April 29, 2010

It's time to pay our taxes again..

OH NO!!! It's almost 30th April. It's the time where every income earning malaysian and non-malaysian starts moaning and signing. And as usual, being a malaysian, I started my preparation very late..

1 month before deadline... Boing! Boing! Boing! Received an SMS saying "Your EA form is ready. Please come and collect frome me."
1 week before deadline.. I received a call from my ex-colleague. "Hey, you don't want to collect your EA form ar?" My response, "Aiyah, later la.. I very busy...
3 days before deadline! I call up my ex-colleague, "Dinner tonight?" Meet her for dinner and collected my EA form.
2 days before deadline... Aiyah! Lazy la..
1 day before the deadline.. Never mind la! Still got time...
0 day and counting... . OH NO!!! Where is my EA form? Starts tearing my room upside down, looking and seaching for it. Finally, here it is! Tore it opened and parked myself infront of my laptop. EA form, salary slips on my left hand side - checked. Calculator, paper and pen on my right hand side - checked. Ready, get set... GO!!!
23 hours and counting... Eh, wait? How come I pay so much? Must check again...
22 hours and counting... *Jumps up and down and scream for joy* LHDNM owe me lots and lots of money.. Faster faster click submit and signed it...
Phew! Finally its done..

At least it's not that last minute, right? I still have another 21 hours before its due :)

I always wonder why we put ourselves through so much stress?!? Are there are better way of paying taxes?

Well, at least we have another year before the whole process begins again.. *sigh* And this year I better make sure LHDNM pays me MY MONEY!!!!!

April 25, 2010

I'm not a rich-ass spoilt kid...

I really really really really really really can’t stand people who think that I super rich and earning big bucks just because I’m working with my dad. Gosh!! They would just assume that I am a spoilt rich-ass kid who got lucky because my dad have his own business. Not only that, they would just expect me to be loaded and pay for their needs and wants.

Well, if my dad is a millionaire and owns a million-dollar company and if I was working with him and we’re making millions, I wouldn’t be driving a 10 year-old car under my mum’s name and having biscuits and water for lunch, would I?

I am just so darn frustrated with this people. If business was that easy to get rich, why aren’t more people in the world doing their own business? Why aren’t they themselves doing their own business instead of working for someone else and earning pittance? Stop envying others and stop pitying yourselves.

You know how hard it is to control the urge to buy something that I want? Let me tell you something, I hate going to shopping centers nowadays. Every time I go, I see beautiful clothes and gorgeous shoes and oh, so many things that I want to get but can’t. I’m a girl, for goodness sake. Girls like shopping. I like shopping. I used to work beside a shopping center and every week, there will be something new in my closet. And I have that liberty to shop and spend money at that time.

But now, I have to be careful with every ringgit that I spend. I have to control the urge to visit online shopping sites. You know how difficult it is to see my sister with all her brand new stuff every week? 7-eleven is just next door and I have to force myself not to go over to get a drink that cost RM1.80. I park my car far away and walk to work so that I do not have to pay parking. I even wore my 1 pair of 2 weeks contact lens for an extra 2 month as I did not have money to reorder them.

I love to give. If I have more money, I would buy stuff for family and friends and pay for dinners. Just yesterday, I had supper with a bunch of people. And when the bill came, I realize that all of them were just students and I did not have the heart to take their money. So I did not. Stupid right? Well, I just like to see the smiles on their faces and their thank-yous. It’s just happiness.

When I left the corporate world, I know that things wouldn’t be so easy. I know that I will be getting a pay cut way below my previous salary, that if you guys know what it is, you’ll think I’m stupid. I know I have to change my lifestyle. Sometimes things are good, sometimes things are not so good. Ups and downs are the risk that you gotta take when you do business. Life is not a bed of roses. I know all this is going to happen.

But I’m not complaining. My dad always tells me “Live within your means”. I have learned to adapt and change the way I live.

I am just feeling dam angry with people who think otherwise.

Now that I’m down another RM70 ringgit for this month, I guess I got to live on bread and water. Well, its definitely going to help my diet :p

April 22, 2010

BCM @ Tawau - Day 2 & 3

BCM started early in the morning. It was quite uneventful except for the fact that KL State decided to liven things up. Sadly we did not succeed. Well, there is always next year. Anyway, Chwen Fhong and I decided to skip lunch for some shopping. Destination : Tawau Dry Market.

Pictures of inside, outside, downstairs and happy officers = good purchases.

Dried stuff. Chwen Fhong posing. Huge avocado. Mangoes + Avocados.

Dinner that night was seafood again. Well, Tawau happened to have cheap and good seafood. So here we are again at the seafood restaurant. This time there was so much leftovers that we had to tapau back.

Prawns. Seafood soup. Tofu. Fish. Crab. Lobsters.

Satisfied faces. Selongor State officers having a great time. *You know something, they laugh alot and I meant really alot and all the time too*. They were playing a game and the losers have to finish the lefover crab.

Day 3 started with a walk to church for service. I went k.. Got proof :) The section where we were seated was the kids section I think, cos got darn lots of kids. There was a really cute baby which keeps drooling all over the fathers shoulders, and a little boy with mushroom head and eyes that closes whenever he smiles, and a liitle girl...... Oh yeah, the sermon was about Men of Impact. But according to the "ven." (not sure what it stand for), it is applicable to women as well :)

Chwen Fhong and Yee Khai posing for the camera and for proof that they went to church instead of sleeping in :)

After service, we header back to the hotel, packed up, checked out and header for lunch. We couldn't decide between Mongolian Chicken Rice and "some Mee thingie". Finally settled on the former. Walked again to the restaurant, if you consider it one. Its located in one of the wooden shoplots that founded the town. It was super hot, packed with people and really old. But the food was great although the chicken was a tad too salty.

 Mongolian Chicken Rice. Seafood soup. Mongolian Chicken.

As we had some time to kill before our flights, we went shopping again.

 Dry Market. Fish Market. Fillipino Market.

Flights was at 5.50pm. Reach hime around 10pm.

Random picture taken by Barney, Teluk Intan officer. My hair look kinda weird.

So yeap, thats my trip to Tawau.. Good trip! Interesting place.. and fantastic seafood :p

BCM @ Tawau - Day 1

Its been awhile since I last blog. Well if you must know, I was away at Tawau for BCM (Brigade Council Meeting 2010). Its  basically an AGM for the Boys' Brigade of Malaysia. I was there for 3 days and when I got back, I got tons of work to catch up, hence the long break. Anyway, its been a good trip. I will leave the pictures to do the talking.

I flew from KLIA to Tawau on Friday morning. Lucky me got a cheap flight on MAS. On planes, I like window seats. When I checked in, I requested for a window seat. Sadly, all window seats have been taken up :). But wait, he said that the emergency exits seats are still available. It was amazing as not only I have window, I have more leg space. Woohoo! When I got on the plane, it was a double blessing for me. It was a small plane and the emergency exits is in line with the door. So the seats have to be removed. I had a really alot alot alot of space for my legs. I meant its not like I need it :p but I could even lie on the floor to sleep. 

The flight got a little scary near Tawau as it was super cloudy and I could even see the plane wings. I cannot imagine how the pilots could fly the plane without being able to see. The landing was the worst for me. The plane landed with a huge BUMP that most passengers almost flew out of their seats. Luckily we had our seat belts on.

The van picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel. I was quite a surprise. I did'nt really expect Tawau to have such a nice hotel. Erm, its quite the kampung.. but hey, the room was great. And the bathroom is super nice loh. And there is Astro too.. Yay!! And its all mine, mine, mine..

My room

After checking in, Chwen Fhong took me on a tour around town. It is a very small town. The tour took about half hour with an ocasional stop for me to snap pictures. Well, we manage to grab a bite. Erm.. actually it was only me who got a bite. I managed to try out the Pan Mee and "Jus Segar Jambu Batu Merah".

Jus Segar Merah Jambu.
Pan Mee.
Boats and ships on the sea. 2
 rows of wooden shop lots that started the town of Tawau.
The biggest church in Tawau.

The workshop started late. Tea was at 3pm. I was down at 3.15pm and it wasn't even set up yet. So I headed back to my room and waited till 4pm for the workshop. I reach the meeting room at 4pm and I was the only one there. We are afterall in a uniform organization, and we teach our members to be punctual but we the officers are not. Well, its the pot calling the kettle black again.. Anyway, it was a good session.

Eventhough we had dinner already; after the night session, Selongor and KL State decided to head for supper at the seafood restaurant. The restuarant we headed too was the Goodview Restaurant about 5 mins walk away..

What on earth is a sea chicken?
Monster lobster and a unlucky one.
Rick enjoying his "Tung Fung Lo" or also known as "Siput Tarik"

The noodles was so good that we had to order another plate. My conclusion, I like the noodles and the crab the best. The crab was so crispy that the shell just breaks in your hand. No need hammers and crackers and what nots. Just bring it to your mouth and "crunch" and just wait for the juice to flow into your mouth.

Tung Fung Lo.
Erm.. I think it was fish.. or was it sotong.

Satisfied faces after a good supper. Selangor State officers + KL State officers + 1 Teluk Intan officer

Head back to my room, watch some movies and felt asleep. End of Day 1.

April 14, 2010

Success = stress + pressure

I was just reading a book by Donald Trump and decided to share something I found interesting. Yeah, I know some of you might think he is a guy who talks a load of crap and acta super rich, but is not. But I believe that he is so famous and successful because he has something in him... Well, whatever that is, there are always a lesson or two to learn from the best or even the worst.

So here's what he says:

“Another key to your success will be how well you deal with pressure. If you want to be successful at anything in life, you have to be able to handle pressure. "

“A lot of times, stress has more to do with focusing on what you love than with anything else. I have learned that it is important to focus on the solution, not the problem. If you put all your energy into the problems, how much passion do you have left in finding the solution?”

“But the fact is, not everybody is cut out to be successful. I want to talk to you about the fact that most people are not cut out to deal with the high stress level of being a great success.”

Well, I’m a person who works better under pressure. I enjoyed the crazy deadlines, lack of sleep, the constant rushing around, and the heat from my hand phone from being on it too long, the feeling of being a zombie, the ache in my shoulders, the tired eyes, the dryness in my mouth for talking non-stop, the exhilaration rush… all that … and much more.. Weird huh? Well, if what Donald says its right, I’m in the running to be a successful woman :)

But I’ve have seen people who are not able to handle stress becomes successful. Is it because they can handle the stress of their work but not the stress of being a great success? What about people how can handle the stress of being a great success but not work stress? Are they successful? Are they proving him (Donald) wrong?

Thoughts to ponder…

April 13, 2010

Joining the high-techies…

For 2 whole long weeks, I have parked myself in front of my laptop, trying to make sense of the barcode, product IDs, costing, pricing, serial number, desciprtions, membership number, suppliers database, customers profiles…etc..etc… Phewww! Finally it’s all completed…

When I first set myself up to the task, I thought that it would be easy. My dad tried telling me otherwise, but nope, stubborn old me would not listen. I insisted that we need to computerize our whole inventory system.

I got the quotations, set down with the sales managers, and finally decided on one which seems to provide the most functions and of cause priced reasonably. *Not so happy with their after sales service and techical support tho* Then next would be getting the hardware. Did my research, of cause with Clem’s help as I’m quite clueless in this, and finally got it from Computer Wars in SS2.

Hardware set up completed, checked. Installation of new software, checked. I’m good to go. Or so I thought… I first set myself a deadline of 5 days to complete the whole bar-coding process. After 5 days, I told myself another few more days. Few more days and a couple more days turned into a week and finally 2 weeks. Maybe I was to slow, maybe I was too ambitious at the beginning, but whatever the reasons are, I’m so glad I finally got completed it. Oh no, it was not from scratch. We already had our whole inventory in Excel but the whole process of coding the products, making sure there are no duplicates, with our many different colours and sizes t-shirts and lots and lots of small items; was truthfully not that simple. But Clem mentioned that a friend of his took 6 months to set up his whole system. So yeah, I’m good. *Give myself a pat on the back*

Well, we did loss a few thousand ringgits in the process but gained in terms of efficiency and time, which I believe its worth so much more. Now, the company have moved up a notch with its high-tech, computerized inventory and point-of-sale system :)

Oh wait, something’s wrong…. Oh no!! Error message appears…

Sigh! Still got some glitches to smoothen out… Time to fly, people!

April 12, 2010

Hari Penghargaan Belia Wanita 2010

"Tangan yang mengoncang buaian boleh mengoncang dunia."  This phrase was mention by Y. Bhg Dato’ Hj. Fathul Razi Bin Hj. Bakri during his opening speech at the Hari Penghargaan Belia Wanita 2010 just yesterday. I was there representing the KL State Boys’ Brigade as a candidate for this special event organized by the Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Y. Bhg Dato’ Hj. Fathul Razi Bin Hj. Bakri, Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negara, Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia

This event's objective was to recognize woman leaders in youth organization in conjunction with Hari Wanita Sedunia 2010. In total there were 25 recipients, which mostly consist of  representatives from various Majilis Belia regions and only 4 from uniform organizations comprising of Panda Puteri, St. John Ambulance, Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade.

Group Photo of receipients, Exco members and VIPs

What I found most funny was the look on people’s face when they heard that I am from the Boys’ Brigade or Briged Putera. I could see most of the attendees craning their necks just to catch a glimpse of “the putera” receiving the recognition award for wanita. Most of the comments I heard was “Putera ke Puteri?” “Putera? You lelaki ke perempuan?” “Kenapa ada puteri dalam Briged Putera?”. The funniest was one of my neigbour. She turned towards me and asked “ Briged Putera ada perempuan? You buat admin ke?” and she nodded her head so convincingly that I did not want to disappoint her and just nodded my head in agreement.

Receiving award

I tried explaining to Dato’ Hj. Fathul Razi Bin Hj. Bakri when he was handing out the award to me and he breathe a sigh of relief and said “Oh, Girls wing!” I hope he understood what I was trying to say in the few seconds that I had with him.

I realized how much effort MBWP was putting into youth and woman of today. During the speech made by Y. Brs Puan Ida Harlina Ikhwan Nasir, Presiden Majilis Belia Wilayah Persekutuan, she said that the number of woman in Wilayah Persekutuan is at a ratio of 1 : 7. Imagine for every man there are 7 women. There are more women than men involved in various welfare organization proving that “wanita – yang mempunyai hati suci, hati besi”. This is what I call Girl Power!!! :)

With GB officers, Tay Choon Neo & Siew Lee Sin

Anyway, sadly the number of recipients’ for the award was not outstanding. I expected so much more. I believe it is the lack of response from other societies and organizations. Maybe we all need to lend our support to MBWP as they try to help us.

With Sharifah Zarinah, Majilis Belia Kawasan Cheras

I left the place with a happy heart, couple of namecards, a certificate, a trophy, a bouquet of flowers, a goody bag and a realization that women too can change the world. Nope not on our own, but “bersama-same dengan lelaki”. And in working together, we can make a difference in our nation.

Happy faces :)

April 10, 2010

The Runaway Bride-to-be

I had a super busy weekend. My schedule when something like this..

Saturday 10th April 2010
6.00      Wake up @ Sg. Buloh
7.00      BB meeting @ Cheras
12.45    Friend's wedding @ Rawang
3.00      Pick my brother from school @ Cheras
4.00      Head to work @ PJ
5.00      Church Service @ PJ
7.00      AB’s Hen Party @ Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
8.00      Dinner @ Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid
10.00    Club @ Euphoria, MOS

Sunday 11th April 2010
8.00      Wake @ Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
9.00      Head to work @ PJ
11.00    Head back for lunch at West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
2.00      Hari Penghargaan Belia Wanita 2010 @ Bukit Kiara
6.00      Dinner @ Uptown
7.00      Movie @ Tropicana
My Saturday morning started like this.. *Boing*boing*boing* my phone sounded at 4.30am. (That’s my msg tone btw). I received a sms from A stated that she wanted to cancel her Hen’s Party that night due to some "issues" with her husband-to-be. It being 4.30am and considering the fact that I was still in dreamland, I decided that it can wait till morning. When I woke up at 6am, i remembered her msg and straight away replied her asking her what happen, how is she and whether she would change her mind? No response. Well, maybe she slept late and she’s not awake yet.

So I went for my BB meeting as usual and waited..

At 10.30am, I receive a call for JH asking what is going on tonight.. OMG!!! The nerve of him. I’ve sent countless of emails, facebook messages and wall posts and he can call me up and ask me what is going on and when is the party. Eish, some people can be so clueless. Sorry JH :p Well, me being such a nice person decided to reply all his queries nicely. JH is a guy btw. And if you thinking, “A guy? Hen’s party?” Well, the bride-to-be insisted and who am I to say no. And I was hoping that he will do some free dances for us and save us the cost of hiring a striper. Hehe.. Anyway, I told him the all the plans but he couldn’t make it, and decided to only join us for lunch the next afternoon. And just for the records, he said him got no issues sleeping in a room with 6 other girls.. Well, I'll will say the more the merrier, what more with 1 being a guy..there are countless of things that we can do... muahahaha!!! Anyway, back to the story..

At 11am, I finally received a response. Not from A tho, but for her husband-to-be requesting that I do not cancel the party and to insist that she go. YAY!!! It sounded good to me as I was really really looking forward to it. I can already imagine the number of money that we are going to raise, and the things that A is going to do for us... *another evil grin*

At 11.19am, I receive an sms from another J asking whether the party is still on as the bride-to-be has messaged her saying it’s cancelled. Well, I replied and said that it’s definitely on. I will make sure the bride-to-be attends it. After all we did put so much effort into it and i did not want to waste it.. I was mentally forcing A not to change her mind.. hehe.. and I took the bridegroom word for real...

So I happily went along with my plans and was really busy with my carefully planned schedule of the day…

At 2pm, I received THE SMS. The sms that change the whole world... erm, my Saturday world la... It came from the bridegroom and it just stated that A insisted that she does not want to go and for us to cancel the party. I didn’t know what to say or do. All my hopes for that night, all my excitement, all my carefully planned party, all my 2 weeks of hard work and brainstorming, all my many smses, calls, emails, wall post, annoying people are going to be wasted. I have a bride-to-be Hen Party outfit consisting of a bridal veil, a flowy pinkish girly skirt, a hand-painted shirt with the word “Bride-to’be” all packed up. I have 2 reservations made, 1 hotel room booked and confirmed, 7 free passes to MOS as guest of DJ Kaskade, 1 outfit for the night, another dress for the lunch, all my make-up and hair stuff and a HUGE bag of lollipops.

I said in silence for a few minutes and then started grumbling and murmuring and complaining and making a big fuss... I was so disappintment... I started calling all the guests, informing them about the cancel party, cancelled all my reservation and oh no!! The room is charged already. We gotta pay RM345 even if we are not going. Sigh… And then started grumbling to myself again.. I called my sister and started complaining again..

And suddenly, wait a second, I am NOT the bride... Why am I making such a big fuss? Its not like my wedding is cancelled or something.. :p

I was just disappointed that my carefully planned scehdule is not going to happen and wanted to look for somebody to put the blame on.. Hmmm, maybe i should put the blame on the husband-to-be.. After all, he was the caused of it.. And if I was in A's position, I will be dam pissed..

But nah, I'm just joking.. no worries, I'm not blaming anyone. I know it just happened unexpectedly and nobody would have wanted it to happen, especially the bride-to-be.. So yeah, its just that my carefully planned schedule is in serious jeopardy.

Anyway, J called me and started laughing. She said that she found the whole situation quite funny. A was not a Runway Bride but a Runaway Bride-to-be.. Haha..

Thankfully there will be NO Runaway Bride.. I hope.. I have faith in you A, contrary to what you said.

What matters most is that the issue between them is solved. And I'm hoping and praying that it is.. and that this situation will bring them even closer to each other..
So that’s how my day when, driving around the whole Selangor state while being on my phone non-stop till the battery finally died at around 5.30pm. *Note to self : Get a handsfree set. It's dangerous to drive and sms and talk at the same time. I spend a total of RM23 just on toll charges in just 1 day and uncountable cost on phone calls and smses.

Crazy day huh?! Well, it’s a quite normal day in a life of Esther Chew… Now it’s straight to bed for me, my eyes are already ¾ closed…

Oh yeah 1 final task, a HUGE bag of lillipops to dispose off. Lollis anyone?

April 7, 2010

Why did I leave the corporate life?

Well, many have been asking me why? Why did I leave a good company, a high paying job, a good career path and all that? Well, I always answer, because I got bored.. :)  It’s a much easier answer then trying to explain myself over and over again, and it’s not like they understand anyway.

Anyway, just to answer all the questions once and for all, here goes..

My work table in Sunway taken on my last day, that explains all the bags and cleared table..

My working life began when I graduated from UTAR in May 2007. I just turned 22 when I got a job at Sunway Group. I was selected to join under the SMART programme which was a talent management program. It basically means you are good; so you can be stretch more, given more workload and extra special projects to handle.

So that’s where I began, under the property development company called Sunway City Berhad specializing in training and development. It was a great 2 years. What I learned and did for 2 years cannot be compared to working for other companies. True, I had to work hard, was given lots of stress and pressure, super fast-paced job, which keeps my head spinning and leaving me breathless most days, but being there, learning from the best was an fantastic experience for me.

But after 2 years, I realize that it wasn’t enough for me. I did not like the working hours, the small percentage of increment that we get each year. I felt like I was not getting enough. Oh, not forgetting that I did not like the fact that I cannot get what I worked for. Like the profit of the company goes to the big boss, not to me. Haha, like it ever will.. But anyway, I wanted more in life. I wanted more flexible hours which I myself can decide when to work and when to chill. I wanted to have more control of my life instead of waking up every morning, rushing to work, rush around the office, rush home, rush through dinner and rush to bed, and the whole cycle begins the next morning again. *takes a deep breath*. I wanted to try something different too; something that makes life more meaningful. Something that allows me to take risk, make my own decision, getting my own money, and of cause time.

So hence, I decided to work on my own. Technically, I’m working for my dad, but I’m also doing it on my own. It’s complicated. But what matters to me is that I have the freedom, the time and the resources to do so much more. It’s been a good 6 months, filled with ups and downs but 6 stress-filled, late-nights but fulfilling months.

It’s the feeling of satisfaction at the end of each day that leaves me without regrets.

So here’s why I gave up a “high paying-stable-great opportunities-good career pathing” job for…

Some may call me crazy, some may say “I made the terrible decision”.. Well, it’s my life and I’m having a darn good life!

April 5, 2010

My Date Night

Malaysian guys can be quite boring. Most of the time, they take the easy way out and a date is just a typical movie-dinner date. Well, I would agree that it is the safest plan especially if it is the first date. But sometimes, you guys need to be creative and come up with an out-of-the-box, special, un-forgettable date. Wait, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a movie-dinner date *My boyfriend and I are huge fans of movies* but once in a while it’s good to surprise the girl with something different.

Although things might not always turn out the way it’s planned but it may turn out to be an interesting and unforgettable night.

Well, let me tell you about my first date which wasn’t really sort of… a date. But it’s one that is the most memorable even after so many years.

There was this guy in my uni who liked me. We meet during an event and passed by each other occasionally in the hallways but that’s about it. And not forgetting that a good friend of mine is also dating his best friend. So yeah, we were mutual friends.

One night, they decide to hang out and surprising he invited me along.

Let me get this straight, I was not really part of their gang. I was this macho, power craze woman, organizer of events and basically a very do-gooder during my uni days. Please don’t ask me how many events I participated or organized as I really can’t remember.

He, on the other hand, ran with the wilder crowd. He is a musician, mind you, so you can guess what I meant by ‘the wilder crowd’.

So that night, I got dressed up, put my make-up on, feeling a tad bit excited and went along with them. We arrived at this club and the music was already blaring from the speakers. As I wasn’t really a good dancer and the whole club scene wasn’t my thing, I set at the table and watch the other girls shaking to the music. Yes, I was feeling shy and really wasn’t in the mood to embarrassed myself. Oh, and did I mention that the other girls were fantastic dancers.

But the guy that liked me, being the gentleman that he is, stayed with me. Even thought the other girls tried to lure him off, he did not join them. Well, they tried all kinds of ways; seducing him with their moves to almost physically dragging him to the dance floor. But he stuck on and refuses to join them. Well, his friends did pester him to ask me for a dance but well, I decline. Don’t ask me why because I can’t remember why too…

So to cut my long story short, I was this boring-dull girl who just sat there and watched people grooving to the music in a club. Don’t ask me what kind of a date is it, but if it was a date, well… you gotta pity the guy that was stuck with me. His plan of having a good date did not materialize.

But something happened that night and the guy and I got together. I don’t understand why he would like such a boring girl but well, something special came out of that night. We do sometimes think back and have a good laugh about it, but for me it was a night to remember as it brought us together. It wasn’t really a typical movie-dinner date, but to me, it was a date that I will always remember as it brought me someone special

April 4, 2010

I need you..

Guess what? I realized that guys and girls can be so different sometimes...

When a girl tells a guy " I need you", she means that she wants him there with her; pysically, mentally and emotionally. She needs him to be there sharing thoughts, supporting her and just being there for her. She wants him to lend a shoulder, wipe her tears, give a hug, hold her tight. She needs to feel that with him there, together, they can stand against the whole world. Just his presence being there, that's what she needs.

When a guy tells a girl "I need you", he means that he wants her love and to know that she loves him. She does not have to be there beside him but its the knowing that she cares and love him. He needs to know that no matter what happens, and even if they are miles apart, she still loves him. He needs the confidence that she belongs to him and will stay right beside him. He needs to know that she will be there for him and will support him true thick and thin.

Well, I learned it the hard way. But enought said, its better late then never :) So what does "I need you" means to you?