your comfort, they were more interested in your money. And they are not afraid to let you know. It's like " You want to buy? No? Go away then.." kind of thing. There was this girl who was serving us lunch; who scolded us because we couldn't hear her over the din. I turned around a scolded her back in English. The look on her face. Priceless :) I think she was more shock that I was a foreigner then in what I scolded her. And talking about the food, it was like.. wheel out trolley loaded with food, table for 10 people, throw dishes on the table, wheel trolley away. Even the local Chinese couple on the table left after a few bits because the food was terrible and tasteless.. It was worst then a mess hall in a camp for refugees.. (erm, not like I've been to one la)

And if you think that is terrible, wait till you hear this. On the way back to the hotel, the bus dropped a few people off. Including the tour guide. Hmmm... Nearing the hotel, the bus driver shouted " Those who are staying at Redwall hotel, please get down. We were stunned. We went in front and inform him ""the tour guide promise us that she will send us back to the hotel". Bus driver said " Sorry, I don't want. Traffic jam. You walk from here." So we got our tired bodies off the bus and took a 20 minutes walk back to the hotel.

After a nice long bath and as we slip in between clean sheets, we vowed never to take local China tours again...

Ok. Enough ranting already... I will leave it to you to make up your mind..